The 10 signs the shy girl you like likes you back, from a shy girl!

Such a beautiful picture!
Such a beautiful picture!

We have all (or most of us) had at least one crush throughout our lives. We don’t even know why we fell in love with that person. We notice them, we idolise them and think of many silly ways to impress them, make them notice us, or even approach them. I personally think those situations are adorable, especially when we’re really young and inexperienced as we go past all their mistakes and feel intoxicated with how good it makes us feel just being around them. No material matters in game, no contemplating the future of you or your children, just the bliss of being in love. Of course the previous sentence relates to school situation, mostly.

This MyTake, which is my first one, will talk about behaviour of a shy girl when she likes someone. I will try to sum up the signs she likes you based on my experience, as much as I can, as I am the shy girl.

As she’s shy, it definitely means she’s feeling insecure in her actions. Obvious signs are definitely not to be expected from her. She won’t give them out before she feels secure again. However, there are little clues that WILL give her away.

1. Preening: If a SHY girl notices you and immediately starts preening, contrary to popular belief, it does NOT MEAN she is trying to look good for you. It basically means you were on her mind. Really good sign.
Example: girl is hanging out somewhere with her friends. Her crush comes in all of a sudden. She notices him and therefore looks at his face. As he notices she looked at him, the girl quickly grabs a part of her hair to twirl it around her finger.

Psychology: You were on her mind. All of a sudden she notices you. As you look at her she is thinking “Oh my god! He caught me looking! I mustn’t reveal anything that might make him think I like him!” The reason she is feeling so paranoid is 1. She is obviously shy as mentioned earlier and afraid of being judged, 2. If she didn’t have feelings for you, she wouldn’t care if you catched her. She’s afraid of being revealing as she’s already thinking of you. The purpose of preening is to conceal that and make you think she’s looked you completely accidentally. She’s sending you a message that she’s twirling her hair and definitely not worried if you suspect something. This counts for any action that happens immediately after you looking at her unexpectedly on her side. I believe this is a good sign that reveals she has strong feelings for you.

2. Eye contact: This is a little more complicated sign. One thing is for sure, if she makes eye contact with you, she feels SOMETHING for you, which may not be good every time:

Angry eye contact: if she looks straight into your eyes with a really determined vibe, almost angry but not necessarily frowning, congratulations, you’re frustrating her. Basically she is analysing your behaviour and can’t figure you out. Maybe she was sure you like her but you still won’t make a concrete move on her so she looks at you in that way because she’s losing her patience. I’m 100% sure about this. And she definitely likes you.

The Returned Eye contact: You look at her, she looks at you. Persistently. In this case, she definitely saw you looking and glancing at you. Every single time. The reason she returns eye contact is because she wants to assure you that you won’t be ignored if you approach her. She’s saying she’s too shy and is basically begging you to talk to her. Also she’s saying she picks on every single sign you like her. She’s probably confused by you not making a move on her and trying to tell you “APPROACH ME ALREADY, PLEASE!” Funny but this is how shy girls work.

3. She appears wherever you are: Guys, please. THIS ONE IS SO OBVIOUS! She’s trying to make opportunities for a conversation. You will know when she appears on places where she has nothing to do. I used to like a guy who smoked, and every time there’s a pause between classes and people smoke behind school, I still show up to be around him.

4. Walking behind you: Again, wants to make an opportunity to talk to you and feel the closeness of your body. Not any deeper reason for this behaviour. She’s simply into you.

5. Glances: Shy girls would never let you see them stare at you. So they will glance at you and admire you from afar. They are thinking about where you are and how close to her when she glances back to look at you.

6. Giggling: She wants you to see how kind, feminine and considerate she is when she’s giggling around you with a friend or talking to you. Or listening to you talk.

7. She follows your walking pace: if you start going a little further than her she will follow you like a puppy. Adorable! Definitely interested in you.

8. Raising eyebrows at you: What she’s showing is that she’s assuring she will listen to you, help you, want to be a part of your life. Good sign of interest.

9. She dresses nicely when she knows you will be around: Wearing makeup, dressing showing of her legs, curves, doesn’t have to be anything vulgar. She wants you to see what a great catch she is!

