Think women are free? Think again!

Think women are free? Think again!

This picture sums it all up.

In a way when asking women if they are free we can answer with "Yes but kinda no".

Yes, they have the freedom of choice and what/who they pursue. But how are they then not free? You see if they choose to chase after the men, who have and spend lots of money on them, you'll see, that these women are "enslaved" by their "hypergamous instincts" to secure a stable future (for themselves, for their offspring, won't copulate with broke losers for the better). They may even claim otherwise prior to that. There's a funny quote supporting my statement

Think women are free? Think again!
Think women are free? Think again!

The image of a rich man being with a beautiful woman is not unknown to anybody as it's shown literally everywhere (media, movies, real world examples, news, stories, gold digger pranks) and you can't unsee those. We know.

Think women are free? Think again!

Women's freedom is limited to basically 3 choices. These are...

  • Chase/be in a relationship with/marry a rich man (enslaved by the instincts of seeking a provider or someone resourceful)
  • Chase/be in a relationship with/marry a good man (the right choice)
  • Stay single (nothing wrong with that)

But hold on a second there. Men allow themselves to be used for money. Men fall for the traps of gold diggers. And men are enslaved by their insatiable sexual desires to mate with (many) young and beautiful women. So fair is fair!


Think women are free? Think again!

I hear you and you're not wrong. There is a core difference here however.

Men don't grow money out of their wallets and there's no natural way to somehow produce money or in a way to "beautify" themselves to women by somehow magically create money out of either the thin air or out of their top hats like it's a magic trick. Money is paper and no part of the man's body. In our modern times it's the most powerful resource and when it comes to attracting women, few things are more effective than that.

Think women are free? Think again!

Women however were naturally born with beauty and they are doing a lot of keeping and grooming themselves to be as beautiful as they can be (they extend that with make up, certain clothes, hairstyles and some have bigger boobs than the others (fake or not) and even doing their nails, which we men frankly never ever notice). And we are attracted to women themselves for that. Applying the same methods won't be as effective on us.

Think women are free? Think again!

There is also a saying, that money is (or grants more) freedom. Therefore having money means having more freedom. And rich men (and maybe rich women too) have both. With money men have a much bigger choice of choosing their woman - if she's more trouble than she's worth, he'll replace her within a week or so. One can argue, that "but the pussy is so good, that some men tolerate being treated worse than the average street dog" or that "his wife - she turned bossy and disrespects him in the public in front of their kids". Well yeah, that happens and in these cases the man kept making poor choices, which rendered him powerless. All because he was enslaved by the instinctual desire to copulate with a beautiful but bitchy woman, who won't open her legs to him anymore.

So there we have it - fair is fair, right? Men aren't so free either after all, right?

I could discuss this topic in depth for a very long period of time but I get the feeling, that in general men wouldn't fall as often for these poor choices as women do mostly because we have prostitutes and porn readily available to us, which keeps us going for a certain amount of time and we call the shots when women start raining on us because we got financially successful and successful in life in general. And I don't feel like writing a whole book about it.

Think women are free? Think again!

Last but not least. I will leave a parting gift for the ladies and gentlemen to takeaway some keypoints in this article. Upon learning the truth you have 3 choices:

1) Harness it and upgrade yourself and your life.

2) Be offended (and possible leave a butthurt comment here).

3) Dismiss it.

Your call

Think women are free? Think again!
Think women are free? Think again!
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  • GlitterFairy16
    My boyfriend pays himself less then the minimum wage to keep his business going. Same goes with my mum, my dad goes through long periods without work yet she married him and had 5 children with him.

    Believe it or not. Not all women are gold diggers. Before my mum met my dad she was dating a millionaire who owned a vintage car showroom. She never loved him put my abusive grandmother made her date him for his money. My grandmother married for money so expected her children to do the same. So when it came that my mum dumped her millionaire boyfriend and was dating a painter and decorater, you can imagine my grandmas face.

