Did she ever care for me, or was I just being used?

I'm 25 and the girl I've been seeing for 4 months is 27. Both in our mid-20s and we both work. I admit I have done a lot for her...always there and available to talk, keep gas in her car, whenever we go out I pay for everything the majority of the time, I've gotten her several nice things...spent a few hundred dollars on her for the holidays, took care of her and waited on her hand and foot in the hospital, to name a few. And I do it cause I genuinely care and want to, not to get anything in return. I try my best to respect her and treat her like a lady, how she deserves. Not like a piece of ass.

Past month it hasn't been the same...her, her BFF and her BFF's daughter couldn't stay at my apt a couple weeks ago due to the fact that I had no power, heat or hot water yet. So she was mad and barely talked to me for days. Last Thursday she asked if I could stay that night after work and look after her 6 year old while she was at work Friday. I gladly did...only for her to tell me that she said she would never ask for help again, and that she would never have asked me if anyone else was available. To someone who WILLINGLY sacrificed their time and agreed to give up their day off when they didn't have to, that felt like a slap in the face to me.

Couple days before that when she was sick she asked me to call her, so I did...then I politely and nicely asked how come she wanted me to call her, just trying to start a convo. To which she wigs out and says "You know what, forget it I'm sorry I won't ever ask you to call me again"...and hangs up.

Couple weeks ago she told me her best friend needed $35 for another night at the hotel room (her friend is straight and married with a kid BTW)...so I told her to come by my place after I got off work and I would take care of it. Gave them $40...they only stayed for about 5 min...asked them if I could come along and hang out but they said they'd be back. Never came back. Was all the money I had and I can't eat or pick up my RX till that Friday when I got paid. They don't know that. The following week I bought her a piercing she wanted. Last week I gave $120 to help with her new apt deposit.

She barely talks or texts me, never asks how I am or how my day is going but I ask her all the time, just try to make conversation and show that I care.

Hasnt been talking much the past couple days, but last night on the Facebook newsfeed I saw her and this guy commenting and talking. Saying she was amazing and sweet and "cant wait for Saturday" and so was she. And today it says "in a relationship".

We werent officially together but we have been intimate, she has told me she loves me and was in love with me a couple months ago. But a few days later she said she wanted to take things slow and be friends first and go from there. Which I get but why confuse somebody and mess with their head?
Did she ever care for me, or was I just being used?
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