Why this guy was staring and why he didn't look away?

The guy that was sitting next to me at a party, went and sat opposite me across the room.

I caught him staring at me but he didn't look away, just kept staring with a dreamy face. I looked away and then looked at him again and he was still staring. I turned away again but couldn't help but smile.

When we were staring at each other, I got that feeling, of it just being the two of us in the room. Makes me feel all funny thinking about it now too.

He returned to sit next to me shortly afterwards.

We've talked briefly and he made great eye contact with me, best I've ever had, and he was smiling all the time.

So my question to you is why was he staring and why not look away when I caught him? And why would a guy make great eye contact with a girl he barely knows?

Neither of us were drunk, not that sort of party.

And the staring happened after we had made small talk.


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  • Because that's the initail stage of communication, the guy looks at you until you catch him looking at you (curious to know who you are/interested) So when you look back and smile then its a green light for a friendly chat. When you chat then over time you'll know their intentions.

    but guys staring means they like what they see and yes at a party when your drunk then I'm quite sure he thinks about being in the room with you too!

    • Then he wanted more small talk...bottom line => he is interested.

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  • Yeah pretty much what everyone else said he thought you were hot and wanted to talk to you maybe he was a bit nervous so he wanted to see that you might be receptive and when you did flash a smile he decided to go for it


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  • Chances are, that he thinks that you're interesting & attractive, so he decided to start a conversation & didn't bother to look away.