Why am I only attracting (seemingly) desperate men?

I only seem to get dates with guys who go from 0 to relationship in two dates OR guys who (very honestly) just whip their junk out immediately (either through email or in person). Since I am the common factor I am curious what about ME keeps attracting guys who want to buy my affection with gifts (I had one guy hound me about buying me sunglasses) and who immediately upon meeting want to cuddle and talk about 'us' and our 'relationship' and/or who want to get down and dirty right away throwing their phone numbers and various body parts my direction. This seems like a silly thing to complain about but I just want a normal guy to hang with, go out with and do stuff together without rushing things (either physically or emotionally). I tend to get these types of guys in real life as well (though not at such a fast pace as the internet). I've asked around and I have a great sense of humor, I'm assertive but not aggressive, I act like a lady but can hang with the boys, I have a decent part time job (I go to school full time), I have friends that enjoy being around me (and vice versa), I have hobbies but not a super jam packed schedule (so I have time for others), I know what I like but I'm open to other people's opinions, I've been told I'm attractive (that sounds flippant but I'm not fishing-I just look like myself so I can't tell)...I seem totally normal so why am I such a creep magnet?
Why am I only attracting (seemingly) desperate men?
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