    My mum has always told me to never marry for money and to marry for love. I love my boyfriend because he's hard working, cares for everyone around him and he makes me so happy without getting his wallet out. We rarely go out and just stay at home snuggled up, watching movies and we have a lot happier relationships then a lot of others.

    My mum and dad didn't even have furniture when they first moved into together and lived off baked beans. Yet my mum stayed and supported my dad and still loved him. As long as you have ture love in a relationship that's all that matters and one day when you're old and grey together you will laugh about all the things you did together when you were poor and felt like you were going through hell together. My mum and dad have shown me what ture love genuinely is and money doesn't mean a thing when you have love to lift you up.
    Is this still revelant?

      This song reminds me of my mum and dads relationship. Listen to the lyrics

    • Unit1

      Kick ass! This is amazing! Going and rebelling against gold diggers like your grandma did is truly liberating. It's even better than saying "screw you" in her face because actions do that even more 😀

      Women like you and your mother are the reason why we men should keep looking and dating women.

    • Most women i know are like this. My big stister works a high paying government job and her boyfriend works in a warehouse and gets paid just a little over the minimum wage. My dad didn't like at first but my stister was dating a man who earnt less than her till my mum reminded him but he wasn't even getting paid some days when my mum was dating him and her parents were just as mean to him about it as he was being to my stisters boyfriend.

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  • StarsInTheEyes
    I must say, that this take does not speak about nor represent me. I started dating my boyfriend when he was still in grad school, had a part-time job with no car. I helped him get his driver's license, his car and was there when he searched for a full-time job, a career.

    I believe that a person who's there for you when you're not at your best, deserves to be there and celebrate with you when you're at your best. I also believe that no one's born successful. I believe that a relationship is about supporting and building each other up.

    If I don't want someone to dump me and say "Call me when you get a job and a car" I wouldn't do that to a man, if everything else goes right (meaning we're compatible and work things out when we have disagreement).
    Is this still revelant?
    • Whenever I hear this, he's invariably more attractive than her, but an exception, within an exception is possible. Good on you.

    • Haha, I'm not trying to brag, but I am attractive, not more and not less attractive than my boyfriend 😉

    • Unit1

      Very good. I looked forward seeing something like this.

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  • AlphaGhost
    Dude sometimes your desperation for money kinda shows through your writing and you are enable to understand that there is a lot more to life than money. The accurate
    generalization you made only stand for western culture propagated by guys like you.
    I will give you example of my aunt... when my uncle married her She was typical rich brat that had everything in her life... everything !
    but my uncle was diagnosed with hepatic carcinoma and his treatment was very costly and they lost everything from house, car, property to Jewellery. Then we saw another type of woman desperate for her husband... She sold everything from her designer clothes, shoes and even her makeup to my mom just to pay his bills and then the woman that have never even polished her own nails was doing literally near to begging for money from family. The woman that use to through out costly clothes was wearing used clothes of my family...
    She was cleaning family members houses, doing makeup for my cousins and even going with for shopping cuz she was big fashionista in her hay days and when you live in high society people make fun of you. They just poked her to death and She would literally cry over things but She hold up.
    My uncle got better and he worked his ass-off to make their life better (starting from small position in rival business and bought his own company back) and now they are above everybody. He is probably richer than all of them combined and She had everything even better than before...
    Woman are just like men with more natural coding/limitation and it always depend upon her family and their ethics...
    • Unit1

      I like hearing these stories. I really do. Gives us men hopes, that women are not gold diggers.
      Good on your uncle and his wife holding it together from rock bottom to the top of the sky.

    • AlphaGhost

      but that was Asian woman and I don't think anybody is gona do that in west and its one of the reason I have just gave up on White woman... I will never date them !

    • Unit1

      Fine by me. I'll date women, who aren't gold diggers :P

  • el_Te_de_la_Rosa
    I see this is all about power:
    Men with money can buy more women.
    Women with beauty can buy more attention or whatever...

    There's nothing about love here. This "relationship" is purely business.

    In my country, there's a saying by men like "Women like good men, love bad boys, but marry rich guys." It could be applied to some, not all. (I don't want bad boys who spread diseases, or rich men who can buy other women + spread diseases, too.)

