Why does she "care" about me so much? makes me feel guilty

So there's this girl I have known for a few months and while we aren't friends, we get along most of the time. I have a kind of harsh personality and always like to do things on my own and my way.

Sometimes, things don't go as I planned and I get a bit down and very quiet, she asks me what is going on and when I do tell her, she offers me advice every time and listen to my ramblings.

The thing is that, while we are both nice individuals, we are very stubborn and we kinda fight and argue a lot and we get mad at each other. Recently she has been getting mad at me because I'm quiet (according to her, I'm ignoring her) and then she won't talk to me. I made a comment about how I usually its me against the world and how nobody seems to care about me and she got so mad and so offended and told me "so nobody is there for you huh?" and told me to stop talking because I was pissing her off.

Why does she get like this? I know she cares and she has been there for me but I was so pissed that she is so stubborn that I said that to make her mad, but why does she care about me so much? She seems to get along better with everybody else in the world while with me she just teases me and acts all sarcastic, so I don't get her tender side.
Why does she "care" about me so much? makes me feel guilty
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