Why Women Love Bad Boys


Why Women Love Bad Boys.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Guys on GAG can hate on me for supporting things like promoting masculinity or how men should be aggressive/protective of their women, and thet being socially dominant over other males are some sexy traits for a guy to have.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

First Off, What is a "Bad Boy"?

Scientist would call "Bad Boys" Hypermasculine Males. These men ooze Testosterone, which leads to Boldness and is associated with Exaggerated Sexuality. They may also be Rebellious or Emotionally Unavailable, Tough, and even a little Dangerous sometimes.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

We Want Their Sperm Not Them.

Evolutionary biology, partially explains why "Bad Boys" can be so compelling to women. Research shows women are more attracted to masculine men during the middle of their menstrual cycle, when they’re the most fertile.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Men with very Masculine Traits may have better quality genes too, so it could be attractive to women on an unconscious evolutionary level.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

They Free Us From the Pressure of Being “Good Girls".

Girls possess a range of traits, like rebelliousness and impulsiveness too. These traits are typically repressed females are socialized to be compliant and agreeable with others. If a girl's inner life is unexpressed, she may be drawn to a "Bad Boy" as a way of vicariously expressing her own inner rebel or "Bad Girl" self.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

They’re Exciting, Different, and Forbidden.

Basically, we are attracted to qualities in guy's that we ourselves as girl's wish we had. "Bad Boys" can be a welcome change from the usual types of partners, especially if women are bored, these men can seem exciting and fun to them.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

We Think They’ll Protect Us.

Women who feel besieged by threats and unwanted male attention often fall for tough guys. Their disregard for social norms and willingness to quickly escalate frustration to hostility, threats, aggression, and even violence.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Women desire having someone in their life who is tough enough to face the world and punch back if needed. Plus, a man defending his girl is just Sexy. It’s likely that some women feel more protected by the tough guy and his ease with aggression and conflict.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

In The End Sadly.

Women who want to date "Bad Boys" really just helps to reinforce the Misogynist’s or (Incel's) idea of all women being evil and deceitful. Leaving them baffled by their lack of dating success. Not considering all the factors listed above about why girls do like "Bad Boys" not Incels.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

It allows some men (Losers/Incel's) to blame and even hate women as a means of deflecting attention away from their own shortcomings in dating and in life. These are the same men you will see below whining, being bitchy, catty, and hateful in their comments about this MyTake.

Why Women Love Bad Boys

Sorry guys but many women love "Bad Boys" always have, and always will.

Thank you for reading everyone and remember,,,,,



Why Women Love Bad Boys
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  • Jjpayne

    Biology is a funny thing sometimes and very interesting to study

    I enjoyed reading this! Fun my take and fun finishing picture!
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  • bamesjond0069
    Girls love aggressive and confident masculine men. Not soy boy feminist jerk offs. Facts dont care about your feelings.
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    • AsDaGask

      I disagree, said aggressive men often are complete dipshits as people. Who would want that as a partner?

      The whole “he’s only good to me” cliché only works with young inexperienced women who believe in comic book romance.

    • nah a guy doesn't have to be a Chad. Don't be a chad. A dude just has to have a backbone, which doesn't mean for him to also be an aggressive jerk off. A dude can be a good,, cool guy but have an edge to him

    • @AsDaGask @brennanhuff its weird you both really went after the word aggressive. Why do you assume that means asshole? Shouldn't an ideal attractive man be aggressive when say going for a promotion at work? Or if a mans being inappropriate to you, shouldn't he get in his face and tell him to back tf off? What about sports? isn't the man who dunks on the other team more attractive than one who is just playing to play?

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  • Guffrus
    Sorry but i have no sympathy, as a man have been told all my life that its bad for me to do my thinking with my penis so naturally I am going to be critical of you if you do your thinking with your vagina.

    Now you can cry and call me an incel for calling you out on your bullshit if it makes you feel better but it doesn't make you any less of a muppet.
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    • WowwGirl

      Awwww did him get his little feelings hurt by little ole me. Poor fragile guy So precious he attacks women.
      P. s catch a dick I'm wowwgirl your nobody so have a nice day

    • WowwGirl

      Muppet honey I'm a puppeteer

    • @Guffrus don't mind her, she's just trippin on herself cuz she insecure.

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  • ItsTheNephilim
    Lol okay. It's annoying how the term 'bad boy' is tossed around for guys who are simply assertive, bold, confident, territorial and are aware of their surroundings. The idea of being fascinated by 'bad boys' (from the film industry of course) and the 'toxic' traits like emotional unavailability, lacking remorse and other psychopathic tendencies are clear signs of hoping something good out of a train wreck relationship (pointless duh). Smart women know what they want and all that cocky aggressiveness doesn't do anything to them. Of course they like confidence but showing it off and charging onto others with all that macho bs is a such an annoying thing to do. I'd say a male who could put such a poser down and still live in silence with emotional maturity would be better.

