Why do girls act weird after getting asked out and saying no?

I was in a class in college. We had to do a group project, I decided to work with a group of International Students from Indonesia and one was from Korea. There were 3 girls and one guy. I had talked with them just being friendly and curious about their country too and yeah not gonna lie the girls were pretty. Its kinda cool you can meet people from every corner of the world without going more than 5 miles from your home. They were friendly they all said hi when they saw me and we talked when we saw each other on campus. Anyway after we worked on this project exchanged phone numbers there was a girl in that group I particularly liked to talk to she seemed sort of serious about life but she also seemed to have a fun side a cute laugh, along with being cute lol. So I called her up and asked her if she wanted to go out sometime. She said she was moving away soon and she was also way too busy with homework for a boyfriend right now. I said alright I said something like I like the things you say in class and I'm sure you noticed me looking at you I had a bit of crush on you but Its good you are serious about your studies I believe you will go back to your country and do good things. I wasn't that disappointed and I tried to show I wasn't taking this rejection personal and was accepting the no. But after that she would never even talk to me and avoided me and gave me an ugly face. And her friends also no longer talked to me they might say hi If I ran into them but it was a very awkward hi. She moved away and I never talked to any of the other students that I did that project with but It confused me. I mean what's wrong with a single guy casually asking a single girl out on a date, especially if the two had talked and gotten along. Why does she and her friends all of a sudden treat me like some kind of a freak. My theory was maybe they thought I was some freak with an Asian fetish, I'm not she just happened to be Asian and attractive and I only asked her out after I saw, or thought I saw a bit of her personality, and I didn't only talk to them because I was attracted to them. the other guy who worked on the project had a girlfriend that was not one of them so I don't think he had anything to do with it. I also figured maybe the girl that turned me down told a very different story than what happened. She obviously told them all about it.
Why do girls act weird after getting asked out and saying no?
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