Why do they do stare and do nothing else?

P. S. All of this happened in separate cases. They’re not a group. I just complied them into one because they were all so similar.

The past year (approximately a year ago to now) I noticed some girls were staring at me. the girls initiate the staring, so they stare when I’m not looking. Whenever I do look at them, they look away to the side, not down or up and away. One of them did this frequently everyday and she never talked to me. Oddly enough, most of them never talked to me or do anything else. Just the staring and the looking away part whenever I noticed.

Weirdly enough, most of them in this case were white brunettes and I’m brown (indian)

The only reason I’m posting this because it’s weird and makes no sense

1 y
Would be really nice if other people saw this question. Surely, I can’t be the only one with this kind of experience
Why do they do stare and do nothing else?
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