Why do people say you have to let the girl find you, let her come to you, that you should stop looking for one?

Also, when people say other phrases or quotes like "You just have to let it happen naturally" "Good things come to those who wait" "If you want a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a relationship, it's better if you let them come to you", etc. All other quotes and phrases similar to those that give those messages. For me, in my opinion, those quotes, phrases, and advice work more for girls than they do for guys. The reason why I think those quotes and phrases go more for girls is because when it comes to romance, dating, and relationships, the guy, or just the man, has to be the one who takes the initiative, pursues the girl, makes all the moves to start a date and a relationship with the girl, asking her for her number, and asking her out. The girl just has to approve of the date or relationship.

So it's like romance, dating, relationships, and love, all come to girls, while us guys have to make it happen, we have to initiate everything in the beginning. The girl has the option of approving it or denying it. Because the girl is the one who does the rejecting, and guys are the ones that receive rejecting. C'mon, everyone obviously knows, both guys and girls, especially you girls, like you always want the guy to take the initiative, make the first move, start the conversation, start the talking and seeing each other thing, and starting the dating/relationship. Overall, the guy has to chase, pursue the girl, etc. Girls do not chase guys.

I am not saying I am traditional or old-fashioned, heck, I wish it was both ways, I wish girls took the initiative and asked guys out as much as guys do, but that is something that will not change anytime soon.

So anyway, why do people say that it's better to find love when you stop looking even if you are a guy? That it is better to stop looking for a date or relationship, and let her find you? C'mon, even if a guy is very calm, relaxed, not desperate, not trying too hard or looking too hard to get a girlfriend or relationship, he is very comfortable with himself, very confident, not insecure, which are all the great qualities that girls like in a guy, the guy will not get a date or girlfriend just by chilling back and relaxing, a girl will not just approach a guy, take the initiative, ask him out, or fall into his lap, etc. Us guys have to make it happen.
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Or am I not interpreting those quotes, advice, and phrases the right way? do I have the wrong viewpoint of it? Well I am 21 and I have never had a girlfriend, always been single, still a virgin, I am not single by choice though.
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I really would like to have a girlfriend right now, I wish I could have one as soon as possible, because I don't want to still be single when I am 30 or 40. But I don't if I am looking too hard, being desperate, or just not enough?
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How do I know if I am obsessed, thinking about it too much, desperate, looking and trying too hard? Which obviously turns girls off, how do I know if I am that way? If I am, how can I undo it?
Why do people say you have to let the girl find you, let her come to you, that you should stop looking for one?
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