10. She asks you for help: Since she’s shy, this is one of her ways of trying to get close to you. If it has happened more than once, chances are she is trying to initiate conversation with you but has NO TOOLS to do it any other way. Please make a move on her!

PRO TIP: She strikes attractive poses! A pose that shows off her body is definitely meant to grab your attention! Bending over a table, maybe stands in a way that shows her legs or butt nicely. Also if she massages herself, touches her neck, brushes her breast, she draws your attention to her body. Another great sign.

A lot of the signs a shy girl sends are not the typical DUDE, LOOK! I LIKE YOU! Instead, they are meant to make herself look desirable, approachable, understanding and are intended to hypnotise you into making a move on her.
So guys, if you like a shy girl and notice at least 2 signs of these, chances are she likes you too! She could be dying to be close to you and you have no clue!

The 10 signs the shy girl you like likes you back, from a shy girl!
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  • RingOfFire
    One of the most delightful myTakes I have ever read here! And the subject is brilliant!

    I found it fascinating and never would have imagined 80% of these things. I'm fascinated at a girl's perspective on this and how detailed your understanding is. I think only a girl could have that level of detailed understanding about the psychology of these behaviors. It's cute, it's attractive and it's so insightful! Thank you!
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    • hellohruu

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Yeah I personally am really into psychology so I observe people’s behaviours as well as my own. The myTake you just read is based solely upon my behaviour around guys I liked. I analysed and came to conclusions as to why I act that way. So I gathered 10 signs which ain’t much but they’re very reliable if the girl feels something for the guy. Glad you enjoyed it! 😇

    • I've always been attracted to shy women. They invariably have the deepest souls. The fact they are harder to meet makes them all that much more prized.

      If it's writing you are interested in, I think you have what it takes. :D

  • MysticDevice
    I wish I knew all of this ten years ago. A lot of things now make sense that confused me at the time. Speaking of time, you wouldn't happen to know where to find a time machine would you?
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    • hellohruu

      I wish I knew that too 🥀☹️💔

    • The kicker is that now that I know what I'm looking for along with the benefit of hindsight, I'm probably not going to find anyone that way with all that's going on.

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  • Finchie40
    When it comes to crushing on someone , I think everyone is shy in some way considering they are hoping that person will find them attractive as well and want to be with them , but a lot of people lack the confidence / self esteem side when it comes to that. They feel that person won’t like them the same or they feel they won’t say the right thing without making themselves sound like they are dorky or what not , and they also feel that person is way out of their league., I use to be really shy around girls that I really crushed on when I was younger but as time went on and I realized what do I really have to lose , I rather take that chance over never knowing , yes getting turned down sucks but I rather be turned down over not knowing at all , I’d be lying if I said I still wasn’t shy. Cuz their are times when I ran into a girl that took my breathe away and I got so tongue tied that I had to keep my mouth shut cuz I felt like she wouldn’t go for me so I just froze inside. Bottom line Guys and Girls can be very difficult to read when it comes to attraction , why it’s best to take advice from the opposite sex/ friend , a girl friend of mine use to say that girl likes you and I be like what? No she doesn’t and she say oh yes she does and for the most part she was right
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  • Volk_
    I'm not sure how I feel about this myTake. On one side it was a surprisingly pleasant and fresh read amid so much negativity. On the other side I just realized no woman has ever shown such signs, even women I've dated. :D
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    This applies to shy guys too in my experience.

    though quiet isn’t necessarily shy so insecurity isn’t necessarily the drive just the oerson is quiet and sees no reason to talk unless given one.

    lol in my opinion the getting annoyed bc the other didn’t make a move thing is so silly bc obviously that guy or girl has themselves made no move. But still I see it a lot.
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  • Gustav1
    I had all of these signs from a girl that I thought was an angel that fell from heaven; I am not even exaggerating. I messed it up because I was shyer than her. 😂😂😥
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    • hellohruu

      Aww that’s so sad 😞 I understand you tbh. My crush and I liked each other and were both shy so yeah. He got a girlfriend eventually but still stared. Have no idea how to feel about it to this day... was he too shy to talk to me? Guess y’all shy guys are enigmatic to us too lol

  • Angelo75
    oh my gosh.
    Shy girls are exquisitely delightful.
    Seriously. The insecureness. The tenderness. The trying-to-be-on-her-best-for-you...
    And one thing's for sure: If a guy has a shy girl as a boyfriend, he will have less situations where he can be jealous of another guy.

