ok, so I need a little advice here. Recently, I've graduated from college and began working under one of my professors with a female classmate of mine. In college, I spoke to her almost never but I've gotten to know her a lot better now (been working together for around 9 mo). Over the time I've worked with her, I've really grown to like her. the issue is, I believe, is that she has a boyfriend.

she has pictures on her Instagram of a guy, but I haven't seen anything in around 6 months. At work things do get flirty too. I always text her being flirty and playful because I really like her. she seems to like what I say and is always laughing. at work, I find her fixing her clothes, touching her hair, and staring/stealing glances at me. recently, too, we have played a bit of footsie at lunch, which has really opened my eyes.

I've asked her to hang out a few times outside of work and she usually gives a sort of excuse, but, she did agree to meet once (about 4 mo. in) but wanted to bring mutual friends, which I obviously had to agree to.

I guess it's worth mentioning that I invited her and mutual friends to my birthday and, unfortunately, she couldn't come because of a family party, but she did make it a point to give me a DD gift card, which was really thoughtful because I love DD and she remembered that I had told and shared that with her.

Thing is, she is leaving our workplace next week and I want to formally ask her out on a date. I'm nervous because ik there's about a 50/50 shot this works out for me. I'm getting her a gift when she leaves work, but I'm also going to ask her out I think. Early on, I was unsure of her feelings for me, but, as time has gone on, I think she does like me. Am I making the right move/decision?

PLEASE HELP ME! I really like this girl and want this to work. I'm a firm believer that nothing happens by chance and I'm fairly religious so I interpret this as an opportunity offered to me by God.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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