Why does my girlfriend hurt me/not care about my feelings?

Well, it's a long story, I have been with my girlfriend for some time, I really love her like no one before. She, overall is all that I would wish for as a person,there's just one thing I really dislike or don't know how to deal with. Since we first me and started dating, we rarely saw each other. Maybe once every two weeks for a couple of hours. I'm in my final university year and running my own business, she's working in the tourism industry as sales person. So it's not that I wouldn't be busy, but I would still always find a way to make time for her. She on the other hand never wants to make time for me, always something "important comes up". I mean running my own business, I know how much work you can have on a job (I'm owning a restaurant) but seriously, wouldn't you be able to take a break every now and then? I know she is very diligent, very dedicated and ambitious, I love her for that, but it seems to come at our relationships expense. Well, I always got promises of her that after this and that day we could meet more often, so far she broke her promises, I forgave her. Then we were planning a trip for the last two month to finally spend some quality time together. The trip was planned for today. So I got us tickets, a nice hotel, I even arranged her travel documents at my time and expense. Recapitulating the last two month, I have seen her 4 times, in total not even a full day. Naturally I was missing her like crazy, I told her so, her answer was, I miss you too, but you should learn to handle that feeling. That made me sad. She promised me several times during these two month to see me more after a certain date, never happened. But I kept telling myself, that we were gonna take this trip and it would be fine, I was so looking forward to it. Long story short, I'm sitting here at the airport, typing this, alone. Her boss wanted her to work even though she asked the day off 4 weeks in advance and got it granted. She worked the last month straight, not a single day off 70 hours a week. Instead of telling her boss and taking off anyways, which is her right, she decides against me, as always. Out of fear being put on some blacklist by her boss. Damn, I'm ambitious, in 21, studying, doing a second distance education,founded my own business and I would still put her in the first place when making decisions. This really broke my heart, and I feel like I can't forgive her. She told me that yesterday morning,too late to rebook anything. Of course besides of me feeling like sh*t I also blew a couple 100 bucks. So I got pissed and confronted her, what the hell she was thinking. She came up with stuff like I'm so sorry, don't be mad, I need u, I love you and so on. Thing is, if she loves me why does she break my heart and doesn't just show? I often asked myself if she's playing games, but she seems serious when we are together. She introduced me to her family. Actually we were to meet them next week but I don't know if I should go.Can I have some advice please?
Why does my girlfriend hurt me/not care about my feelings?
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