    Most women are not free, of course. But there are some who are really for free. No. I don't mean "Holiday girlfriend". That doesn't actually exist. I mean Liberated women who are into hookup culture and casual sex. From my previous social group, they do, and they are much worse than hookers because if you're a friend of these women, you will be assumed you are for free like them as well. And guys don't have any respect towards you.

    Anyways, if all of those gold-diggers are not pretty, would men feel as bad as you guys do? I think no one would care.
  • Mars24
    I don't get this wealth is everything mentality I keep seeing on here. I don't see this in myself or basically any of the women I know. Everyone I know is perfectly capable of making their own money and supporting themselves. So why would they date some horrible asshole just cause he makes more money? Most women (that I know anyways) have a bit more self respect than that and will pursue men based on their qualities not their material possessions or money making potential.
    • mamamai

      Yeah me either. Seems like there is more a lack of character in the men that say this, rather then the issue being money. Women like men of good character.

    • ChiTown33

      Are you unattractive? Attractive women KNOW they can demand a top dollar guy. Not so attractive women know they can't.

    • @ChiTown33 Well I am highly attractive and I fucked off my ex who drive a Lamborghini for my current boyfriend who drives a Mercedes. So, we’re not always about money.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    There is a compensation that a woman is supposed to expect: his fidelity. And she is expected to also give it in return. You imply consent upon sexual union to enter into a contract with the other, and with God, to function as one household operation, toward a higher goal. For either party to dishonor that in pursuit of lesser things, is in spirit adulterous and idolatrous, and begets erosion of quality of life that makes one no better than a cheater or a prostitute.

    This take assumes most women are gold diggers. And unfortunately, these little-better-than-prostitutes are a reality. I've seen men destroyed by them. Without pity. But it isn't just that they abandon him when the money runs out that makes them truly despicable. It's when they burn the barn down on the way out. Tell his mother a bunch of lies. Abuse the MeToo movement on him. Anything, to ensure he can't even keep what little he has left after losing his job. And try to make everyone hate him.

    That, is a truly evil woman. Not the kind who simply walks away; but the kind who strips you to nothing and makes the whole world your enemy; makes you feel like the Count of Monte Cristo on top of it; hellbent on revenge. Cowards are in the millions. But the sadist is the woman who truly belongs only with her head on a pike.

    I have a long history of heartbreak. Gold diggers are not the only creatures that are capable of destroying you. A woman doesn't have to be a gold digger to do it. She just has to be the damsel you are powerless to pull from distress. She may even like you back; but lacks the courage to do what it takes to stay in touch. Maybe she's a foreigner, and her country frowns on the relationship for some reason. Or, she's a slave to her filthy drug habit.

    Doesn't matter in the end. Whether death gets her, or she's afraid of her own government, or frustrated by it and tells you to move on because she feels guilty, even when she knows you'd readily forgive her, none of it matters in the end. You are hurt, and are left at square one.

    Of course, there are shallow women out there who aren't after money. They just want their fantasies fulfilled, even if only for a night. They have too low a sense of purpose and value to ever commit. So they chase one night stands with trash men. But he's tall and skinny, and likes to do the same drugs that she does. I'm short, chunky, can talk circles over her in a debate, and avoid drugs. She knows deep down I'd be better for her; but she doesn't care. Riding that fantasy and sticking its dick in her matters more to her than chasing a meaningful connection with a man who is less pleasant to fantasize about.

    And then, such women themselves are never happy. And the men in their lives are never happy either. And so the whole world has misery aplenty to go around.
  • Account
    I can earn my own money and I don't want any man to provide for me financially or in any other way.

    I provide for myself and I will continue to do so.
    I don't ever want to be dependent on anyone in any way.
    I have pride.

    In fact, the mere thought of being dependent on anyone financially or in any other way terrifies the shit out of me.
    • Unit1

      Yup! Same here. I encourage the same for the others but I think it falls on "deaf ears" often.

