Average confident girls vs pretty shy girls?

So I've been wondering...

I have a best friend that gets attention from guys ALL the time...she's kinda cute,has a nice body dresses well and she's confident. And then there's me...I'm prettier than my friend,I'm kinda shy and quiet, and because of that I can sometimes look like a snob,people often say that before they meet me they think of me as a "high" superficial girl with attitude..I don't get as much attention from guys,they call me cute once I they get to know me but not as much as my friend

Don't get this wrong,I'm not an attention "whore",but I do sometimes feel kinda left out and it makes me even more shy than I already am..could hat be the reason? Do boys really like girls with confidence so much more? And also,I don't think they can tell I don't have confidnce before they get to know me or do they..?
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for the guy who said I'm envious of my friend...I wouldn't say envious,but I defenetly feel left out sometimes as I said and I hate the fact that it makes me feel even more insecure and shy
Average confident girls vs pretty shy girls?
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