Believe all Women!

Ha! You thought this was going to be a 'metoo' segment. Nope.

I have done some research and dove into the numbers. I have come to the conclusion that when a woman says that she "don't need no man" she is telling the truth, mostly. Too many times men have argued with these women accusing them of lying, myself included. Forgive me, I was delusional. They are not lying but they are telling a bit of a half-truth. It is not that they don't "need" a man, they don't WANT one either. And there is a difference.

Yeah you!
Yeah you!

Think about it. Most women of any desirability from average and up can basically have sex with any man they want. After all somebody has been trying to bang them since they were 12. What women have now, that the used to not have, is money and resources of their own. They can get anything they need or want very easily. They do not need a man to provide them with a life they want. And if they want sex, they can pretty much just put themselves out-there and pull basically any kind of man they want, have sex with him until she's satisfied and move on. And she doesn't need to be tied down. And she doesn't have to settle for anything but the best because she's not asking the best for a lot. Just some sex and human touch for a little while and that is enough. She can then move on with her life the way she wants to lead it. Ans when the urge strikes her again, she can just go out and get a man again, to do his duty until she's satisfied again.

This means, women don't need no man. They definitely don't need your average ass (or mine) and they don't have to and will not settle. They may not get and keep the man that they want, but they can get him for a little bit and that is better than getting with the average guy and having to deal with an annoying boy with feelings she doesn't reciprocate or feel at any level.

Does this mean women HATE men? Not at all. Most women actually LOVE men and prefer men. That's a trope. Just because they don't like 'you' doesn't mean they don't like men. They just don't like average men. They don't respect average men. And let's face it, most men are average. That's why it is called an 'average'. Most of you (and me) fall in the big bubble part of the bell curve. And women like the outliers on the very far right of the distribution.

When you start looking at the numbers, like 29% of young men stay virgins until age 29 on average, it has nothing to do with men's desires. Those haven't changed, the women just don't want to get with these guys, period. Because the number for women is less than 3% are virgins at age 29. On Tinder for instance, a male has less than 1% chance to be selected by a woman. And a man has .01% of ever actually meeting somebody from Tinder. So quit wasting your time, unless you are scoring regularly. If you are then congratulations, you are the top .01%.

What does that mean? It means that most women do not want most men. There are lots more stats indicating this trend, but I don't feel like looking them up. But feel free to.

Are there people to blame? Yes, for sure. 3rd wave feminism, anti-male cultural values, men who have lots of partners and the women who are their partners without scruples. Welfare and benefits and Affirmative Action, have all contributed to this phenomenon. But in the end, what does it matter? This is where we are at regardless of why...

The sad part is that I see the desperation in so many younger guys and it's sad to see. All the reb, blue, black, pink, purple or white "pills" are not going to change this reality.

The best thing you can do is be grateful. Yes grateful! If you pick your head up and look around you in any given space, look how many forgotten ghosts of people who are nothing who have nothing there are. Dates? These people are just trying to make it to the next day alive. And that is the majority of people in the world. You are not one of them. You have a soft bed to lay your head. You have food to eat, air conditioning, relative safety and security and you have the luxury of worrying about your dating status and it is a luxury that most people don't have. Appreciate it and a lot, because it can be taken from you in half a second and you too will be pining for just the basics. These are tough times and they are only getting tougher. Be grateful lest you long for the days when your biggest problem was trying to get a date.

Now, is there anything you can do? Always. How much does it mean to you? First, stay or get fit if you are not. Make your appearance the best you can and make as much money as you can. Those are the basics every 'dating coach' will tell you. They write 300 page books that boil down to one sentence. And if you know a guy who is 'scoring' all the time find out what he does. And if don't mind treading on your moral compass, then do the games, the lying, the cheating and the manipulation that he does to run through woman after woman. I can't do it. My conscience bugs me too much. But if your conscience doesn't then go nuts...

Just know this before you get too desperate and do something you might regret or be with someone you don't really like. It's better to die alone, than to live with someone you cannot stand.

Most women do not want most men, they don't need them and they don't want them and you cannot make them want you. There are a few who are winning spectacularly and if you are that guy, congratulations. For the rest of you younger guys, that is why you are having such a hard time. It's just a fact, do with it what you will.

Believe all Women!
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