Why are some men so mean to pretty women?


Ok i get the basic jist of it- they're intimidated, scared, they feel inferior, insecure- however, what I don't really get is why a lot of males are just so abusive and downright cruel to pretty women. I mean these guys are really mean, and sick with how they treat these women. I'm a 'pretty or hot woman." You would think men would be 'happy' to see a hot lady- get excited, anything. I"m a woman and I'll tell you that I tend to appreciate pretty or good looking women- I mean I might semi stare at them but I definitely admire their beauty and im a woman. Yet, men, I find it crazy the hatred and hostility they show towards women who are beautiful or really pretty.

I used to model and heck even photographers I dealt with some were really really mean to me- the whole passive aggressive hot woman hatred. Yeah some said you're incredibly gorgeous and we'll help you make it big or hope you do, but many were full of hate and anger. I really don't get this hatred it makes no logical sense. Random guys I encounter- many go out of their way to be mean, to be, do mean things, not greet me- or just be nasty and rude. Some are REALLY turned on and acting this way while being turned on. Again what i don't get is the cruelty- are they scared of the 'power' that woman has over them- their mere presence makes them feel so turned on they get angry and mean about it?

Not every guy is like this- some act 'normally' which would be excited, happy, pleasant, or just normal. But most show this extreme hatred and hostility- im wondering if there are guys out there that can break it down psychologically why these males show this hatred- esp to women who are really nice- i look like- i dont look b*tchy mean or even dress up. I have an innocent look and am really sweet. It makes no logical sense to just be this mean to a nice pretty woman- can someone explain it and justify it--or are these people just crazy sick and twisted?
Why are some men so mean to pretty women?
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