Why has my boyfriend become so bitter towards me? Are these signs of us ending?

I'm not sure where things went wrong, but they definitely haven't been going well. Does it seem like we're ending?

We really rushed things. I met him online and we talked for 2 weeks until we met up for coffee. We really hit it off. It was awesome. We just couldn't stop talking. We talked on the phone a bunch after that... for 2-3 hours at a time. I had to make him stop talking so I could go to sleep! We met up again on a Friday and watched a football game in my room with some friends. All he did was put his arm around me and later he kissed me in the car. That same night I have severely ill with the stomach flu... by the following Monday he was over with a stuffed animal, meds, homemade food and gatorade.

That Friday we met up again... it got pretty intense with lots of making out since we'd never done that. I was nervous and I'm sure he was too. We went to dinner and he kept complaining of being in pain. I thought maybe I'd done something wrong. Apparently I gave him blueballs? Didn't know that was real... Anyways, dinner was REALLY awkward... he didn't really ask me many q's and I didn't have many for him either. It was like we had already run out of things to say.

He joked that if I stayed after 5 I had to stay the night... I made the mistake of actually listening and sure enough one thing lead to another. Ended up staying the weekend. He doesn't believe in sex boyfriend marriage so it seemed like it'd be fine.

The next day we went on another date with a HUGE group of people. We still had nothing to say to each other... and I didn't know his friends at all so I didn't talk to too many people. I was with him and 20 of his friends. It was awkward though because he didn't stick by my side the whole time... which is fine if I had known people, but I really didn't and I was pretty nervous (I'm an introvert for sure)

A week later he bought me jewelery and wanted to meet my parents... He told his whole family about me including his grandparents. The following week I left for a week long trip... the drive to the plane was awkward... he suggested we do less sexual things. I agreed even though I knew that was a hint for the bad.

When I got back from my trip it was worse. He didn't pick me up, we had nothing to talk on the phone about over break and when I got back he said "I don't think I'm the guy you're looking for." He then told me if he was going to cook I should at least do the dishes. We hadn't even been dating a month. Then he said he didn't get my sarcasm, he'd never say I miss you and he didn't like when I "acted like a little kid." I jokingly said pleasy please in a text over break and he took that as I thought he was superior to me? He then explained we're on the same level and I don't have to ask for things... it was so off the wall and unexpected. I never thought that at all.

Since then, he's showed up at my school to drive me around and talk every day... but it feels SO awkward for me now... so forced, so... I'm not even sure.

What's going on!?
Why has my boyfriend become so bitter towards me? Are these signs of us ending?
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