Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls

Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls

1. They are hot.

Bad boys are undeniably attractive, and they make the best first impressions without even giving it any effort. From the incredible features, to the leather jacket covering the toned body, and the good girls are already mesmerized. They have a face that is hard to forget when you see it. Despite what people may say, we are still visual creatures, and their looks alone are enough to make a good girl swoon. Bad boys are usually ridiculously good looking, but they always have a “dark” sense around them, making them rather mysterious.

Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls

2. They are “forbidden”.

Every good girl was raised being told to stay away from bad boys, and that they are dangerous. It's human nature to go against what they were told, and at the end of the day, curiosity gets the best of them. A big reason why they are attracted to the bad boys, on top of his looks, is the fact that they are not allowed to date them. People want what they can't have, it's nature. Why be a good girl all the time when you can have fun and be adventurous, breaking the most basic dating ground rule that your parents had set up to protect you? It’s good and different to take a risk sometimes, and do something that’s “forbidden”.

Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls

3. Opposites attract.

Good girls and bad boys are literally polar opposites, and the good girls are definitely attracted to their opposites. When people ask good girls why on earth would they like a certain bad boy, the good girls usually can’t come up with an answer. It's true, it’s hard to think of any redeeming qualities that bad boys have right away. They are reckless, and good girls are without a doubt drawn to that personality. While the girls are constantly worrying about getting a perfect GPA, the boys are worrying about not getting caught when they are having too much fun.

Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls

4. They are confident.

Bad boys are never ashamed of who they are and what they do. Their confidence is the thing the other boys, especially the good boys lack. They do everything without fear, and with pride. Why be ashamed of your own actions? They say bold things to whoever they want whenever they want. Who doesn't like a man with a striking amount of confidence? Strength, boldness, daring, and fearlessness are qualities that every girl likes, not just good girls.

Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls

5. They are exciting.

No offense, but good boys are just plain and straight up boring, and having lived her whole life as a good girl, she really doesn’t need someone else who has around the same traits as her. Being with a bad boy would be something completely new and very different. Danger, taking risks might just be what the girl needs, she will really have fun for the first time in his life with him. Breaking rules is very exciting, especially for the good girls who’ve followed the rules most of their lives. The adrenaline and adventures will definitely be endearing for the girl, because as we all know, bad boys don’t give a damn about rules, other than the fact that they are meant to be broken.
6. The girl wants to fix and change the bad boy.
Being guided by what’s portrayed in movies and TV Shows these days, when the good girl falls for the bad boy, she believes she can change him. She believes that she is the one, the special girl who is going to be treated differently than the others. The good girls kind of think of themselves as the “rescuer,” and they don’t want to stop trying. Some may succeed, but some may fail. They don’t want to completely change him, after all, it's because he is a bad boy that she is attracted to him in the first place. In a way, bad boys can be thought of as a long term and impossibly hard project.

Reasons Why Bad Boys Are so Irresistible to Good Girls
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  • genericname85
    "good" girls are not attracted to bad boys. "inexperienced" girls with "character flaws" are attracted to bad boys...

    bad boys aren't confident. they are douchebags and egoistic, which both are trait that a gullible inexperienced person will confuse with "confidence".

    they are not "forbidden" and "exciting"... it's just that people who have experience don't go for them cause they know they are bad and less experienced girls that also have major confidence problems go for exactly that, cause "not many wanting them" makes them think that there's less "competition" for those guys so they seem more likely to be faithfull to them, which obviously is the wrong asssumption to be made.

    yeah they may be exciting but a car crash or a tornado are exciting too.. not in a good way though.

    yeah they may be visually attractive. i give you that everybody cann fall for a pretty person.

    so in summary, i disagree your way of putting it. girls that go for bad boys are inherently inexperienced or really have to work on their self-esteem and confidence, meaning they are not "good". they need lots of improvements before they can claim to be "good". naive would be a better word for those types of girls. being naive isn't inherently good.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Quintessence
    This seems more like the stereotypical, Hollywood-projected image of the "Bad Boy" rather than an apt representation of the real Bad Boy.

