What it's like to have REAL OCD

I'm talking about real OCD, not that "I hate clutter! lol must be my OCD again!" yeah no. I don't like when people who like things...

The 10 signs the shy girl you like likes you back, from a shy girl!

We have all (or most of us) had at least one crush throughout our lives. We don’t even know why we fell in love with that person. We...

If Karen is the name for bossy entitled middle-aged white women, then what would other women's names describe?

Here's what I think: Abigail/Abby - Likely has low self esteem, despite her looks. Likely to date nerds and geeks for the easy morale...

Think women are free? Think again!

This picture sums it all up. In a way when asking women if they are free we can answer with "Yes but kinda no". Yes, they have the...

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Why Women Love Bad Boys. Guys on GAG can hate on me for supporting things like promoting masculinity or how men should be...

“True” Femininity

During this day and age, femininity has so many contradicting meanings. Some equate it to just a certain sense of style, others, more...

Question mainly to the girls?

Girls what do u guys like to be asked and/or what type of questions? (Sex, life, flirt, etc)

Why are there so many more girls than guys who react almost insane when they see their celebrity crush?

They're much more likely to cry and scream and jump around and throw their panties. It's so obvious that stats aren't even necessary....

Girls, Why do the girls in school keep slapping each-others bums?

So I have recently joined a predominately female school and have drifted into a few different friendship groups. One of them is made up...

What does the statement “girls run the world” mean?

The song always confused, if a guy made a song “men run the world” would it be sexist?

How do girls feel when a guy screenshots their nudes?

How do you girls feel about guys screenshotting your nudes? Even when you really like him. I’m having a debate with one of my guy...

Why is me female friend upset with me for ignoring her after she cut me out of her life?

After she cut me out of her life because she believed lies about me being in love with her she also ignored me Nd appeared to. Hate me,...

What does girls mean by the word "Cute" ?

This word is confusing for boys. Do you like the guy if you call him cute. Or you innocently mean this word. Or you mean he is sexy. Or...

How do I defend myself against romeo or rapist?

I'm a slim and weak girl but I'm a looking sexy, so i always afraid to bad boys on streets 😓

Is it the mans or the womans fault if a woman is a single mother?

On one hand the dude left... But on the other hand the woman let a dude like that get her pregnant in the first place.

Girls, How come this girl after I looked at her she turned around. looked at me. then leaned in and spoke to her friend while looking at me as I walk?

We dont know each other.. i happened to look at her and then this happened.. happens to me quite a bit, whats up? i looked at her.. she...

Does this girl like him as a friend, does she like like him or does she just like his attention?

- She is a shy and insecure girl who has known this guy for 3 years but got closer in the last few months. Before that they only saw...

Girls, Why do so many younger women like this guy that calls himself a King?

So many of them like him and he’s just a loser that wears nice clothes and he’s really really super like into himself. He’s confident...

Is it a coincidence that the same girl is always next to me in every group photo we’ve both been in for the last few years?

I’ve always been friends with her but never that close. And I never even realised until a mutual friend pointed it out.