Does it mean anything if a girl presses her breasts into your chest when you hug?

We're friends but possibility of more. Because we have to see and spend time together daily, I'd never want to put her in an uncomfortable position. We laugh together, go to lunch, hang out, and just generally have a friendship that works.

There are a few other factors that could make something unrequited really awkward for the other, but including on/off LD relationships that both of us respect when the other's in one.

So, I was away for very difficult couple of weeks. Came back absolutely exhausted and just wrecked, and immediately ran into her. And I felt this strong current of attraction. She hugged me.

That's nothing new for us. But... She was wearing just a t-shirt with no bra, which I hadn't realized until I could feel her breasts really pressing into my chest.

I've hugged many women, and she and I have hugged many times. Never felt anything like that before.

Was I hugging her differently? Was she doing something different? She had to know, obviously. So I realize how incredibly ridiculous this must be sounding to anyone with beasts, but I was just really confused. Could I have been doing something creepy? I really don't think I was bowing my chest out or something.

We held the hug for a really long time. And it felt so nice.

Is this something girls might do - if you like a guy, put a little extra into a hug? She has B-C size, so of course in a hug they're always going to be there, but this was definitely extra.

Even if it does mean something more, the timing still just really isn't right, so well go on as friends for now. But I was wondering if it would have been something deliberate.

At some point, when circumstances change, we might explore something more. I really would hate to lose the friendship, though. And I'm sure she feels the same way.
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To clarify - the pressure was way beyond anything I've felt hugging her before. Or anyone else.

Could have been just cuz it was an extra tight hug?

But I would think if I were on the other side, I'd certainly realize that and to round my back a little. If it didn't want it.

I'm just wondering if this is something girls sometimes do
Does it mean anything if a girl presses her breasts into your chest when you hug?
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