Why are males so mean and arrogant towards nice women? why do men abuse nice womenbut tolerate crazy psychotic women?

don't men want 'sex' want pretty women? desire women and moreso hot women.. you'd think. so my confusion is that, when I meet males... their only interest seems to be in degrading abusing and denigrating me. Rather than.. wow she's hot and hey, she's nice too... it's how can I abuse mistreat and act superior to her. Why do these average to ugly to fat weirdos act like they are 'better' than me? fyi I went on a date yesterday and today--yesterday was hideous ugly old man acted like he was better than me... im young hot beautiful super nice laid back.. but HE made fun of me many times... insulted me in the end..
I met a guy days ago.. last minute I had to cancel... but I met up with him and said I didn't feel good... he said oh that's ok I was scared u wouldn't show up!! he said I thought you'd be scared of my picture!! then this moron continues to act crazy through text.. he's rude weird.. asks me 100 questions.. i asked him to please stop asking me so many questions its irritating and I can't answer like question after question. he continued doing it.. everything he typed was a question. I said it again nicely.. can u please stop with the questions.. he was also acting kind of crazy texting me non-stop in a rude weird way. he said "tell u what, delete my number." its funny to me.. that they act rude to me weird crazy and if I ask them to please stop... my kind request for them to not act crazy or disrespect me results in them severing ties. yet, men will put up with women who throw things, act psycho crazy cheat on them hurt them, threaten them, steal from them... yet a kind beautiful girl they barely know who they r disrespecting she says... hey can u please stop and that's it for them...

what is wrong with these people? why the lack of tolerance for kind good people yet tolerance for evil crazy women? and being pretty doesn't even do anything.. I've talked to men who put up with pretty crazy women... but im pretty and nice and somehow my being nice is too much
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I don't understand that I'm super nice and cool and for that men just pathologize and abuse me. This guy even said too much drama. I said ur the drama not me. Then he said well ur a hot piece of a'''!!! If u change ur mind text me.
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I said ur the one who told me to delete ur number. Are these people just crazy? Why do they sbuse and mistreat nice women but put up with evil crazy ones. I'm always single and if I breathe the wrong way a guy dumps me
Why are males so mean and arrogant towards nice women? why do men abuse nice womenbut tolerate crazy psychotic women?
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