Why does she always smile at me?

I like this girl and we make each other laugh at times. I've tried to ask her out but she doesn't seem to be interested. But she seems to smile at me a lot and it kills me cause she has this great smile, and I tend to get lost in her gorgeous brown eyes when she smiles at me. Why does she continue to smile at me, if she doesn't seem to be interested?


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  • From chicklish to English translation:

    Chicklish: Flirty eyes staring at you with a smile and laughing at your jokes.

    English: ask me out you dousche! If you don't Ill flirt with someone else using the same smile and if he has the guts to ask me out he's the winner ans you're the looser.

    • I've asked her to do a few different things and she's always declined, so what about that?

    • Then that means she is an obnoxious tease and you should simply ignore her and date a more mature woman.

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  • See seems to enjoy your company and could be interested, but maybe she's just not looking for a relationship right now or just has too much going on. If your still interested in a month or so try asking her out again.

  • She knows you like her.

    If she is single and you guys always have great conversation, there will be a chance to be with her in the future.

    But if she smiles the same way to everyone, I think she is just trying to be nice.

  • Smiling doesn't automatically mean that a girl is interested, she could just be trying to be nice.


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  • She enjoyed the ego boost of rejecting you.

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