Why does it seem like so many people are going through Depression these days?

Everywhere I turn it seems like someone is going through some type of depression , friends and family members famous celebrities etc.. , just found out my 1 best friend is in the hospital for depression and another friend of mine I haven’t talked to in a few weeks just found out he went through depression and was getting help. A best friend of mine killed himself over depression a few years ago , I know we all have some type of depression in us but why does it seem like it is all over the place now? What has changed in the world for people to be suffering severe depression? Is it social media? Is it relationships? Is it shit they inject into are food source? Being around so many depressed people kind of makes me feel depressed , like what is the point of life if everyone is sad, the older I get the more I feel like , I don’t really have a care in the world anymore I feel like I did everything what do I really have to look forward to? Getting up early for work 5 days a week to make a paycheck that I am pretty much going to hand right back over to pay bills and food to survive and keeping a roof over my head? Everywhere we turn it is money give me give me give me. The only things that make me happy in life is my children , craft beer and Sex , what would make me really happy is hitting the fucking lottery and never having to work again lol so I can drink more craft beer , have more sex and to make sure my kids are set and sleep longer and travel without a care in the world. But other then that what else do we really have to thrive for? Find true love? Does that even exist? Cuz I have tried that before and that turned to shit every time , the only true love I have is my children and giving to them but where is my happiness. What do we really have to look forward to? We are all going to die 1 day. I am just rambling on and No I am not going to jump off a bridge , Just questioning what life has to really offer to us?
Why does it seem like so many people are going through Depression these days?
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