    Maybe it's just me, but outside of the silver screen, I've NEVER encountered anyone fitting this stereotype quite so cleanly. For one, the Hollywood image is predicated almost entirely on the guy's appearance. If he doesn't have that, none of the other points stand up. In reality, appearance takes the back-burner, and is overshadowed almost entirely by point # 4.

    IRL, The Bad Boy-Good Girl dynamic isn't so straightforward, either. For one, the "good girl" usually isn't the epitome of innocence herself, and the Bad Boy very rarely resembles James Dean--looks, behaviour, or fashion-sense-wise.
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  • stevemeh
    1. Looks are everythig to women

    2. That's is total shit since half the women in town already rode his pole. You are not the exception.

    3. So do flies to shit. Which one are you?

    4. So were other guys who approched you but you gave them a pass.

    5. They are exciting till you find out they took your virginity and disapeared on you. Or is it exciting that he possibly got you preganant and he is nowhere to be seen?
    You to be pretty boring to find someone like that exciting and are of no real loss to anybody.

    When you hit a certain age and get tired of the bad boys, dont expect the nice guys to pick up the slack. Do the nice guys a favor and remove yourself from the dating pool post haste for you are not nice yourself.

    Some b. s. excuse is that women wanna fix something in badboys as well. Fix what? Fix the fact that he is gonna pump and dump you? You are not the first or last girl he will toy with nor will he care after he's gotten why he wanted out of you. You are not the queen he has been looking for just a peice of meat for him to chew on and spit out.

    Why should he settle for you when he has others just like lined up and ready to ruin?
    • dude every word u wrote is so true, they wanna learn it the hard way, so be it.

    • stevemeh

      @interstellar it pisses me off that after they go for the bad boy and had their fun they will settle for thr nice guy like they are the consolation prize.

      If you are single from badboys then stay single from bad boys. Nice guys don't exist to repair your damage.

    • yes man so true, i better stay single lol

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  • Myquietsoul
    I couldn't roll my eyes harder if I wanted to. Where do I start? First of all, immediately grouping people basedbon very subjective characteristics is very dumb. It's almost like being racist except you're discriminating against personality. Second of all, if you are attracted or constantly attract guys like that, you aren't good. Matter of fact, the fact that you have to say "you're good" tells everybody you aren't. When someone is something, they don't have to announce it. The people you attract and the people you decide to get with say A LOT about you. Likes only attract likes.
    Plys, what you're describing is an immature, naive, inexperienced and very easily manipulated girl. Only people who never truly experienced hardships, bad relationships or rough times idolize it. Naivety and stupidity are not commendable traits.
    Plus, what makes you think a guy like that wants you? No, really. Just like how you talk about good guys being boring is the same way that guy views you. Boring and good for nothing except for consistent sex. What kind a person with a supposedly exciting life like you say is gonna wanna be with a girl that just wants to stay inside all day and never go out? And he won't change for you. He'll play on your naivety to get what he wants but he'll drop you for an equally exciting "bad", model type girl who actually wants to do stuff, has experienced and what be so enamored with him and greatful or desperate that a warm body gave them attention. Now you'll be stuck with emotional baggage. So yeah, you need to grow up A LOT.
    PS. Saying the first thing that comes to you mind tto whoever, whenever is not confidence but immaturity and arrogance (which is actually a sign of low self esteem)
    • Who says this is about me? You honestly kind of sound like you’re defending yourself.

    • It may or may not be necessarily about you but since it was your mytake I kinda feel it is safe to say you kinda feel this way even if it doesn't 100% apply to you, I mean, why else would you write it. But anyway, you seemed to evade the entire point of what I said and just went straight for an ad hominem attack. I'm not defending myself, what would I be defending myself from if you never attacked me? It's just, everytime I hear people reduce guys (and sometimes girls) into something as arbitrary as "bad" and "good" guys while at the same time putting themselves on a pedestal, it starts to kind of grate on my nerves. Plus, why write something and expect not to get different points of view?