    Dear girls, never go for such a guy who is described in the given take. Rather go for someone who is more emotionally mature and understanding (if you love yourself). There are males who are at a fine a balance of confidence, boldness, maturity, emotional availability, understanding, rebellious, assertive, charming, expressive, loving and caring nature who will handle you well without draining you out. You just gotta look. But if you're looking for a good fuck, then you can rely on the take mentioned for the kind of guy you want.

    P. S I laughed really hard at 'We Want Their Sperm Not Them' 😂.
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    • ZELLxoxo

      That point was so funny 😂😂

      You write so well baby :)

    • @ZELLxoxo ikr! I mean.. Har kuchh hi likh do 😂.

      Yeah I do... 😛. Shukran 😌😘.

    • ZELLxoxo

      Han matlab kuch bhi likh do 😂😂😂

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  • invalid1
    Not whining or being bitchy 😂 but you're point is clear though, scientific, true, I like that.
    Just like in the movie "daddy's home" two males, one as what you described, another passive and emotional, however has commitment, loyalty, and parenting skills.

    And just like you said, you want their sperm, cuz that's all what you're gonna get :) that's why women are so easy to fool, I mean I can play this character so easily, especially if I just want to manipulate girls. EVERY guy has a weakness, there are no supermen out there, sorry to disappoint you, but this "Bad guy" who fits into your description mostly doesn't exist, it is a persona many use for short time relationships. that's why they disappear and leave you pregnant, or maybe disappear and come back (the good ones). it's because they won't show you their passive side, and it's time to move on to another girl. they are just filling your fantasy to enjoy your body. that's maybe why "people are hating on you".

    I know there are mature women out there who want someone who can make them safe from himself in the first place. and who are brave to show their passive side as well as their masculine side. and unless you agree with me then you are the one who would be whining. You are the kind of girl who has no right to complain about cheating.
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  • Elsa143
    I am not attracted to bad boys but I'm attracted to handsome, sweet and loyal guys.
    Why are SOME women hypocrites?
    They want bad guys because they're exciting and protect them.
    Ironically, the same bad guy will cheat on her and show his power by Beating her.
    These same bad boys have fucked up temperament. These women die for bad boys then will cry that he cheated on her. You can't have it both ways.
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  • GlitterFairy16
    I honestly don't care for "bad boys" guys who like to act all dark and mysterious make my eyes roll to the back of my head and cringe so hard my lip splits. Like get over yourself and quit the act. I want a man who can act like a responsible adult and take control of his shit without acting like a temperamental little bitch.

    I much prefer good guys, the ones who work hard, treat people with respect and get on with their lifes not trying to be something he's not.
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    • Guys, this advice is literally better than this myTake. I'm not even going to mention the author because she's clearly not worth the energy, I hate dealing with sadists like her. Don't change how you love just because some random person is putting you down.

  • bluetoblack99
    Well at least you’re honest. I’ll give that.

    We get exactly what you said above and have for years. But you are very wrong about “We Think They’ll Protect Us.” part. They won’t.

    The bad boy doesn’t really give a shit about you. He see’s you as a piece of meat and a notch on his bed post. If he “protects” you it’s because he’s more worried about his own reputation vs. your own safety.

    The real thing you are attracted to is challenge. The challenge of trying to be “the one” who breaks and tames him. It’s a fantasy you most likely never fulfill but he will definitely fill you with semen. You will leave with a broken heart and will have no one to blame but yourself.

    I accept this is how things are as stupid as it is. But here are three glaring hypocrisies that will continue to exist because of this complex:

    • Men won’t listen to women nor should they when it comes to dating advice. Most women give horrible advice to young men and just turn them into beta’s. Why do you do this?
    • Whenever a girl calls a guy a “nice guy” it’s time for him to leave ASAP. Ditch the bitch because he’s friendzoned. Truth is there is a minority of women who are sexually attracted to nice guys but this bad boy complex confuses guys. Thanks for confirming that.
    • Men especially white men have almost 4 times the suicide rate as women. You wonder why?
    • Society shouldn’t take grievances about violence against women seriously (especially western society). At least half of these women chased the dangerous guy to begin with. I have no sympathy for you for diving into a dark pit face first. You got what you asked for.
    This is why men and women will never be “equal”. You can’t conveniently omit gender equality from dating.
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    • WowwGirl

      Honest yes quiet no🙂

    • It’s just real sad that at 31 years old you still believe this. You realize that this disgusting self sabotaging feminine mental quirk ultimately leads to your own self destruction?

      I could easily move overseas and use my money to “buy” a beautiful 19 yr old wife. She will literally be at my beck and call for whatever I want since I’m the breadwinner. But I’m not going to do that because 1) It’s not true love (just like the bad boy doesn’t give a shit about you.

      2) I respect myself (unlike you)

      3) It will be a fake relationship (just like bad boy fucking your over)

      4) Last but not least nobody is going to be a shoulder to cry on if I get fucked over. Why society keeps on pitying masochinist morons like you is beyond me.

