Why Are So Many Men So Selfish?

Ever notice that men- ahem- or should I call them boys, only care about feelings when it's their own? If they hurt someone else they usually don't care, but if they get offended in the least they have to make a big production about it.

Serious guys, man up.

And I just can't wait for some guys to comment on this and prove me right. Of course I am not saying all guys are like this, that is never the case. Some of you are not selfish and good men, I understand that.

But why are they so hard to find?

When I read these answers most of the people that are flying off the handle about the smallest thing, are guys.

There are some girls too, I'm not going to say there aren't, and I don't think them any less selfish.

But why is it everyone gets so offended easily... especially the guys.

For all you who can blow stuff off, have manners, respect others, and give great advice and actually care about the people you're answering, guy or girl, thank you so much. I really appreciate all you guys do and for not making people feel bad about some of the questions they ask and/or answer.

Thanks for it all, really.

You guys are the reasons I still feel comfortable enough to ask questions on here to change my life for the better and get answers I couldn't get from family. There are some things you can't ask your family or friends because it's too embarrassing or they wouldn't understand. You keep the whole reason of girlsaskguys alive :)

Thank you for not making some of us feel self conscious or guilty and encourage us to try to change for the better.

You guys are great. :)
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Thank you all. :) There have been some great answers and in a little more hope and/or understanding in each one. Thank you so much. :)
Why Are So Many Men So Selfish?
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