  • art_hoe
    not all girls are like this. some girls will fuck and be fucking normal and not ask for money or anything else in exchange. sry if u had bad experiences but dont categorize us all int hat cuz most of us ain't gold diggers and we are good people
  • zeitgeist057
    I could see your point, but I also disagree a lot. I think fundamentally, women have a larger investment in a relationship due to human biology. The way human reproduction works, men don’t need to be circumspect about where they put their semen. It’s more of a “quantity over quality” formula. On the flipside, a woman needs to be careful about what semen she allows in her birth canal. It’s a “all the eggs in one basket“ scenario for women. To take this into relationships, a man needs to find a willing partner of reasonable attractiveness. A woman needs to find “a perfect man“, with genetically favorable traits, as well as the resources you are so focused on in this my take. That’s the foundation. Where people go with us is up to the individuals. In my experience, women have been attracted to me, and stayed with me, even when I was not financially viable. I have had a few ditch out but I feel those were some pretty extreme circumstances, where I was not contributing, and they didn’t want to support the relationship. I’m not saying there’s no golddiggers out there, I’ve definitely seen that vibe as well. Money absolutely helps make things run smoother, but it’s not the be-all end-all of the world. It’s the extremes of having next to nothing, or having tons of wealth in which you are going to find a complete loss or more of a flood of women. But I can guarantee you there are plenty of rich dudes out there who can’t get a date. Or at least not a date they didn’t pay cash for.
  • havingfun101
    She's just pretending that relationships aren't defacto prostitution; instead of purchasing one transaction at a time, relationships are on a subscription basis. Marriage, cohabitation and childbirth are at all time lows. Think on that, my studs!Think women are free? Think again!
    • Unit1

      That picture depicts reality pretty accurately. I recall women choosing to sit in their home or somewhere and enjoy their phones and Instagram more than going out either with some boys or to the beach.

    • A real, meaningful relationship / marriage is not comparable to a business. It's closer to a religious / spiritual unity. Something that transcends money. A shallow relationship that's long-term is more like a corporate merger, where all the transactions are quasi-legitimate. Not comparable to prostitution at all.

      A short-term shallow relationship, however, is very much like a subscription prostitution operation. It's on par with being a porn star who routinely has a common video co-star.

      And yes, women in love with their mini-blog profiles like that, desperate more for clicks than for true human connection, do very much resemble the clickbait whores in those paintings.

    • @Unit
      Egirls get seriously paid, before one ever considers simpering men online... it's mad.

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  • nerdybutlazy
    Not all women want your money, there's plenty of situations where women work together with their men to make a comfortable life together. I mean besides, that if she just wants money and you can tell that why entertain her, why date her?
    • Unit1

      Correct! You catch on quick, especially with the final paragraph ;)
      You are making the right choice.

    • @nerdybutlazy for sex, plain and simple.

  • G3tAClue
    Actually, I won’t give up that pussy until the I can trust that the guy won’t fuck with my feelings. So yeah, we aren’t all like that.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I'm not sure you understand what freedom means.

    Freedom doesn't mean having unlimited choices.

    Nor does it mean being free from the necessity of cooperation/combined effort with other humans.

    Freedom is, first and foremost, the freedom to choose one's own course. Its the fundamental human ability to say "I choose to set sails in this direction".

    I won't get into the specific scenarios you described, but I think your wrong to reduce women's options down to "marry a rich man, or a good man, or you're fucked, oh and whichever one you choose, you'll be a slave to your commitment anyways." Making a commitment (to a partner or husband, for instance) isn't the same as enslavement.

    What separates a slave from a free person? The slave cannot determine their course. It is chosen for them. And they're punished if they deviate whatsoever from the prescribed course.

