Why are men so weird towards pretty women?

Some guys are ok and normal, some act 'normal' too such as they're attracted to you, but about 80% of males act totally crazy and psycho if they encounter a hot or sexy pretty woman. I dont get the intimidation factor- if one guy is gawking like holy sh*t!! while another is FREAKING out as if he saw a ghost and treats the girl like crap- what is mentally wrong with the guy acting like such a psycho? are they insecure? idiots? messed up?

i went to a speed dating matrimonial event last year. I was probably the prettiest girl there- tho there were a lot of pretty women. At first, the guys were nice to me- but b/c of our age groups, the same guys had to talk to us again. Some guys talked to me again- a few, but the rest acted psycho. One guy said "if im bothering you i can leave." not sure why he'd think that, im nice and sweet and didn't give that impression. Two guys FREAKED OUT when they had to talk to me again- no i mean, the way they even LOOKED at each other as if--it was scary. Like someone asked them to down a glass of urine. wow. But, ALL the guys were THRILLED to talk to this really UGLY fat girl next to me--who was rude b*tchy, and even mean to me.. again huh? one guy didn't want to talk to me again either, but went STRAIGHT for the fat ugly girl, and no she didn't have a good personality. They also talked to another 'pretty girl" near me again, but not me. Then, the "pretty girl" next to me, tried to mess with me, and she and a few other bullied me. Then, they made fun of a guy who came up to me to talk to me from the younger age group.

are these guys intimidated by a pretty girl next door looking female just b/c she's pretty/beautiful? Why were some of the guys not intimidated? i dont get it anymore... why are some guys OK with it but others are scared--is something wrong with them
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I look like any 'hot sexy' female next door.. model etc.. I think there are thousands of women that are in that range and i dont get why some of these men act like psychos towards me.. only one guy texted me and he was one of the two that freaked out when he had to talk to me again. the others seemed scared of me, even one of my sisters friends was there and he acted weird towards me too.. as if he didn't consider me, but under his breath he was turned on breathing heavy
Why are men so weird towards pretty women?
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