Why are girls so much more easily offended?

Because of this I'm really starting to despise even being around women.

They're always the first person in the room to bitch, moan, complain, nag, get upset over something.

It seems that guys are always really easy going. Unless its something super serious, we usually don't make a fuss out of it and we don't get upset. We just know its not worth throwing tantrum over. But the sh*t that girls can get their panties in a notch about is ridiculous.

A girl will get angry about stuff like putting the toilet paper on wrong, forgetting that thing she said 15min ago, forgetting one item at the store, not texting her enough, etc. I even had a girl jump down my throat once because I simply asked her too many time she was getting off of work so I could buy her a drink (she was a friend of mine who was a server).

The point is us guys never fight with each other, unless you're sleeping with our girlfriend or something. We just simply say, "no big deal, dont' worry about it man". I understand that things happen that piss you off or make you upset, but girls will throw fits like the world is coming to an end. It just seems when its just me and the guys, its quite, stress free, no nagging, no problems, no drama, but when the girls are around, someone is always pissed, upset, nagging, crying, etc. etc.

Girls when are you guys going to learn the calm down and stop getting so bent out of shape or stupid stuff that just really isn't worth it fighting about, even if it does irk you a little bit. I swear, I think all you women need to start smoking pot or something, either that or invent the chill pill.
Why are girls so much more easily offended?
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