    Now, I don't necessarily believe that humans are entirely 100% free. The universe is constantly pushing back against our desire for self determination. And not all directions are valid options. Sure, you COULD choose to sail your ship straight into a glacier, but why WOULD you? The environment itself has a major influence on what our options are in a given situation. But fundamentally, a slave is permitted only to do what their masters tell them. The rest of us simply make our own choices, consciously or not, based on our own readings of the environment and our goals in relation to the environment.
  • Shellyworld
    Some women who are gold diggers make it hard for normal women. I earn my own money and I like it better. My ex fiance didn’t want me to work and bought me shoes.. I have to admit I hated sooo much. Therefore I broke off the engagement. Plus it was an arranged marriage/betrothal. and I got treated terribly. :(
    • Unit1

      Very good! I completely agree with you! Gold diggers make women look very terrible. Good on you to ridding yourself of a potential abuser. Never trade your freedom out.

  • pleasestopthis
    The best option is to get a good and hardworking man or just staying single. Money is necessary but it doesn't buy happiness so there is no point in chasing the rich guy.
    • Unit1

      You are absolutely correct!

      I am an exception however because money buys me happiness.

  • InferiorElegy
    I already don't date for various reasons, but because no girl has ever wanted me as a broke ugly guy, or as a slightly successful ugly, so I'd be very doubtful of any girls motives if girls started to find me attractive just out of nowhere after I'm even more successful.
    • Unit1

      I do not blame you

  • centerline
    in response to the memes posted, there are very few real women in the world... and even fewer who are single and looking for a man...

    i agree with everything else for the most part... but then guys have their thing too... as soon as a woman closes her legs to him, for whatever reason, he's gone... or getting it elsewhere and WILL be gone as soon as he finds someone who is looking for someone like him, or for someone who is like they THINK he is...
  • Reaperbot666
    • when you really think about it the majority of dating and relationships.
    • are just trading goods/services for money/wealth/gifts to some degree.
    • does not always mean it is a direct transfer either.
    • could just mean one pays more bills then the other.
  • Old_Golden
    It's unfortunate that you just got burned by someone. I pity you. People are people. There are shit ones and magnificent ones. You get to choose who you are. You get to choose who you associate with.
    • Unit1

      Pretty much that. It's why many men are single for longer periods of time. They won't allow themselves to be used by those, who don't really care about them.

  • ahmadali01
    I could discuss this topic in depth for a very long period of time but I get the feeling, that in general men wouldn't fall as often for these poor choices as women do mostly because we have prostitutes and porn readily available to us, which keeps us going for a certain amount of time and we call the shots when women start raining on us because we got financially successful and successful in life in general. And I don't feel like writing a whole book about it.
  • RingOfFire
    Not really.

    Men are providers and protectors. Women are bearers and primary care for the children and nurturers. It's a deal that has been set in our DNA for millions of years by evolution. Men are designed by nature for their role, and women for theirs.

    So man's role is to provide. That doesn't make it prostitution, it makes it nature.
  • Dchrls78104
    Real love costs nothing. The "love" many women give these days will cost you everything. Be smart, and make the right choice.
    • Unit1

      Got that right! I'll keep making the right choices.

  • WowwGirl
    You need to get over this obsession and actually get a girl.
    • Unit1

      Damn right.

    • WowwGirl

      Okay well I'm rooting for you

    • Unit1

      Yay! Cheers!

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  • OpenWine
    the women I know and am actually attracted to have shown time and time again that they don't care about money much, some care about looks and some care about being the perfect fit or someone who loves them for who they are. some relations start by having common interest.
    you can avoid a gold digger woman since she is the perfect fit for someone who doesn't know what to do with all the money
  • anon1903
    Money does turn me on.

    However, riches are a dealbreaker for me in a relationship. I'd feel deeply insecure if he's higher money status than mine (and with my poor luck, 70% men are richer than me so cheers ).
    • hahahmm

      Hmm. Two people in a relationship never stay equal financially. One person will have a better career/business. Always happens. I suggest you figure out how to fix your feeling asap.

    • anon1903

      ... Haha appreciated

    • That's a difficult combination, being turned on by that which causes you to feel insecure. How do you resolve that?

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  • Avicenna
    Two things make this possible: hypergamy and competition among men for women
    • Unit1

      And the simps elevating women's sense of self worth beyond the realistic limits.