    • Woooooow!! Like wooooow. @Myquietsoul. Fuck it. I want you for president!! Love this comment.

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  • Goochbreaker
    These are all good reasons for why girls of all kinds like bad boys... now if I may say something...



    DOING IT!!! Stop rewriting the genetic code through bad decisions! Girls, you have the power to either encourage or discourage bad behavior in men, SO STOP GIVING US AN INCENTIVE TO BE ASSHOLES AND TELLING US NOT TO BE GOOD GUYS OR WE WON'T GET LAID IT'S REALLY, REALLY BAD FOR SOCIETY!!! Yes I know she's hot, the local stripper is hot too, DOESN'T MEAN I'M GUNNA FUCK HER!!!
    • That's not what I was saying at all, I don't think you even understand what you're really saying.

    • I'm not SAYING that is what you were saying, I am saying what I AM SAYING which is why this comment is under my name and not yours. I did not preface my comment with the words 'so you are saying...' rather I just came out of the gate and said 'now if i may say something' and then proceeded to say something. I understand what I am saying, what I do not understand is why you think what I am saying is supposed to describe what you were saying. I know I'm being redundant, but after reading you're comment, I worry about your level of comprehension.

    • Actually, I'm worried about yours. I don't think you really understood my take.

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  • E_Z_Z
    most of this may be true actually
    but if you look at it , they won't be faithful to you , bad boys are not people to marry to be honest
    girls with no expeirince would love to be with a bad boy because he seems adventurous yes its true , vut this is only because he doesn't care and does whatever he wants which sadly will be the same for the girl
    he will use her as a " sex toy " and do whatever he wants with her and since he is the bad boy he will literally do whatever he wants with her like go rough on her and may be actually take her force against her will sometimes which may seem to her that that's what a bad boy is like and she will feel good at first he may even add some BDSM since he is the " bad boy " and actually do exactly whatever he wants , but he won't get serious or if any little problem pops up he will ditch her easily with no problems and find another girl that sees him the same way the first girl saw him and so on
    but the first girl will be then left out and heart broken and i actually feel sorry for these girls but that's what a " bad boy " is like
    on the other hand the nice guy will take care of you make you feel special and do what you like in bed not only what he likes and if he is a nice guy but not a dumb guy he will know even how to treat you in bed as a bad boy going roughly on you from time to time but still he will be your " lover " even if things don't work out well between you two he won't just ditch you like he threw away a " sex toy " he will be good and gentle in it
    you can open up to him about your feelings and know its safe and feel safe with him , unlike the bad boy who doesn't have the emotional part and all the feelings stuff , he will be like " whatever " or " cold shit " and so on so you won't feel easy to talk to him but the nice guy will be considerate and maybe take care of it and see how to make it up to you even if its some thing from your past and he has nothing to do with it he will try to make you feel better about it and about your self
    so over all
    Bad boy is not someone you bring home to meet your parents or build a long life with
    a nice guy is the best to be committed to
    • This is very true. ^^

    • E_Z_Z

      @peacefulmind Thank you
      hope i was able to help
      i try to be the nice guy in life and offer my girl the bad boy version of me when she wants it
      and for sure i love my girl to be good for me and be the dirty girl for me when i want it
      it's all about being with the right person and happily I'am , she's my princess and i really love her , hope everyone can have the exact same thing and feeling :D

    • Who cares if they aren't someone to marry though? That's seriously all we should be concerned about in this life? Marriage?

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  • yellowmamba024
    So there is no solution for a good guy you are saying? And also, if you are making a MyTake to glorify the bad boys even more, at least understand that Colton Haynes is not really a bad boy. Ian Somerhalder might look like one, but he is a tremendous human being. He genuinely cares for animals and other global issues.
    • I know Colton Haynes isn't, I just really liked that picture of him. Ian is another story, and I like both of them.