      15 years from now you will either be a single bitter cat woman who blames everything on men OR you will be a single mother who also blames everything on men. But deep down the person at fault is in the mirror. Enjoy making yourself miserable for the quick adrenaline high your 31 yr old grown ass is still chasing.

    • WowwGirl

      APA believes it too😀

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    You want bad boys for the same reason men want loose women, hormones and stupidity. A man who is not emotionally available is exactly what you don't want (which is why women bitch about it all the time when they get it). A man who is rebellious doesn't particularly function in society and as such tends to be poor and an outsider which is all fun and games until you have to grow the fuck up and then you dont want him but a "nice" guy (while bitching and moaning no nice guys exist because all of them went off with women who were not stupidly short sighted).

    This is no different then the guy who wants the hot chick who will do all the crazy sex things he wants. Fun times until he has to grow up and realizes she does all of these things because she is crazy and has sever emotional baggage (bi polar manic depressives, daddy issues etc.) and it turns out her need for him was really need for attention which he will discover when he finds some other guy balls deep in her.

    In short if you like bad boys, your stupid and you deserve everything your going to get. Social dominance isn't being a bad boy, most bad boys are not socially dominant, they are little boys trying to be men. They are the type of guy who flashes a wad of cash thinking its impressive to a guy who has multiple investsments in the bank (a much more economically impressive feat), who wants to fight every chance he can get because he is so easily offended and insecure he needs to make a scene in front of every one to assure them (and himself) that he is still "alpha".

    Basically its everything an alpha male would be if you had no idea what an alpha male really is and if your too stupid to know the difference then your doomed to a shitty and miserable life (but then you probably have already started to figure that out (if your able to at least admit it to yourself).

    But hey what ever floats your boat, just don't bitch and whine about how their are no good men left after you get used up and thrown away, have the guts to see your poor choices to the end.
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  • tofamous
    I hope you don't mind me saying this sweetheart God-bless you that's what men are designed to do protect provide the disciplinary of the house women are the nurturers There a home makers I recently lost my mother and at same time my father had a major stroke my parents Mary gender 3 times can't say they didn't try to point I'm getting at is this my mom called me Several times prior to her passing there was upset and crying apologizing that she wasn't healthy enough there come from Southern California to help me with my dad now mind you They badmayev each other for 35 years and I know she was sincere now a man the problem or cold hearted lot are all male and female are made for certain things it's not being a male chauvinist pig Let's face it is like important 105 111 who made the corporate ladder to these top world corporations they got out their natural role If you can't stay natural role I'm not saying don't adventure don't try these don't learn things my mother could drag race I grew but dry ship I saw tears apart transmissions rebeldom put him back in yes my mother Oh my God Set up got such a diverse background Relate to everybody the gang bangers major crime figures politicians doctors lawyers Being rich being forI will not say no more in God-bless you all
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    • WowwGirl

      I'm a Traditionalists don't tell me

  • HowAwkwardToBeAlive
    Society pushes a “bad boy is sexy” theme in movies and books so women grow up believing that it’s love when really that crap is toxic and it’s terrible!

    It’s directly routed from unrequited love. I think it’s the fact that everyone can relate to rejection to the point where we sexualize it which is sad.

    It comes from a place of insecurity because if you were confident then you’d know your worth and you’d know that you deserve someone who cares about you.
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  • DexWest
    There is a lot of things wrong with this post. First off, being masculine is a matter of opinion. Just because they’re hyper masculine does not mean that they automatically are a bad boy. My friend is 28, a marine, and he looks every inch like a marine. He gives off the bad boy vibes, but actually acts like I giant teddy bear. In the same sense that some men go for the strong independent females, women go for the strong, independent, bad boy persona men; however, there is the risk of playing with fire because you may enter into a DV relationship. One of my friends went after the bad boy personas. Act that the whole time while they were dating. On the night of their honeymoon, he put her head into the passenger side window on their way to the airport. Wanting a man for his genes is admirable, but you know nothing about his genes. He may have a history of cancers, diabetes, and a whole host of other genetic disorders that don’t appear on the surface. Now, I’m not saying that girls can’t date guys with the bad boy personality. Some of them are actually very nice ( marine). Others are domestic abusers towards women ( friends ex-husband). Get to know the person for more than what they project. Meet their parents, and form a long lasting relationship between the two of you instead of having a one night stand. You may want a strong baby, but as humans, we don’t control genetics. You may want a strong baby, but that baby may look like you, and have a bunch of genetic predispositions. You just don’t know. Be safe out there ladies. Like our moms tell us guys, Think with your mind and not what’s between your legs.
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    • men are supposed to be masculine for a reason, it doesn't help that liberal communist professors are feminizing males these days, society is starting to become mental illness itself with people speaking about fantasy based stuff and talking as if it's a fact, it's not good

    • @DexWest
      I have to disagree to a certain extend.
      Women actually can subconsciously see indicators that show weather a man has „good genes“ or not.
      It highly correlates with testosterone levels and with how symmetric the face and the body is. Symmetric is also an indicator for men by the way. Both genders rate symmetric people to be more attractive, because symmetric indicates that your immune system was able to easily defend against viruses during your development.