  • astro045
    Honestly girls do get discriminated against in certain areas such as pay checks. I could be a white male accountant and get 40k a year and a female could have the exact same job and get 36k a year. Eventually that will end. But for the prostitution part, from what you're referring to, women do put themselves out there and they accept the payment.
  • dwiller943
    I mean it depends on the woman and if she's already
    worth more than just sex.
    • Unit1

      "Worth more than just sex". Now this is a phrase I love hearing :D

  • Juxtapose
    True love is free or at worst, equal, mutual giving.

    True love is also legendarily rare.
    • Unit1

      I agree on that completely!

      Anything worse than that is hardly a healthy relationship.

    • Juxtapose


      A lifelong companion who truly loves you is so much better than a sugar daddy/momma.

    • Unit1

      Or a gold digger, who deceives you with love and then jumps into the G-Wagen, that almost passed by her and the driver honked at her and when he rolled down the windows the music is blasting from it's speakers.


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  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    The fact that I did got fired and my girlfriend didn't left me doesn't prove all of this wrong?
    • Unit1

      You are one example.
      I know another pair example personally.

      This is not to say as a universally true fact. I encourage thinking about it.

    • I don't think that women leaving their partners as soon as they lose their job is the norm.

    • mamamai

      Yep my boyfriend lost his job, I’m still with him. As long as he’s trying, I’ll stay.

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  • Daniel3035
    This is actually well put together.
    The only thing I would say is...
    Chase/be in a relationship with/marry a rich man (enslaved by the instincts of seeking a provider or someone resourceful) sure but that's in the past today women can earn just as much if not more then men.
    I do really like how you say "Men allow themselves to be used for money" which is very true it's because of them, women have all the power on dating apps and that lets them abuse their power.
    On the other end, men let gold diggers abuse them is kinda a bit difficult, yes but also no some gold diggers hide and pretend like it's real and men who just want real love believe them. Not all of us have the "insatiable sexual desires to mate with (many) young and beautiful women" some of us want a decent woman but also one that's beautiful inside I'm not living with a girl who has attitude for the rest of my life.
    • Unit1

      Very precisely. You can see, that I reward readers and not those, who skip everything but the headline, maybe the first paragraph and the pictures. They then upvote that girl, who said INCEL ALERT. I can clearly see they didn't read what I wrote. Which is very typical.

    • Daniel3035

      Oh yes, 100% I'm not here to side with any group or belief I'm just the one to say it how it actually is from a man's personal experience in life. It's very double-sided here but the one thing that seems to be deadlocked is how men just keep running up to women omg she showed me some boob let me get
      on my knees.

    • Unit1

      Correct. These overgrown boys didn't man up unfortunately. How sad. They're easy targets of malicious females, who use them for the money or other benefits.

      Not many dating coaches tell those dangers unfortunately. Probably they leave it up to them to decide.

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  • bamesjond0069
    This whole line of thought is useless. Nobody is free of influence like your suggesting unless you live on an undiscovered island by yourself. Then you would be free. Period the end.
  • RotRot
    I don't know how to trust anyone with this mindset. Is that trust something I'll have to give up on? Why should I care about women if all they want is sex? Why should I care about men if all they want is pussy?
  • MCheetah
    I agree, 100%. Sad, but a fact of life. Kids aren't cheap.
  • Exotic_Insinuations
    Freedom of women is illusion. Freedom of men is illusion.

    Freedom has nothing to do with gender. It is related to an individual human.

    What is freedom? Biggest minds in history didn't find universal answer to that question.
    So, we can say that freedom is individual.

    Every person can chase freedom in form that is related to their personality. So, everyone can achieve it, whether it's a man or a woman.

    My own vision of freedom is achieveable without anyone - i don't need anyone or anything to be free.
    If there is a woman who think the same way - she will not care about a relationship, even more about money or status or anything that goes along with potential partner.

    Therefore, she will be free. By her own definition of freedom.
  • jamesgoldman
    Nothing is free... just happens that right now I am jonesing for more gold and silver
    • I hear that 6mo worth of income in precious metals are sufficient temporary economic collapse insurance & that stocks are best for resisting inflation. I like the cut of your jib, my guy.