    • Not that there's no solution for them, it's more depending on the girl really. She's generalizing a bit in the mytake, not all girls drool over bad boys. There are some characteristics that attract all girls like confidence, wittiness, and how he interacts with your peers. But it's really based on your type of girl, and her type of guy.

    • @simplyaramdomgirl Like I said, some do, some don't.

  • Mi2mi2a
    it's not why Bad Boys are irresistible to Good Girls, its why Bad Boys are irresistible to You.

    Don't lump Good Girls with You. You want to suck up to guys saying that they are right and that girls like bad boys, do so but don't lump other people with you.

    I thought I got tired of men who whine about women being after bad boys, but you proved me wrong.
    • Like I said this has nothing to do with me, read before you comment please.

    • Mi2mi2a

      Oh yeah! so you are not a Good Girl! then why do you butt in proclaiming what good girls like or not?

    • Like I said, I'm trying to help my best friend, she honestly as good and kind-hearted as someone can get. She doesn't know why she likes this "bad boy", because to me, he doesn't have any redeeming qualities at all. I wrote this to put myself in her shoes to try and understand her feelings more, in order to help her.

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  • Plumy
    There are so many takes about being "bad" umm I think it is relative, it is okay to go with the choice of the heart to find the soul mate and if they have intriguing traits like these then it's nice, also other traits not necessarily "bad" are nice, mix and balance is totes 🆗
    I know I have found my love, I wish for everyone else to find their love by heart too ❤️
  • Max_winner1
    Yep. Just wait till that bad boy beats the shit out of you one day and soon you will learn to love him even more. Stupid women.
    • Like I said, not me. I'm trying to help my friend to steer clear of this path.

  • Most of this is just the image surrounding them as opposed to who they are as people.

    Personally, I have a hard time respecting girls who see things through labels as opposed to their own eyes. So they can have you.
    • EDIT: "you" = girls like your friend.

    • Could you elaborate on "girls who see things through labels as opposed to their own eyes"?

    • Prime example, the "bad boy" image. When they see a guy like that, they don't see an individual. They only see the cookie-cutter archetype that society told them to associate with such a guy, and the fiery "happily ever after" love story that was drilled into their heads in conjunction.

      Instead of taking some time to analyze that SPECIFIC guy for themselves, they choose to let Vamp Diary daydreams set their expectations for what's gonna happen while ignoring that the guy in front of them might only loosely fit said expectations.

      It demonstrates a crippling lack of practical intellect and self-awareness.

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  • "Good girls"?

    That is a myth. Wicked people are attracted to other wicked people or rather people of like minds attract each other.

    Quit With The Stupidity! You're The One At Fault. ↗

    I'm a nice guy that has a ton of confidence and belief in Myself and I'm far from boring.
    • Unit1

      "Wicked people are attracted to other wicked people or rather people of like minds attract each other."

      Very well said!

  • lovelynerd4ever
    I am a good girl. NEver even made out with a guy and I always attract these bad boys! They are bad news. They take advantage of my kindness and have played me. They have other women on the side. Deep down, I am attracted to a guy with a pure soul. I met one once but I regret not getting his number on a night out! Those type of men are rare... All men sleep around nowadays but when you find a good one you will know...
    • Thank you for your opinion! I'm sorry that they took advantage of your kindness, but I think that's what's going to happen to my friend.

  • patoot10
    Article's title should be "reasons why bad boys are so irresistible to sluts". Good girls don't make poor choices.
    • Actually, they do, but you wouldn't know.

    • patoot10

      Then they are not good girls. Good doesn't just mean that you are a good person with good intentions or whatever. Good also means smart, someone who has long term vision and knows what they want not just trying to fuck any hot thing that comes by. Then again you are 15 so you will probably figure it out by the time you are 30 give or take.

    • Just because people are young, you shouldn't just assume that they are immature.