      However I agree with you about having „good genes“ doesn’t mean being a bad person.

  • anon1903
    I personally can never date a bad boy. Can't stand the thought of somebody being more dominant, more rebellious, more dangerous than me.

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  • Ryfyle
    What sort of world do I live in when dudes that shop at Forever 21 are considered Bad Boys? Greasy Twinks are the new Bad Boy? And whats the point of a "Little Dangerous"? Leaving the seat up and not having an Insta makes you a Bad Boy? Holy Shit, the Emasculation is just too much to bare.
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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    Simply put, I like men that are confident and aren't afraid to shoot their shot at me, able to provide security, good looking, and social. Confidence is very attractive in a man. When a man is generally quiet, shy, or nervous, especially when talking to me, I'm instantly turned off. Confidence in a man indicates that he's able to take charge and lead not only in many facets of life, but also in the bedroom. I love it when men can use their dick like a champ. I'm also attracted to men that are tough and aren't afraid to stand up for themselves, me, and their family. When I'm in a relationship, I want to feel protected when I'm with my partner. If some man disrespects me and/or gets aggressive with me, I want to feel confident that my man can handle that situation. If I find out that he is scared to or otherwise unable to be a protector, then I'm instantly turned off. Of course, like any girl, I like men that look good.

    I'm attracted to men that are taller than me and lean, as in built like the typical basketball player or track and field runner. I avoid fat men like the plague and encourage skinny guys to tone their body up a bit. I also find tattoos sexy on men, but they're not required to have them. I love it when men are social because having a sense of humor and being able to go out and have fun makes men more attractive as well. Men that prefer to sit in the house all day, not talk to people, and play video games all day are boring and unattractive. Altogether, I wouldn't describe this type of guy as a "bad boy." Usually, when I think "bad boy," I think criminal. I try to avoid guys with felonies on their record. While I'm not really into thugs, guys with these traits I listed that resemble thugs are sexy. I agree with you though. Men that typically lack these traits sometimes do go MGTOW and start complaining on the internet without actually working hard to have these traits. They're very unattractive.
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    • I love this take. So he pretty much has to be goodlooking before anything else right?

    • @Louistruman19: Not necessarily. He has to have the confidence, toughness, and social skills to match. It's possible that he could be good looking, but is still a socially awkward shy pussy.

    • So basically you just confirmed my statement. He does need to be physically attractive before anything else. Confidence doesn't make up for being unattractive

  • Kaazsz
    Same goes for men. We love beautiful sexy perfect flawless women and we all wish we could have one. But we can't. Because those women are rare. The majority of us have to settle for less.

    The problem is that we all know and agree and acknowledge the fact that men prefer beautiful sexy perfect women. But we tell men they don't have to strive for what makes women attracted to us. Just be a wimpy beta male and you will be a good man. Yea sure, society wants men to be wimpy betas and we all want to be good people. So some men end up believing that love just depends on you being yourself.

    Bullshit. That's not how love works. First, people go for what they are attracted to. And if they can't have what they are attracted to, they lower their standards. And they lower and lower and lower and lower until they find someone who wants them back and they settle for the best they can get.

    Then maybe those people will love eachother. When they are forced to settle and have no choice but to love what they can get.

    A lot of guys don't realize that just like how women dress up and make themselves look as good as they can so they can get the highest level of attractive man on the scale they can get, the same goes for men. We have to work hard to get the hottest sexiest cutest prettiest girl we can find. And if you don't work for it you won't get it. Problem is society teaches us not to strive for that. Because society tells us masculinity is evil and toxic and bad. So we are taught to reject masculinity. The equivalent for women would be to discard beauty, get fat on purpose and grow their facial hair out and never take care of themselves.

    That's basically what has happened to many men. We are taught from day 1 of birth that we are scum for being men. And if we want to be good men we will discard our masculinity. And many men take it to heart.

    The incels are simply those men who were pre-disposed to take it to heart the most. And they discard and reject and hate masculinity so much themselves that when they learn the truth that women love masculinity, they become angry.

    There are women like this too. Who hate men and are angry that men want beauty in their women. But even so, those women do not discard their strive to be as attractive as they can. Well, usually. Of course there are women who don't try either. They give up because they feel broken and discarded and hopeless. And the same goes for a lot of incels.
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    • Kaazsz

      The only men I think that women think are even more attractive than bad boys, or those men who I suppose some would call "real men." Just because a guy is a "bad boy" doesn't mean he's a real man.

