Why do girls piss me off so much?

When I'm dating a girl, they will inadvertently start playing games. WTF, it's so annoying. Even text based games put me off so much. If both of us find one another attractive, why not keep going as normal? Why say im going to call you, and not do it? Or stop replying mid conversation when there was absolutely nothing wrong with the content/context of the convo? Trying to gauge how much you mean to me? Pissoff, that shit makes me run away fast


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  • I think part of it is their way of flirting with you; they might not know any other way to flirt. They probably don't think what they're doing is annoying (even though I find those things annoying, myself). I can't say it's that way for why they don't call you; I have no explanation for that. When I like a guy, and it's obvious he likes me, I waste no time with games. If he calls me, I answer the call. If I say I'm going to call him, I call him. It's useless to play games when something is already established between the two of us. If she's trying to gauge how much you mean to her, it's probably because you're not showing it or saying it.


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  • Ah maybe she's busy when she stops texting. And if she doesn't call, she didn't prioritize that, just like plenty of guys who do the same thing.

  • Did you ever trying just talking and asking what the problem is? I know it's annoying but people need to be kinder if we want the best outcome. Good luck.

  • Or you know she could have a a life outside of texting you?

    • Did you not read what I wrote? The fact she tells me she's guna call but doesn't, Or stopping mid convo even if the it had decent content/context

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    • Maybe I'm an exception lol. I've gone days without a phone with no issues. What does your name at the top of the list have to do with anything?

    • As in she obviously sees our chat because It would be at the top

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