Just because hurting my feelings is fun doesn’t mean it’s ok!


Hurting my feelings for being special might be fun but that doesn’t mean it’s ok! I had to teach my mommy this and now I want to teach everybody! If she can learn so can you 🙂

I like when people have fun and I want to make people happy but I can’t let people hurt my feelings because it’s not fun for me and it makes me sad! 🥺 Imagine how it would feel if everybody had fun hurting your feelings. Well that’s how I feel!

And it’s not worth it. When you hurt my feelings it’s only fun for you for a short while but for me it hurts for a long time unless you say you’re sorry. Some people hurt my feelings so bad I still cry years later but I bet they don’t even remember having fun hurting my feelings! 😭

I used to cut myself a lot because it helped my feelings hurt less. I started cutting myself when I was 14 and I was never able to stop because people never stopped hurting my feelings. I’m very proud of myself because I haven’t cut myself in over a year! 😃 The next time you want to hurt my feelings it might help to remember that. You wouldn’t want to be the reason I start cutting myself again!

Some of my scars. It makes me happy to not add any more for over a year!
Some of my scars. It makes me happy to not add any more for over a year!

So the next time you want to hurt my feelings try to think of something else fun to do. I have fun watching videos on YouTube 🤗 that’s just one example. I also have fun imagining if guys actually liked me! There are so many ways to have fun without hurting my feelings! And if you do slip up and hurt my feelings all you have to do is say you’re sorry and all the pain you put in my heart will go away! 🙂 when people hurt my feelings bad enough I always remind them to say they’re sorry. For some reason they usually don’t but sometimes they do and it always gives me a big smile 😃

Thank you for reading I hope you learned that my feelings matter and they hurt so much every day and even if it’s fun it’s not ok to hurt me even more! 🤗

Just because hurting my feelings is fun doesn’t mean it’s ok!
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  • nodnol32
    I don't think hurting feelings is fun. Making fun of someone is good as long as its in good spirits and the kind of humour in which the person who is being made fun of can laugh at it as well. Best not to cross boundaries. I do it all the time with my friends but we never cross boundaries.
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    • ElizaPam

      Why do you think people think it’s fun to hurt me?

    • nodnol32

      Because you're different. Because you actually did something for yourself to make yourself happy. People have a tough time accepting something thats different. So they resort to making fun of that person. Its NOT ok.

    • nodnol32

      Its NOT ok to make fun of something you've gone through a lot of effort for.

  • Anonymous
    Telling you the truth about how u mutilated ur body and are mentally ill is not made to hurt your feelings but to make u realize that u are hurting yourself. U are ur own worst enemy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Neko911
    Basically threanting to cut yourself unless people r nice to u is wrong for one. And 2 I don't know y gag didn't delete u for that pic
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  • Bubbatech24065
    I Hope that the Fact that they think it is FUN, is the bad part.

    I hope your self worth is not bad enough that you cannot take constructive criticism.

    Whether you follow it or not, it was not meant to hurt your feelings, but to help you improve.

    I wish you well, and hope that you can stay on the path of self worth, and self improvement.
  • Ryfyle
    Newsflash Kid, some folks don't have the luxury to have feelings. Have you asked yourself why people go out of there way to hurt your feelings? I'm getting the idea its because that you post stuff like this.
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  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    Its never right to make fun of someone. Much less someone who has suffered enough.
    You don't deserve any of it.
  • EnglishEuropean
    You can't post hate and ask for sympathy at the same time.
  • Minmintmochi
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    i'm sorry... blame it on me
  • Sahel_Zarin
    It never good to hurt someones feelings