      A real man puts a bad boy in his place. A real man calls out of bad boy for his shitty behavior and sets him straight. A bad boy has zero power over a real man. And I think most women would prefer that kind of man over the bad boy. But even still, the bad boy still probably gets way more girls and way more sex than that "real man." But either way, women will still swoon for him when they witness their beloved bad boy get shut down and sent to the corner by a real man.

  • Levin
    "They Free Us From the Pressure of Being “Good Girls".

    Girls possess a range of traits, like rebelliousness and impulsiveness too. These traits are typically repressed females are socialized to be compliant and agreeable with others. If a girl's inner life is unexpressed, she may be drawn to a "Bad Boy" as a way of vicariously expressing her own inner rebel or "Bad Girl" self."

    I think there's a lot of truth to this analysis.

    On the issue of socially dominating others. I think this is a slightly Americancentric outlook. It's more about self mastery. If you've mastered yourself, you're already likely socially (and otherwise) masterful but you're secure in yourself sufficiently that you don't need to impose yourself on others. There's a way of not playing the game and thus beating it, if you catch my drift.

    There's also ways of being assertive and again, masterful, without having to resort to aggression, hot tempered, unreasonableness, etc. The best thing a man can strive to is being calm as possible in any adversity. No one wants someone who flies off the handle at any triviality. It's just... childish, really. There's a basic karma behind it. Sure, women can have this kind of 'excitement', but there will be a shadow side to it. One reaps what one sows from the choices one makes. One 'good' girl I know has a boyfriend like this. Who makes childish and idiotic violent threats to other men over the telephone, and is not even allowed to have make friends. Going forward I'd like women to take as much responsibility as the man when these kinds of things transpire since these are the continual choices she is making to be with such a 'dominant' guy.
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    • Levin

      I also wouldn't get too caught up in biological descriptions of what is taking place. Sure, they're important and contain truth, but we should all have the wherewithal and knowledge to transcend our basic impulses and biology, particularly where these are destructive, or just downright idiotic.

  • jamesgoldman
    Interesting, great incel trap reading the male comments

    I'm not a bad boy, I'm just a cold, unfeeling bastard who is willing to use violence when required
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    • WowwGirl

      Love a incel trap...
      Thank you for noticing

    • Anunciations

      choices choices.. everyone makes choices :)

  • just_legit1998
    I am my own man, and nobody's gonna tell me what to do, so what if being a sensitive guy makes me an incel? I'm not here to please anybody but myself, IDC if I attract no-one as I'm content with being genuinely nice to others.

    I personally want to laugh and thank this myTake as now I know who's worth my time, and the author isn't one of them!
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    • navyrobin

      Love this. ❤️

    • @just_legit1998
      You have a very good personality, keep that! Unfortunately, I suspect that a bad personality (being a „bad boy") was evolutionarily advantageous, and that therefore almost all women find bad boys more attractive on a purely sexual level. But it is not acceptable that you have to accept a disadvantage because you are not a "bad boy". A good personality should be rewarded and not punished.
      I plan to do a very elaborate experiment one day to find out if all/almost all women find bad boys more attractive on a purely sexual level (even if many don't admit it) or if there are women who don't, and if so, how many.
      I will then make a MyTake about it. Stay tuned

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  • Gwenhwyfar
    I like my bad boys with a touch of Byronic. More a brooding poet than a brawler. Though the latter kind can defo be hot to check out from a distance.
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  • Lanawolf
    Totally agree! Me and all my girl friends LOVE a bad boy lol! There is just something totally irresistible about them!
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  • blondfrog
    The protecting part isn't bad boy though. Look at Gsp and how muscular he is lol. Choosing to have muscle shows you care about yourself psychologically cause it requires a lot of hard work. It's also really healthy to be muscular and work out everywhere including cardiovascular muscle work outs.
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    • WowwGirl

      Also known as courage

    • blondfrog

      According to you then I am a bad boy because I have a spine. Interesting!

    • I’ve met GSP in real life. Besides his appearance and his job he is the antithesis of everything she described above.

      He’s the nicest guy in the world when he’s not doing his job (fighting).

      Since he’s famous, rich and attractive plenty of women would bang him nice guy or not. But what she is describing above is being attracted to scumbags. It’s a different story.

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  • Unit1
    Nothing wrong with giving up on women.Why Women Love Bad Boys
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    • WowwGirl

      No being gay is fine

    • Unit1

      Ahhh. Spoken just like someone, who can't handle rejection and shames men for not wanting you. I see it did hurt. Good. The truth more often than not does.

    • WowwGirl


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  • AsDaGask
    Where do I start:

    - media romanticises narcissists
    - dominant men are usually bad and biologically women often go for higher ranking men
    - some think a bigger asshole will protect you better from other assholes

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    • AsDaGask

      and in addition often these assholes play pretend nice guy around women, and only other men see what a shithead he actually is

    • WowwGirl

      Nailed that last part girl

  • NYCQuestions1976
    At the end of their proverbial day, and under all their layers of their proverbial onion, (most) women want to be taken and smashed out... and I'm always happy to oblige when the opportunities *arise.

