Why have girls been so petty/catty toward me?

Ever since I can remember, befriending girls has been incredibly difficult. As a kid, my girl friends would talk about me and hang out behind my back, would spread hateful rumors about me in order to turn people against me, and would simply be rude to my face.

That's still the case as I am an adult. I've even had a group of girls who I thought were my best friends sit me down and tell me, in detail, everything they disliked about me--one of the reasons being that "I dressed up every day" and that apparently made me vain. The next year, my friends stopped talking to me completely, but later revealed that this girl I barely knew had all "commanded" them to stop talking to me. This girl and I had probably 2 conversations at most, which were just small talk.

A recent friend I had would make plans with me, picking the time and date, and would cancel the plans very last minute with random excuses, to then go and post pictures of herself out with other people the same night. This happened 6 times in a row before I caught on to what she was doing. For example, she picked out the time and date of going out, then canceled 10 minutes beforehand, telling me she couldn't hang out because she was deathly ill, then posted herself at a bar with other people that same night. I believe it was to lead me on, make sure I had gone through the trouble of getting ready, to then cancel on me and ultimately make me upset by posting these pictures where she knew I'd see them.

I am a huge critic of myself, but there's one thing I know for sure: I prioritize being nice to people. I admit I am a bit reserved but not once have I ever been rude to any of these people. In public, I will smile at another girl in passing and she will give me the dirtiest look like I just kicked her puppy or something. Can someone level with me here and tell me what's going on? Is anyone else experiencing this?
Why have girls been so petty/catty toward me?
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