How can a woman tell if other women are jealous of her?

One of my friends has gotten a few cosmetic surgeries done and seems really insecure in herself. She also finds something wrong with every guys appearance that she dates, just something I noticed. Anyway, we were having a conversation about plastic surgeries and I was just saying in a non-chalant manner about how I might consider a nose job at some point just because (I don't know), and my friend mentioned the ‘bump’ in my nose and how I could get a non-surgical nose job. I don't know it struck me off guard and I caught a weird vibe from it. But my nose is normal anyways. I’m generally feeling very good about myself. I’m very thin and fit, work out every day. just for context I’m very thin for my age and height (5’8”, 121 pounds). I used to be overweight and I worked super hard to get to this body and I’m so happy with it, and I’m more confident in how I look as a result.
I have noticed that every time I’m around other women they seem to express insecurities especially about their weight and other things. I’m sometimes asked how I get my figure and questions about my hair. I always tell my friends how gorgeous they are, which I genuinely believe too.
I’m currently dating a guy who thinks I’m very beautiful and tells me I’m a 10. He said something about how he thinks other women are probably jealous of me. It had me thinking, since only other women have really ever said something negative about my appearance and I’ve never had a guy really connote to me that he thinks I’m less than. On another note, I don’t really think anyone has the ability to make you really “feel” a certain way, as how you decide to feel is ultimately in your control. However, I can still pick up on other peoples’ negative energy.
I guess I’m curious if jealousy is common among female friends and WHAT are the signs to look out for?
How can a woman tell if other women are jealous of her?
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