Why would guys act scared of or be rude to a nice girl, who is pretty too?

im a hot girl- yes pretty and hot, and a nice person too. I'm not overly nice or too nice- im just respectful and nice like any other person. I went to a speed-dating type thing, matrimonials at a place. Because im in a diff age group there werent many guys so they had to rotate again. the first guy said "if you dont want to talk to me u dont have to." I dont know why he'd say that since im nice and friendly. Another guy kept trying to talk to the 'fat weird' girl at the next table when he came to me again. and two guys "freaked out' didn't want to talk to me again.. acted like they saw a ghost. only one texted me later- i was upset they 'freaked out' as if they had to donate a kidney or something. im a pleasant and nice person- why would they do that? one did text me later, as if he was interested. Rather than wanting to chat again with the super pretty girl why are they scared? I went on two dates recently- both were bad. one guy, got angry I ordered a cheap dessert at the show we went to. I paid for my show ticket. Then he kept hounding me for the money after giving me the bill. It was crazy. he paid the bill then kept harassing me for 10 bucks. second date was really bad i can't get into it here. the guy was old ugly creepy and so rude to me and ended up tryign to 'reject me' to bring his ego up, in a weird way, and put me down. Why are these guys acting so creepy and rude towards a pretty and nice female- its not just that im hot or pretty, im super nice too and not a b*tch or mean... why be so mean to a nice girl who isn't rude... what is wrong with these kinds of guys

also my sisters friends was one of the guys at the matrimonial thing- all these guys obviously were attracted to me, but they tried to like, act as if they didn't care or didn't like me, or just acted weird- why would they do that. Why not act normal and be polite and nice- i dont get why guys act like such jerks. also the women at the thing were rude to me too and one tried to jump in my conversation and stop me and a guy from talking


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  • For me, and I'm only 18 so I don't know if you'll find this overly helpful, but I think it could be an internal issue that guys have. I like to think of myself as reasonably good looking and reasonably confident but when I meet or am introduced to a girl I find really attractive, I tend to kind of freeze up and not express myself fully, it's definitely something I'm trying to work on. I think that the immediate thought guys have when faced with a beautiful girl is like 'woah she's gorgeous, wayyy out of my league'. It's basically a self doubt kind of thing I reckon. But as I said its something that I (and I'm sure a lot of other guys) really need to work on, because just like in your case (I'll take your word for it 😜) there could be a girl out there who is really beautiful and is also a very nice and genuine girl, and does not fit the stereotype of the 'hot, stuck up girl'


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  • I don't mean to sound rude towards you as in trying to help, but maybe they aren't the issue its you. You might think you a nice girl, but when it comes to others maybe your not. There are 2 red flags I've seen. The guy who suggested that you didn't have to talk to him, and the girl you just called 'fat weird girl'. With the guy, that's kinda odd he just randomly said that.

    There could be many indications. Maybe you were giving him looks that to him preceded as annoyed or not interested. And you not even realizing that your doing that. Or he thought you were super pretty and you were out of his league.

    Now, the second one. Listen, would you call a girl that? We as girls need to stick together, not put each other down! Saying that makes you look really bad, and you most likely aren't.

    Beauty isn't just about looks, you have to remember that from the inside counts as well. Sure you are beautiful, but do your insides truly match as well? I think that's where the problem is. Best of luck!! :D

    • Yep, I thought the same thing as well. Why would you call another woman, fat and weird. Why bring someone else down to prove a point.

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  • Maybe that's your problem. When someone think I'm nice and kind, you never be able to see your own wrongdoings.
    You don't judge by yourself that you are nice. Other people will be the one to say you are nice. Since from your story everybody seems to think you are a snob and arrogant "If u don't want to talk to me u don't have to."
    I have met many people before, they think their ownself no attitude and always being nice. In reality she is rude to everyone. She think she is very nice person though until now

  • Cuz you seem stuck up

  • That's really weird because people tell me I am very pretty and nice and most guys treat me EXTRA nice.. And why would you go out on a date with an old creepy guy in the first place?

  • Lol... too long... too stupid

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