Why do most girl’s have low self esteem about themselves?

Most girl’s are their own worst enemy and constantly think they are ugly or they are too fat and don’t like themselves that much , I dated low self esteem girls that pretty much criticized their own appearance a lot but to me they were absolutely beautiful , but my words to them didn’t mean shit , I could tell her she is beautiful every day and she would get mad at me and upset to the point it started turning me off like she needed validation from other guys to find her attractive Most of those Girls ended up cheating, because the second they got validation from another guy that made her feel beautiful she easily spread her legs for him. Don’t get me wrong. it is nice to be complimented from time to time , but if your whole life revolves around that , then you have some serious issues and you will never experience true love. I know people can be assholes and people can say hurtful things but if it’s someone’s mission to talk shit on you , that person is the biggest piece of shit , I hate people that think looks is the only thing that matters when it comes to relationships, if looks is your number 1 thing to be attracted to someone then you are in for a rude awakening when you realize looks Really mean shit and that looks disappear
In time , so enjoy your fake relationships because It isn’t Going to last forever, Looks are important to a certain degree but it shouldn’t be your primary reason for being with someone. I see beautiful girls everywhere I go and if I am in a relationship with a girl those other girls don’t stand a chance if the girl I am with has my heart and treats me with love and respect I’m not going to cheat on a girl if she cherishes me, but when a girl is constantly seeking validation from other
Men then you are best to kick her
To the curb because she doesn’t value you, she only likes the convenience of you , she is the kind of girl that will not resist temptation if she is getting hit on by a guy that finds her attractive. Let him have her.
Why do most girl’s have low self esteem about themselves?
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