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  • CharlieUnicorn
    I don't see this as a universal fact.
    I agree it's common enough, mainly among young people but even there, it's very common that smart girls have this encounter, but they break it off fast whgen they see where it's headed, and then disavow the type. They quickly realise bad boys aren't where it's at, can't commit to anything, fucks up jobs and fail to achieve. They're done with them before they're even 20.

    Then they go for decent strong men instead, who may sometimes be slightly less exciting (true), but who's got other things which more than make up for it. A strong resolve, a good sense of humor, being do'ers etc. Bad boys can by the end of the day not commit to, nor achieve anything.
    And if it's fun we're talking about, the bad boy takes the girl to cool parties sure, but the good man can organise, run parties and events himself because you know... sense of responsibility!

    As I said, that's what smart girls with bad boys do (make it a brief part of their lives). Those that get sucked in again and again, or even have kids with these guys will by the end of it have so much psychological problems that they're practically undatable by nearly every guy, (save for some left over Nice guy who never got laid before). No happy end for either of them!
  • TayTay21
    Usually, the girls who really like bad boys are boring themselves. That's why they need a bad boy to liven things up. And the notion that all bad boys are hot is ridiculous. Most bad boys are prison tatted and haggard-looking like they just came off a 3 day meth bender. But yeah, if you grow up in a strict household being told not to play in the street, a bad boy probably seems like a lot of fun.
  • Storm_Soldier2377
    ... and this is why I don't feel any sympathy for any woman that ended up getting their hearts broken by a sociopath or whatever. It was their choice.
    • Unit1

      Very well said!
      Same here actually. It really was their choice. There is nothing else to be said.

    • True lol. When i hear stories about girls who injured physical abuse for years... im like... why didn't you leave as soon as he hit you? I have no sympathy... honestly cracks me up sometimes.

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  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Thanks for sharing your Take with GirlsAskGuys Community.

    Being a GOOD Indian. Good Guys REALLY care.🙃
  • c_hurley16
    I always tell myself i need to date a bad boy at some point in my life. Not an asshole though, i mean the kind of guy who isn't afraid to get into trouble and lives life a bit more carelessly, yet is still a good person and doesn't go punching random people or something. A good bad boy, not a jackass!
  • lumos
    I would have to disagree. But you're 15, so it's understandable that you feel this way. I'd give it 5-10 years, then you'll be sick of bad boys and the headaches they've given you (which, mind you, eventually totally outweigh the "pros" on your list).
    • Like I said, I'm trying to help my best friend, she honestly as good and kind-hearted as someone can get. She doesn't know why she likes this "bad boy", because to me, he doesn't have any redeeming qualities at all. I wrote this to put myself in her shoes to try and understand her feelings more, in order to help her.

  • pavlove
    jesus christ... there are ugly fat bad boys just like there are "hot nerd" guys it's not a john hughes movie where all bad boys are played by a brooding dark haired strong jawed model but those are the ones that are attractive to girls and i wonder if anyone ever considers... maybe its cuz theyre attractive and not because they're bad?
  • oddwaffle
    #1 actually, only hot bad boys are hot. Ugly bad boys get to play the thug role.

    #2 this is true.

    #3 this is linked to #2. The good girl can't understand why this bad boy is doing those things! She wanna know! What is he hiding from her?

    #4 yes. At least for the confident bad boy. The low self esteem bad boys would be creep and second hand cowards in the girls eyes.

    #5 mysterious, unfathomable! Exciting!
  • Juxtapose
    That's okay, I find you "good girls" to be boring as well :] Naughty, confident women who aren't afraid to dominate a man are where it's at.

  • aaaae2e
    I would say yes.. because we women like to be controlled and guided by a guy.
    1, being with a tough man means you will be safe.
    2. They know what you want
    3. they're honest
    4. it is impossible for them to like you and if they do girls will fall for them fast
    5. they know how to flirt and are good kissers, etc
  • r4ngeF
    Great take.
    Im sorry for you that you need to handle kids who can't appreciate an objective myTake.
    • Thank you.