    • I have that much already but I'm the 22 year old boomer, tangible assets for life

    • Well, too much silver or gold and you'd have a loss prevention problem; not enough and precious metals barter is out. Boomers gonna boom, big boy! 😃

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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    I could joke that the reverse is true for me.
    As long as she's got money... lol.
  • Kiss_Me
    At least Gold Diggers provide a large degree of entertainment. Listening to attempts to pry, snoop, and flirt their way into your financial background can be countered by refusing to cooperate in fun ways.
    Her: "What do you do for a living?"
    Me: "I'm a secret agent."
    Her: "oh, come on... What do you do?"
    Me: "OK, I'm a monster truck driver."
    Her: "I'm not to date a guy that keeps secrets from me."
    Me: "All you need to know is I make enough money to pay my bills and take out beautiful women to see if I prefer a second date." <<< the best ones get the hint and back off.
  • JosyJosy
    That picture is about the gold diggers though, conditional love, material love
  • CasaNorba
    kick ass article brother, for once I am not feeling so damn lonely!
  • AliciaJune
    If I were to compare myself to these definitions, I would not be a woman
  • Madmegalomaniac
    I don't even see the point in criticizing this. Money is essential for healthy and stable development of children.
  • skeetskeetskeet
    Whats wrong with the current system... She wants my money and i wamt to fuck her... seems like a good trade to me
  • Roweena_85
    You ok hun?
    • Unit1

      Welcome to GirlsAskGuys. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

      How about you read the contents?

    • I have? Is it more a general statement about women or a particular few

    • Unit1

      It's a research based on my observations. Had to attract readers with a catchy and fitting title.

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  • TheLeeyo
    Oh shut up

    Women aren't entitled to anything men build up or achieve

    Without women, Money is 1000 times useful!!!

    Infact men don't need women
  • Zealashton
    wemon are not free lols, i am not reading such along post sorry but no way
    im just going to replay to your head line

    lols wemon are way more dominateing in courts, and laws, and more, they have more freedom then men doo,

    eat healthy, work out
    and get a rich man.
    and or you can play the me to shit
    or way more stuff, fuck you are born into glory with out lifting a fucking finger
    while a man is born with nothing, . all we men are born into is male genital mutlation, weak bodys that we have to work out and consume lots of food,
    as well as to achive financal sucsess.
    and even then,

    honestly i wish i was born a woman. mabey then i would have had 1000x better life. but instead no my life is shit
  • StormBreaker21
    • To be fair, he's pedestalizing a certain kind of women, but it's an illusion. Either way, calling him an incel isn't an argument & makes you sound like you have a guilty conscience. 😃

    • Unit1

      I'm not pedestalizing anybody. Here's one femcel, that goes for the butthurt choice. It's unsurprising it's the most popular choice.

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  • jmstarling
    Despite being an ambitious writer, no one wanted to date me when I was homeless, and few wanted to date me before I became homeless. Now Department of Social Services pays all but 10.76% of ridiculous Brooklyn rent. I have no idea what the future holds as far as dating goes, but I'm 44 and don't really want to date divorced women with kids. I've actually had strangers call me a pervert and misogynist attitude for having this preference, although some who have said this are complete hypocrites on the matter and don't want to date men with kids. One woman on Facebook I had to block said that a man not wanting to date women with kids means that he sees women as vessels for children, even if he's not even sure about wanting kids.
  • Pancakes_32
    I'll admit the black guy "I got fired babe" meme was funny. But on topic now. Things are what they are I suppose.
  • Mrs_CM
    Says more about men than women
    • To be fair, a lot of men need to adopt the mindset of: "If you cannot love me while I am nothing; you won't when I'm rich."

      This will quickly weed out a lot of the bad women. Not all; but most of them.

    • Unit1


    • It says a lot about a certain type of man, and a certain type of women, yet it says nothing about the rest of us

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  • SageWisdomMan
    I find it odd that you separate "rich man" and "good man" as if it can't be one in the same.
  • Cherokeehp
    I got bored after the first few sentences.