Why are men so mean to pretty women?


im pretty and men are ONLY mean to me and try to dominate me.. im also really nice and kind.. and laid back..
instead of guys being nice to me- theyre rude or try to dominate me. most treat me like im weird or call me a weirdo..
im hot, bombshell kind.. then they try to call me crazy... in a nutshell, im smart, pretty funny laid back
down to earth... just really cool and nice. rather than think.. wow im meeting this aewsome girl...
they treat me REALLY weird.. like they'll STARE at me oddly then try to jump in my space, act creepy or
starting pointing in my direction and getting in my space. i get kind of freaked out... then they act weirder
then they call me weird or crazy.. can someone explain why males are calling hot pretty women weird or names
and trying to bring them down..

i have a friend who goes through the same thing and she's really hot too- she says guys make fun of her and laugh at her... what is wrong with these weirdos. she can be a b*tch but in general she's not. however im not a b*tch at all and most men will say im really nice. heck some guys have said im amazing and still treat me like crap...
why are they so mean? why do they just want to dominate and bring down the super hot women
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also what if these women do accept the guys--theyre still mean to them.. why is that? I've fooled around with guys who then try to treat me like crap.. is it an ego thing?
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some women look at me squinty eyed.. like grrr.. just staring at me angrily.. ok fine but lots of men do it... they look at me.. analyzing me.. staring like they hate me.. or they jump in my space and get rude it's weird.. some do it automatically.. the minute they see or encounter me they just treat me like crap.. it's scary.. its like they just treat every pretty girl this way.. i dont get it..
Why are men so mean to pretty women?
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