Girls, Do girls check out guys junk when exiting the pool?

So I recently decided to try swimming at my gym’s pool for the the first time, and I found a pair of shorts that had an underwear type of lining underneath (they were actually running shorts) I’ve never really swam since I was a kid (30 now) so I was a little nervous about just being shirtless in front of a bunch of strangers, but never really thought about the shorts. I’m in great shape, but have always been a bit shy. Anyways i noticed they had some uncovered showers next to the pool and I guess you’re supposed to shower after getting out (I had showered privately in the locker room before going in). Anyways swimming was fun and I was feeling okay when in the water, but when I came out, I went to shower and I kind of thought I heard a giggle from two 20 something women who were in the lanes right in front of my shower. I looked over and they were smiling at me but then kind of looked away smiling at each other. I looked down and noticed the shorts were like very pressed up to my privates and like the entire outline of my penis was exposed. Like I could notice the crease of the head and the full outline since I was soaking wet. I realized the last like 60 seconds showering I was facing them and only a few feet away and had the water hitting that area, so I was pretty embarrassed! To be honest it was kind of a turn on though knowing they enjoyed it, then as I walked towards my towel across the pool they were definitely looking the whole way, and when I looked down it was still pretty obviously exposed. So for any women reading this, do you normally look in that situation?
Girls, Do girls check out guys junk when exiting the pool?
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