Why does it seem like every guy I meet, they just want to have sex with me?

So, I am only 28 years old, and living in North Carolina, I really can't consider anybody my friend but I chill in the socialize with the few. A lot of times, I am around my family or at work. I would like to get out a bit more, but I also like to social. When I am not around my family or at home I am at work, dealing with BS and crazy employees or customers. But, I do have more of a relationship with the people I work with because I see them every so often if not every damn day lol. When it comes to (LOVE) I'm not necessarily looking for it, but I am also tired of these damn guys in these got damn casual relationships. I don't go hooking up or making out with everybody I have an encounter with. But it seems like the guys, that I do find attractive and possibility potentially see myself dating, they never stick around or either disappear for a bit. Then, you have the one's, they will stick around, but most of them just wants sex or maybe not find me that attractive or interesting. Yes I know my life sucks and I don't have much going on right now. But, am I just an ass to these guys, the majority of these men also have been people I met offline. And one has been a person I went to school with. Then, I had my long 5 years friends with benefits for awhile. And his black ass, ain't hitting it like he use to, but he is a hole hoe for everyone smh. But anyways, I'm just trying to figure out will I ever find love before I reach 30, and why are all or most of these guy's a bunch of pigs and Horn dogs, an wanna FUCK. Am I not good enough to be in a relationship with someone or am I really just that boring and unattractive to them?
Why does it seem like every guy I meet, they just want to have sex with me?
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