Why does my ex not want to talk to me?

I dated my ex for almost 3 years and it wasn’t the best relationship but wasn’t bad either.
it was a bit of a distance between us, a little over an hour and because of our busy schedules we only got together a couple days a month. But we had fun on those days and we agreed on everything we should to be compatible.
Then one week she starts being distant and even snapped at me when we were hanging out because i sat to close to her on a sofa at her place. I asked her what’s going on and she ended it right there saying the usual BS.
I need time to get my life together, I’m so stressed with work I just want my free time,
I don’t know what I want in a relationship anymore.
I told her if the distance was a problem that I would be willing to move in the next year or 2 and that she was making a mistake.
She said to just let her get her life in order and that it’s gonna be a while.

I asked if I could kiss her good bye to which she agreed and then i left. No begging or pleading just told her I disagree and that we could address what’s wrong.

After a few days went by I texted and asked if we could be friends and she agreed but did not want to be FB friends. I’ve texted her a couple times in the last month and she has replied quickly most of the time but I can tell she does not want to talk to me.
my question is why? I know there is no one else in the picture I can’t disclose how I know that but I am certain. I didn’t do anything wrong in the relationship and she didn’t get mad or anything So why doesn’t she want to talk some here and there I’m not asking to see her or talk every day so why does she end the conversation quickly and why doesn’t she ever reach out?
Why does my ex not want to talk to me?
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