    This explanation was just marvelous to read! Thank you!!!
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  • TallAnon
    How about when texting? I've noticed girls replying back in detail when you message, but never initiating, when you take a step forward, they take a step back. When do you stop talking to them?
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    • hellohruu

      She has some *small* interest in you. From what you wrote I’d say as a friend but it could be romantically too. Have you noticed any other clues? What are you two talking about, the topics? How engaged is she in the conversation? Does she use emoticons or gifs?

    • TallAnon

      We have similar jobs and interests, so it was mostly about that. I don't think she used an emoji in like 6 months of talking. We met once and had dinner, was decent.

    • hellohruu

      Yeah. What she feels for you is interest but I think nothing has happened between you two that would suggest something more. So her interest level stays the same. It would be good if you want things to progress, to maybe be more suggestive in conversations with her of what you would like to have with her.

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  • GingerGuy
    Just a note, you have to be careful with the giggling. We sometimes think you're laughing at us.
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    • hellohruu

      You’ll know I think. One type of giggle for enjoying people’s company and another for mocking you lol 😂

    • GingerGuy

      Sometimes it's hard to tell, especially if you're around your friends or if we are a distance away and just see you laughing and looking at us, you know?

    • Dude regardless that shouldn't bother you

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  • naraku
    Very good! I only learned of the 'walking near you' recently. Also , you will try to match the walking speed too right?
    It's either because she hopes you notice her or like you said feel closeness of been near me.
    I am tall, so I think I walk kind of fast. I always noticed my crush was always keeping my pace even though she's a lot shorter. Of course, just because you're short that doesn't necessarily mean you walk slow , but it's something I thought could be.
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  • Old_Golden
    Guys, in sweeping generalistict terms, are dense af. What may seem obvious to you is completely lost on us, short of grabbing us or outright saying it. Lots of things factor in to that, but #1 is we're emotionally repressed and therefore dense. Thanks for the heads up though 👍
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    • VIVANT

      I wonder if shy people in general are less dense bc being quiet you become more observant.

    • @VIVANT yes wellat least that's the case for me

    • VIVANT


      Yeah I believe it ! 😊😊

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  • imlost_gb
    i love this cause this reminds me of little school girls and i just remember feeling that way but also I did make the move always cause the guys I like (d) are wimps lol
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  • Bananaman177
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  • ccal28
    Amazing mytake, thanks for sharing. Kinda makes me kick myself for how many times I messed up in those relatable situations lol. And as a shy guy when talking to an attractive girl, these are all very accurate vise versa (except the twirling hair 😂😂😂)
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  • bobalife
    Lol omg as a shy girl... this only makes me blush reading this as I can imagine almost everything from my own experience 🙈😂
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  • alance99
    Nice mytake really liked reading as i am a shy guy too 🙂😊
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    • hellohruu

      Good to hear and I hope I could help! 😊

  • zeitgeist057
    Nice my take, now I’m wishing for a shy girl to like me, She sounds so cute!
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    • @CarolineSoloo Sorry, you’re not shy enough for me

  • Jersey2
    Sorry. Men are really dense. As they say, we are not mind readers. You will actually have to be very very brave for 20 seconds and make it clear to us by either asking us out or something else. Be brave, get your man. That is what is had to do to get my woman and I am shy... and probably missed a lot of signals from shy girls.
  • Guacamoles
    So true the one where you dress nicely. I remember planning my outfits for those specific days haha
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  • AmeerX
    I think it is a good sign. Well apart from attention to his body a shy guy also does so many similar things
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    • Coulis

      Shy guys absolutely do draw attention to their bodies. Coyly but they do it.

  • Gymratt4123
    This was very informative! Love it 💞😉🎸👌 - Good looking shy guy
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    • hellohruu

      Thank you! Glad you liked it smile☺️

    • Ur very welcome! Anytime. Looking forward to hearing more from you with my future posts!👌

  • Soleil6996
    Number 2, when she is hiding her interest BUT manages to lose patience that you are not acting on her hidden interest - the no. 1 frustration in the world.
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