Guys, Why are men so rude to a pretty woman?

It confuses me- this isn't all guys but a lot I meet online, or on dates or just males in general- they literally treat me like crap, but im really hot and pretty. I mean hotter than celebrities and what not. I've also been told by 'males' im the hottest woman they've ever seen- yet for being so 'hot' it seems men will not treat me the way they treat other pretty women. They treat me like im inferior, weird, or try to put me down. I'm not saying guys have to kiss up to me- but im talking about ugly guys, lonely or old guys, sex starved men, all treat me like crap. Heck even if I want to have sex with a guy, they'll disappear or try to use me and leave. It's like they seem to ignore the fact that im super hot- and treat me the opposite. I'm also a 'nice' person- so yeah i dont have an attitude or am demanding or mean- which is possibly the reason too- im just nice and they take advantage of me... I used to fool around with an older man- he treated me badly and he was ugly and alone.

it makes no sense- hot sexy woman, and all guys want to do is abuse or control her. I was starting to fool around with a guy after a date- he barely did anything then left after 5 mins. Another guy- yelled at me in a restaurant not a date but a meeting his friend was there. He was crazy psycho tho but still- he did it b/c im pretty and he was attracted to me and was crazy. For being pretty and sexy- all i get is hostility and crazy guys... is it cuz most guys today have mental issues and thats their reaction to a beautiful woman? I'm scared of men now and avoid them b/c most act really crazy or rude esp towards me. I can't even go shopping b/c men just want to bother me- no not hit on me- no one ever hits on me men just are mean towards me or rude angry. I did have a crazy ex who abused me badly who once said he was jealous of me
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ok was def hoping for more helpful answers- i have a great attitude- im fun friendly and nice.. the guys i meet are terrible- bad attitude, rude jerks.. and theyre the ones harassing me... so again all crap
Guys, Why are men so rude to a pretty woman?
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