Actual reasons I have noticed in my life of why women love bad boys

Actual reasons I have noticed in my life of why women love bad boys

It's generally assumed that men are into categories like good, bad, nice guys but all girls are pure, innocent, and good. That's not actually the case. People get blinded by women's beauty and classify bad women into distressed good women too if they are pretty.

Secondly, A good man makes a woman feel bad about herself if she’s not a good woman. A bad boy makes her feel good about herself… Because he takes away the pressure of being a good woman. That statement is some truth women don't wanna hear.....Like when a woman who's cheated multiple times, gets with a guy who she realizes has morals and has never cheated. It makes her feel bad/guilty about her past cheating. The bad boy isn't trying to commit and doesn't really care about her past so it's not on her mind as much haunting her.

Bad boys don't care or judge at all, however, it's not the same with all guys. However, if guys care, they care about the woman as a whole - her past, present, and future, and she doesn't want us to look too much into her past. It gives her too many responsibilities and bad emotions from contemplating her dirt. But a guy who doesn't care... He doesn't care at all, his only concern is clean shaved 🐈 and easy access to it. And she loves it because it brings positive results, and the vibe is light, no one cares. Bad boy treating her badly gives her a positive experience, simple and logical.

If any guy is willing to invest his feelings too, he will also be worried about future heartbreaks or past possible sticks that can pierce his ass one day. Women generally don't love guys who are concerned about his rough past, in case she had one. But that sometimes backfires. Still, you should be honest with your partner. It can be hard, guys may judge and left but some will stay too if you have to offer more(this is true for both genders, a guy's past can be messy too ).

Baggage screws most people up, but compatibility is the key to dating. Guys if you are actually good look for good women too, rather than just pretty. Even if it seems so hard. Dating is very hard and doesn't have any specific rules. Even actually good women love bad boys and bad girls love good guys by the attraction of opposite natures.

Let me know your thoughts......

Actual reasons I have noticed in my life of why women love bad boys
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