    *Innuendo totally intended.
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  • Avicenna
    Great Take. It should also be pointed Out that a guy could be a bad boy in some societies but not all.
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  • ManHater
    Women love bad boys because they love getting beaten black and blue. Women will always go crawling back to bad boys and get beaten some more. Usually stupid women love bad boys.
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    • WowwGirl

      Yeah I agree bad boys are not for me and many others

    • ManOnFire

      @ManHater Dude, this literally is true. Just today one of my co-workers and I were talking about another one of our co-workers who left recently and I just found out. The girl left because she had some bullshit problems with her man that she had to sort out and was affecting her job. This girl TOOK BACK an asshole who literally tried to kill her the second time around. Which is ironic to me because last year she told me how she was so done with this guy and kicked him out of her place... just for me to find out that she went running back to him a second time anyway, wanting to give him a second chance like an idiot.

      Like the saying goes, "There's no such thing as making the same mistake twice. Once you do it a second time it becomes a choice."

    • WowwGirl

      @ManOnFire thanks man

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  • Paul09
    Lets start with the definition of bad.


    of poor quality or a low standard.
    "a bad diet"









    not up to scratch

    not up to par












































    not up to snuff

    the pits





    a load of pants


    vulgar slang


    Bad is bad. I understand if you want a tough guy. But bad boys are just bad people. Temporary you'll be in love with the thought. But then you want something serious, ya that not the type for that. Just for short term relationship. If you manage to stay long with this type, you'll end up learning this type isn't the right type. So it ends up in break ups, and divorces. People and their trying to change the meaning of words, blows my mind.
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    • alice55

      You're mistaken a bad boys is a guys who doesn't follow rules and do what he want, he's free and doesn't care about people opinion of him (in the 50s bad boys were the one who worn black leather jacket, in the 80s it was punk and those who loved hard rock, etc... basically any guys that is rebellious is considered a bad boys and is it attractive to girls for the simple reasons that they want to be free too and have fun but care too much about people opinion of them).
      Being a good boys and respecting the rules don't make you cool and you can put down bad boys as much as you want they would still stay attractive.
      Also lots of good boys have an hidden nasty personality.

    • @alice55 but that behaviour is the same behaviour that abuses women and eventually leaves them with nothing. often with children and no man to take care of them. Yet some women ( like you ) will protect them and instead vilify decent men.
      This is why people think women are backwards and stupid.

    • Paul09

      @alice55 Woook Im more of a good boy then lol. But I can be bad when needed. Normally negative attitudes push people away. But apparently not. Women love to get hurt by them, then ask why? Lol... I've been plenty bad back in the day. But I matured. So meaning change? bad boy is good, and good boy is bad.. Man I can't keep up to these weird meanings. Either way I'd never want a "bad girl" whatever that is.

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  • Nick568
    Define "bad boy." Do you mean "bad boy" as in a dude who's simply assertive, confident and doesn't conform? If that's the case then yeah I totally understand that. I happen to like girls who are like that.

    Or do you mean "bad boy" as in sociopathic, devoid of morals and violent? If that's what you mean... You're a fucking moron.
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    • AsDaGask

      Most “bad boys” belong to the second category. Low empathy. Worthless partners.

    • Elsa143

      @AsDaGask exactly. Bad guys are the BIGGEST TURN OFF. My crush was handsome as fuck but when I found out that he's a bad boy, all my respect for him FADED away

    • Levin

      Important distinction, yes.

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  • Berethor
    Technically there is two type of masculine, and the dark masculine is more well known. :)

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  • DocT1977
    Well, it beats ending up with a soy boy - beta male of a feminist with a flexible wrist. Women don't want some man that they would have to defend and provide for. Ladies, when it's questionable about who wears the panties in the situation, you aren't dealing with a real man.
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  • Vviiccttoorr
    The whole toxic masculinity is really stupid, being a man isn’t by any means evil. You do have to be careful with the “confident” types though they could just be trying to sleep with you so be cautious even if he does the whole “I live you” and all but, then wants to sleep with you the same night. Be careful ladies and find a good guy too even if he’s a little nervous.
  • startingfitness
    The problem with this is that women Do obtain their sperm and end up with fatherless children. Which is not as rare nowadays as it should be.

    I don't know if this take was meant to attack the "nice guys", the only thing this take does is to make a good argument as to why women shouldn't be making decisions for themselves.
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  • Myk13
    “We Want Their Sperm Not Them.”

