Why do I attract so many obsessive/clingy or desperate men?

So a lot of guys seem to be clingy with me or obsessive

I met this guy once. I met him through friends. I knew him for a week and he wanted to move to New Hampshire or Maine with me. I live in Connecticut. He kept on bringing it up and wanted to move in with me right away.

This guy once called me 40 times in 2 days and kept on leaving voicemails, and he called from different phones.

This other guy I denied would go around making up things to men. He got a gf after I denied him, but would still be possessive with me. He would try and look through my phone

Then random guys I would approach me and know what college I went to. It was kind of a small school, but they would say that's where they knew me. One guy even added me on fb. We had a mutual friend and he told her we had class together, but I never met him. I asked him if I knew him and he told me we met in college

There was one man at the gym who I actually liked. I never really spoke to him but he would always work out near me, stare at me. His friend would do the head bump to me. You could tell this guy was interested, but he never approached me. I was sad about it. He did that for a year. Why didn't he approach me if he threw a lot of sign in my face

I have other stories. Why do I attract these men


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  • There is something in you that men see, and want. If I had to guess, I would say you have a very soft, tender, sweet, caring, nurturing feminine heart and soul. These are things even the toughest of men crave.

    My advice... Don't let it go to your head. Instead, save it for the man who will want to spend the rest of his life with you. (You will know who he is when your heart and instincts both tell you that he is the one)


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  • Why do you attract those type of men huh...

    You are either smoking hot and worth trying to win you over... OR

    You took a lot of gestures the wrong way.

    Couldn't be any other reasons in my opinion :D

  • You seem like you're "too nice" and "too accepting". The problem to me seems that you don't draw lines and just make the guys call for everything... then you get mad because they did. But you allowed them in the first place.

    • Nah I always tell them flat out
      Like I do not want to move there or I like someone else

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  • Oh my gah.. that's rediculous. I hope you're OK? Just pretend to be into girls because believe it or not that works very well... pretend to be a lesbian.

    • :/ yeah I'm okay. I blocked his number. I'm afraid he's going to come to my house, because we have mutual friends. My mutual friends know where I live. I mean I really doubt they will stop with him. God I hope not

    • I think I will!! Thanks girl