How do you know if you're pretty?

do guys stare at you? if you don't get told your pretty often does that mean your not pretty?

do you guys treat a pretty girl different from everyone else?

i know this is a superficial question but I feel unconfident about myself lately and I just wanted to know.


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  • To answer all your questions at once, yes and no.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A stereotypical beauty does exist and those are usually the uber popular people. But I've told girls I thought they were pretty and they didn't even believe me, so like I said, eye of the beholder. And again, a more attractive person is usually more popular which does make life a bit easier at least socially.

    Ultimately it's hard to be alive on this planet and not have one person out there think you're attractive.


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  • 1. Guys will look/check you out if ur hot/pretty.

    2. Telling someone they're pretty is a pretty brave thing to do, especially if the girl is someone you like, so if ur not being told that ur pretty don't read too much into it the guys just might b shy.

    3. Guys might ask you out more or they might not approach you at all, depending on you and the guy.

  • As a guy, I know that if you (girl) catch a guy looking at you, that probably means he has a crush on you, and not that you a necessarily pretty.

    The best answer I can give is that "prettiness" is in the eyes of the observer (e.g. My friend has a crush on some girl and thinks she is "the most perfect being on earth" (kinda romantic ^.^), but in the other hand, I found her "not so pretty"...).

    Of course there are some girls who EVERYBODY thinks they are pretty, but you are probably not that kind of girl if you are here asking this question...

    So DON`T WORRY! Even if you are the most ugly girl on the planet, there MUST, and I repeat: there MUST be a guy out there who thinks that you are not just pretty, but you are an angel walking the earth.


    A guy who is not sure about his grammar but loves to help : P

  • Yes - guy would stare if he has general interest for you, it is a sure sign that he is physically attracted, and yes he does think you are pretty, why else would he stare? And yes most guys would treat a pretty girl differently, kinda sad to say but we're men. But the one who doesn't treat a pretty girl differently could be the an extraordinary man. You'll find one of those man probably 1 in every 20 that you meet.


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  • guys stare at me? nope. I don't beleive iam pretty or that the people around me think iam.i also believe guys do treat girls different if they are pretty I seen it so many times happen

  • there are some guys who admit to a girl that he thinks she's pretty, cute, etc. but there are also many that either are too scared or don't think to say that even if he really thinks it.

    also a guy may stare or he might just look at her just a bit more or longer than usual and will often smile at her too.

  • pretty is never cookie cutter, because no one looks the same. So if you are a blonde, tall, skinny, tanned godess than sure you are pretty to someone. Infact you may be beautiful to someone. Or if you are a short bod, black hair, glasses wearing, acne baring girl than to some one you are to pretty to look at. Sure pretty people get by easier sometimes with charm and good looks. But the ones that are the prettiest are those people who shine inward to outward. The people I respect are not the ones with toned thighs and floor legnth gold locks, they are the ones that assert themselves, believe in themselves, and show a great sense of humor.

    Yeah guys stare, usually because a girl could be dressed scandously, have something on her face, or have a very pronoced feature ( a big nose, big eyes, pouty lips). And if people don't always tell you that you are pretty it happens to everyone. Sometimes people are jealus and won't compliment people, but your family is honest so ask them. But if you depend on people TELLING you or ensuring you that you are pretty than that is bad. Than people are controlling how you feel, think you are prettyy. You are the only person that matters.

  • Most guys will notice you.

    If you don't get told you're pretty, it doesn't usually mean anything. Sometimes it means others are jealous.

    Don't worry!

  • How to know if you're pretty?
    1) You love what you see in the mirror.
    2) People want to be your friend. For example, greeting you with a simple hello.
    3) Someone has a crush on you. That is a pretty big sign.
    4) People will talk about you. It's different if you have a bad personality, of course people will talk about you. However, if that "close to a stranger" people talk about you, then you are probably pretty. Why would they care so much right?
    5) People want to hang out with you.
    6) Kids love you. Children are often very honest. You should ask them for advice...
    7) People compliment you on your looks. Very obvious sign. <--- Duh
    8) You have a clear skin. EVERYONE looks good with an acne free skin. (no offense to anyone). Most of the time, the acne makes you look ugly.
    9) You smile a lot. They say a smile is the most powerful human expression. It changes everyones mood. When a person smiles, they look 10x prettier.

  • For all you girls on here that are complaining that guys don't find you attractive. They don, t find you attractive because you don't think your attractive. I'm pretty sure every girl has had low self-esteem at a time in their life but you can't go around feeling sorry for yourself and looking for a pity party. If you don't like something about yourself change it. And if you feel like you can, t find someone who will be willing to help you and push you. Surround yourself with people who are going to encourage and lift you up. To be attractive really has little to do with physical appearance it's about personality and what is on the inside. And if you show that you are confident with what you have on the inside that will begin to show and people will just naturally be drawn to you. And never let a guys opinion of you change your opinion of yourself. You just gotta tell yourself I am beautiful everyday and eventuallly that beauty will shine through.

  • beauty is subjective, it depends on what the guy wants. only if he's shallow if he treats a girl differently, which is sad, should treat everyone with respect; some girls don't choose to be unattractive, we have a tough time as it is trying to look good. lol

    • This is very true. I struggled with self-esteem issues all my life. I was on both sides thin and plus- sized which I am now. I feel no matter how hard I try to be attractive, I won't never be good enough for soceity's standards.

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