    Hit the nail right on the head. Flings, affairs, fuck-buddies, one night stands and a “Bad Boy” is perfect. But long term, women get fed up with or not longer desire all of the traits that make up “Bad Boys”.
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    • brennanhuff

      That sucks for non bad boys who want some fun tho and don’t want to commit

    • @brennanhuff
      And it leads the non bad boy to lose interest in getting into a relationship with a woman who has fucked bad boys in the past.
      Sad news: probably every woman is sexually attracted to bad boys because it was evolutionary advantageous.
      I am planning a very elaborate experiment to figure that out. I will then do a MyTake about it. Stay tuned 👌

      As far as the fun part is concerned:

      Problem: You don't have to be a bad boy to get many women into bed, but it's much easier if you are one. So one has a disadvantage because one is not an asshole and that's why it bothers me so much.

      Solution: first, become very manly (for example go to the gym become assertive etc. but never change into a bad guy. Stay a good guy and then second: as soon as you are very manly it will be as simple as stealing candy from a baby to fake the Bad Boy image. For a beginner I would start with the following: Every time you want to hook up with a girl choose a place where it is easy to play the Bad Boy Image without the need to talk to much. go for example to a club and wear some „Bad Boy clothes“, put a cigarette in your mouth, drink jack Daniels and put on a sinister look and BOOOOOM you can fuck every girl from the club.

    • brennanhuff

      @Tonytoutouni123 I don't think it's easier if you're a bad boy. You just have to be assertive, but that's not a bad boy. I won't believe you have to be "aggressive and wild" which I see bad boys as being. You just have to have confidence and others things, which aren't uniquely bad boy trait. Yes many bad boys will have confidence, though many also have a fake confidence that's very much cockyness and arrogance. And good looking is not synonymous with bad boy either. There are bad boys who may look like models. But in my opinion. I believe a good dude who has an edge to him that;s good looking, witty and charming will do better than a bad boy. I don't feel I have to be manly or aggressive, just not be afraid to take chances or caring what people think. I have the wit and charm which I'm find. The struggle I had before was getting in the way of myself. Over thinking things. Once I stopped doing that, yes there are rejections, everybody gets rejected. But it wouldn't bother me and I knew I had the personality and looks to do well , but yet I'm not a bad boy. I know plenty of good dudes, who are my friends who got girls but they aren't bad boys, they were just handsome, confident guys that had some personality

  • worldscolide
    About right.. though i am not a bad boy, i had better success than i feel like i should have
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  • AndrewMG
    They're over rated... anyone claiming to be a bad boy is probably soft as f*ck! I'm laid back, quiet, play a lot of sports but whilst I get confrontational on the pitch am also the first to buy my opponent a beer after the game. I think I'm a good guy but don't think that makes me any less masculine, and I'd suggest anyone that has played sport/competed with me would agree. I'd hate to be described as a bad boy, that doesn't mean I'm a pushover.
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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    I'm not bad boy nor desire to be one, but I will smack you dead in your ish if you try to get aggressive towards me.
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  • Louistruman19
    Its funny how most bad boys just so happen to be generally goodlooking dudes (no homo). Are women attracted to the fact that they're bad or are they just rationalizing their bad behavior because of his good looks (also known as the Halo Effect)? Ever notice in Hollywood films, whenever they cast a man to play the "bad boy" role, he usually is goodlooking. Just my take on it and of course there are outliers here and there.
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  • ManOnFire
    I have been fortunate to finally find a girl who hates bad boys. She is crazy about me as a decent man, and I'm crazy about her. She actually thinks about me, is concerned about me when I don't feel my best, loves romance, and has so far never once let me down. She has proven to me more than once that she is not like the other female simpletons who want men that are disrespectful to others. I have finally found a woman like me who has many of my own values.

    Women - or girls I should say - who like bad asses don't even know what love or a true relationship is really about.
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  • RingOfFire
    "We Want Their Sperm Not Them."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Got a good laugh out of this one.

    In the span of just my own lifetime, who would have ever imagined that someone would have to be in a public forum explaining why women prefer a masculine man? And expecting pushback on top of that!

    The evil forces of darkness and civilization destroying thought control have really screwed with this generation's heads! God help us!
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  • CasaNorba
    there is nothing "hypermasculine" about bad boys sis. insecurity, aggression, drama seeking, and the need for attention and validation have nothing to do with masculinity.

    I think you forgot another reason which is the most obvious one and that is "because being with bad boys gives us something to brag about in life"

    and of course you all want their sperms, since its their sperms that give you all easier access to child support.
  • thegirlfromthething
    When I think of guys I’ve been attracted to I wouldn’t categorize them as bad boys. Most of them were assertive and handsome in a traditionally masculine way, but not dangerous and rough.
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  • AD240pCharlie
    There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want, and going for it. The men who get upset at this are exactly the same as the women who freak out as soon as a man says that they want a feminine girl, or that they wouldn't date a woman who's promiscuous.
    Just be aware that you can't speak for everyone. There will obviously be patterns as to what people are attracted to, but nothing is universal. If you're able to understand that, you have no reason to get upset.
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  • anathalia8
    not all tho. some actually like nicer guys, but actually i prefer righteous ones. like reasonable ones. cause like bad boys with just anger issues and bipolar tendencies are scary and risky
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  • TonyMetal___86
    I somewhat agree with your post but there are a lot of things that left me wondering...

