Why are men so mean and angry towards pretty or nice women?

this is an issue for me, a friend of mine or two and others I've heard of. im stand out gorgeous.. pretty and also nice and down to earth. I've never been stuck up in my life, but most women around me are. however, men are really mean to me and rude. they dont ask me out or try to get iwth me on the opposite, they want to dominate and abuse me and put me down.. almost all men try to dominate or mistreat me. or they try to use me. im a gentle person and dont like hurting others and is that the reason they feel they can abuse me- b/c im harmless and won't hurt them? one guy said once to me- i know you won't screw me over, and my ex said he abused me cuz i didn't fight back- i did but when i tried he'd get worse.

also i have friends who are overbearing domineering b*tchy and mean.. men seem to worship these crazy women and kiss their a** but theyre mean to really nice women. i can't change who i am and be a b*tch but if i was men would like me. why do men like b*tches and are mean to good women

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  • Sounds like you're just attracted to the male versions of your female "friends".

    • This twisted lunatic slow liquid is a devil and narcissist and these are the kinds of psychos who go around projecting their own psychosis onto random women or people. Also looking at it's picture it is one ugly son of a bltch angry and hates women because no decent woman would get with such an effing worthless loser. It's angry bitter slimy garbage too. You're the one who will die alone deserves to and deserves to be beaten and punched out. Sickos everywhere

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  • I am one of those ones that women hardly go for. So no I wouldn't approach you in a pub or club as I assume you would politely tell me off or say you have a bf. That doesn't mean however that I am mean or angry. I owe my business success due to collaboration with many beautiful and powerful business women. So I don't really have any issues there and I do employ some mind game principles with the more prettier girls but its never bad ones or manipulations, just to show that I have some power in myself too. That's me.

    • Oh really. Is it because u feel pretty women have more power over u or men? Thanks for the input

    • I think, when I pull it apart, many guys were on a Back foot in childhood and school and they carry that through to adulthood (you kinda grow up in a world where pretty girls go for jocks etc) it does change obviously when you are an adult but now I have a problem where a hot girl (as awesome or not she can be) has a choice of many powerful men. Or example I worked in a major bank ( lots of hot gorgeous people there... with power) I had a crush on the beauty at the gym there. I am a gym freak. But when I started finding out about her, she was dating a gym owner that was worth millions ha ha. How do I compete with that!! I was just a low level manager. Even now, I'm doing amateur boxing and there are one or two hot girls there. But now in the looks department, I'm schooled by some of these boxers. It's just that the competition for a hot girl comes from men. I tell all the women hating men that women have nothing to with their failure. It's the men they compete against.

  • Hello Anon. You sound like a very sweet and lovely girl. I would be honored to go out with you if I had the opportunity. I can't answer your question because I've not treated women that way and don't understand why anyone would. I hope you can find someone as gentle as yourself. Good luck.

    • Thanks jack. Maybe some men are nice where are u from

  • I really can't help you with that because I'm not a guy that does that. I think your situation has applied to me at times also. Birds of a feather flock together and that sounds like what your situation is all about. You need some new friends. I will be your friend.

    That could also just be their way of flirting too. I have noticed that some people will be really mean when they flirt with you. That's just how they are.

    As far as the guys you dated being abusive, that sounds like another story that all the nice guys complain about. You know about how all the abusive bad boys get the girl. I really hate that that happened to you but you should be on the look out for good guys.

    • Really. People are mean when they flirt? Honestly it sounds crazy but considering how weird people are these days I wouldn't be surprised. I'd def like to be ur friend too where are u from

    • Oh yeah I have had girls call me all kinds of stuff and do mean things since I was younger just to find out they liked me. I'm from the US.

  • step outside yourself and look at yourself as if you were an objective being
    What qualities do you truly possess, what makes men treat you this way, and can you change it by changing yourself,
    ask yourself thee questions and answer them truthfully good luck

    • Nothing. I'm nice and kind and sweet. Men treat me this way the minute they see me. It's my beauty so I can change and be a bltch and controlling and men might cater to me then

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    • ... take your misogyny elsewhere.. a post about women wondering why men are rude to her... and u turn it into she hates men... that is ignorance and manipulation... and qualities a woman possesses that MAKE men treat her this way? geez.. misogyny at its finest... and domination.. do u idiots have nothing better to do that try to dominate others.. so lame...

    • good luck with all your future relationships =)

  • Because we're programmed to think girls love assholes.
    We also got brainwashed to think nice guys finish last.

    • yes but why then mistreat the nice women? i dont get it.. its like are most males like this. is it an ego trip to dominate or abuse a pretty woman

    • Honestly' no idea...

  • The men you know are probably just assh*les. Not all of them are like that though.

  • I don't act mean to them, I just avoid them usually.


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