Why is he acting so weird? He rejected me but still shows signs he likes me. Is he insecure or just a fuckboy?

I've liked this guy for a long time now. I see him nearly everday

I told him I have a crush on him one night 2 months ago, he got shy and accused me of just being drunk and told me he wants to talk with me the next day. He called me his angel and he seemed very happy. The talk never happened though, he always found excuses. A week later he tells me he has a girlfriend (who wasn't very good looking by the way not to sound rude) All his friends came to me though and told me that he told them I like him. They told me he said I'm way too pretty for him. Him and his girlfriend broke up 3 weeks later

I was 100% sure he likes me, that was the only reason I confessed to him. Wherever I am he's near me, I caught him staring at me very clearly several times and I still do. He cried on me once, he asked me if I want to come home with him. One week after he told me he got a girlfriend I randomly met him in a store and he hugged me several times. Later I saw him in the distance and we had eye contact for literally like 5 seconds. I try to ignore him now the best I can but he still always comes up to me to say hi. He hugs me sometimes. Literally last week he was laying on my legs at a party. Then my friends told me he's a male whore because he has a new girlfriend every week. Basically he rejected me but he's still acting weird around me. Everyone tells me he's very insecure but then how does he get a new girlfriend literally every week and why did he reject me?

Also just to state this as a fact and not to sound arrogant because I think it matters, I know I'm very good looking. I'm told everyday and I have *a lot* of people hit on me always. Literally 95% of the men I meet show signs they want to get with me. I'm saying this because it's so strange to me, I know not everyone can be in love with me but he acts so weird plus his girlfriends are all bottom of the barrel. Everyone tells me I'm crazy because "I'd be doing charity work" with him but still. What is this?
Why is he acting so weird? He rejected me but still shows signs he likes me. Is he insecure or just a fuckboy?
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