    Owly birdee, your post seems as if women onky wants everything from a man, such as using him for her own needs and in the end after doing all these, she only wanted his seed! 😒

    What about her? What are the benefits? What does a girl gives to her man after wanting to do all such things for her?

    Personally i'm NOT A TOOL FOR NO ONE! 😏
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  • Petra150
    i can't really take posts that keep on glorifying those black sides of our mind as women. The crap about us preferring and beeing more attracted to bad boys, because if somthing inside us, that should be posetiv. And that genes from bad boys simply should bring humanity somthing good. Every post that quote us women , to be more a animal than a human simply make me sick, we'd all mannage to become great cultural and understanding creatures, in that contex there simply isn't room or space for loosers as bad boys and even less room for pathetic women who have a build to trybreast that makes them want to be subjected to these losers. Finally it pathetic to even mention that them who hopefully come up with a disagreement on this issue, are losers them self
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  • MrsJaximus-Lion
    you forgot one thing! the man that bullies bad boys and make them look stupid that man is my man has a devilish attitude but inside he wouldn't harm a fly the man that will keep me safe respects me shows me love every day not a boy that can pull a good look and be good in bed , the man i have can make boys cry and make women drool and that is no story but its reality that am living for the last 12 years
    those who ''love'' bad boys seems never met a real man because if they met a real man why would they choose boys like you described them
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    • Kaazsz

      When I was high school I got bullied. I was very poor, and my family had no way to wash our clothes. I was shy because I had been abused by my family and peers ever since 2nd or 3rd grade. I always believed until I was almost 28 years old that girls were not attracted to me. That I was a worthless sack of shit.

      From 7th grade till 11th grade I was still bullied but I also was attacked and had to fight bullies. The "bad boys" that girls loved in high school were all bullying me. Calling me a faggot. Telling me girls don't like me and I could "never get pussy." Funnily enough, despite having zero friends my entire childhood and being dirty and smelly I still had 3 girlfriends in highschool.

      Anyways, I used to fight. I used to get jumped. I was shy and quiet and kept to myself but the bullies and "bad boys" would attack me. I would beat their asses because I took karate when I was 8-12 and I was always very athletic kid so I was strong. Point is, I beat up my bullies. I fought grown ass men when i was 15-16 because my bullies would sick their adult brothers on me after I beat their asses. I got jumped by groups of bullies after school and they were still afraid of me even though it was just me vs them.

    • Kaazsz

      So now I'm 34. Come to find out, around age 28-29 when I i came home from the military I became best friends with my younger sister. She told me many stories about girls who had crushes on me. About girls who would come by my apartment and would ask her about me. What I was doing, where I was. Girls told my sister they had crushes on me. I don't know why she never told me back then. I guess we were kind of enemies at the time.

      So that's when I started to realize that I wasn't unattractive to girls and I wasn't a worthless sack of shit. That girls always liked me even from my earliest age. And I honestly think a big part of it was the fact that I was the toughest kid in my school. The bad boys and bullies weren't shit. And the girls knew it and saw me defend myself against multiple dudes and I still fucked them up. They were afraid of me. Sorry to toot my own horn. I know people on the internet get very upset to hear a guy tell a story that makes it sound like he is a badass. But I was a badass kid I fucked those motherfuckers up.

    • Kaazsz

      Just because a guy is a "bad boy" doesn't make him a "real man." And I agree with what you said. Most girls would probably prefer a "real man" if only they were able to identify one.

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  • Bandit74
    Isn't this stuff most guys already knew or suspected was true. Only thing that wasn't mentioned was the importance of physical appearance.
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  • Safa01
    Maybe for short term relationships but not for a long term partner. And you don’t know what kind of childhood experience the girl had, everything affects the choices we make.
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  • DC_Underground
    Soo if it’s a nice guy - “do you want my sperm”

    Girl: “um ew no?” 3 seconds later... kicks him in the balls.

    guy: “owww fuckkkkk!!!” *cries on the ground*

    girl: feels proud and walks away
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    • um.. okay?

    • @PetrovaFire92 I was kidding

    • Besides this is what I don’t get, girls find it extremely odd if a guy has a weird sense of humour, but if a girl wants to be with a bad boy who physically or mentally abuses her that’s ok... this world doesn’t make sense lol.

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  • jabberwocky00
    I feel they would fuck really good and be wild in bed.🥰
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    • @jabberwocky00 practice makes perfect. And the more women you attract, the more practice you get. :)

    • It seems like a true fact but I’ve had some damn near amazing dick that did have a high body count at all.

    • *did not

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  • GirlyGal20
    damn the way you phrased that was a bit sexist. Some of that was a bit "man hating". You could have just said they could work on these attributes as well..