    • @r4ngeF
      Agreed. It's not that big a deal. I don't know why so many guys are gettin' their panties in a bunch about it.

    • r4ngeF

      3 downvotes. I feel like a bad boy.

  • Guanfei
    Yet when the bad boy fuck you and then leave you, whose shoulder are you going to cry on?

    Yep, the "boring" nice guy you ditched for the bad one, but you remember when you're sad because johnny the bad guy used you as a cum deposit.
  • 2opaz
  • TheUsername27
    You probably aren't a good girl if you like those types of guys. Seriously... ''good girls'' i know in person date dweebs.
    • And bad dudes where i live are the ugliest. I mean shit... look at gang members/chavs.. The handsome bad dudes, which are quite rare, are just players.

  • NatashaJ
    Depends on the bad boy you totally regret dating one if years as went by and he sends you harassing messages from time to time that doesn't make him hot or attractive.
  • zzzondarrr
    I don't think you actually understand why u're attracted to "bad boys". I don't claim I do either, but from my own experience it's 90% down to pure physical appearance + confidence, and 10% to girl's pure horniness, believing that the "bad" guy would more easily get around, i. e. trick their shyness and let them experience intimacy they are longing for. And that's also why girls who are confident and with truly integrated personality usually don't fall for bad boys.
    • Like I said, I don't know why you guys are assuming, but this is not about me, and who I am attracted to.

  • windknowsmyname
    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! didn't see no respectfulness, no hell take care of you, his family, and himself, no chivalrous acts.
    Hahaha ooooooom my god sooooooo some girls, not all some. Are into disrespecful confident guys. Oh oh also love how all the bad boys are 9/10 in every post. Hahaha he's not hot cause tge way he act. Cause how he looked.
    They are not firbidden they just dont want to be with anyobe who ain't on there level,
    Opposites dont attract in this case. Its him playing games and her loving it. Hahahahahahaha im sorry, just can't take tgis seriously. 😁🤣
  • azzntittiz
    I just love the thought of being choked the fuck out because he's mad at the weather today, so romantic.
  • Omar5881
    Opposites don't attract that is just bullshit because we don't see bad girls with good buys , other than that yeah it's true and these traits aren't "bad " it's just how people should be more fun
  • CrazyyChick
    Sweetheart wake up this is not a high school movie, there are no such things as bad boys and good girls chill your tits damn
  • Douma
    Never seen before. All I see is very good boys fall madly in love with extreme bad girls. And they exist a lot and those good boys hate good girls.
  • stillagoodgirl
    Lol the excitement use to intrigue me now I walk away caz it's not worth the stress

    I can read a book or watch t. v. for excitement as well as ride a roller coaster
  • Browneye57
    And there ya have it... hypergamy on full unabashed display.
  • bellybuttonlint
    In a lot of ways, this article is right... but I would add this: if good boys did these things like be attractive, exciting, mysterious, and what not... he'd be the most affable guy a girl could want. I've seen it.

    The girls will date the bad boys but marry the good ones... when the girls get older they know what they'll want and it's not the bad boys.

    So yes, bad boys will get dates and girls at a higher frequency but it isn't until they become a bit more "tame" that they'll find someone they'll keep.
    • Yeah, as they get to the stage where they can't draw the bad boy anymore, sure. If a good guy wants to have women without a lot of mileage they have to date younger.

  • Unknownooo
    Because good girls are stupid. They think, they can change everything with their goodness. It rarely happens... most of the time they are left hurt.

    And bad boys don't give a damn about it.
  • Shallan
    I guess I don't fit the bill. I was a very good girl, but I taught myself how to redraw my boundaries. I never felt comfortable around people I perceived to be "mysterious" or "dangerous" - instead of appealing to me, they served to remind me of how immature and inexperienced I still was. It was always my goal to strive to understand people and their motivations, to lose my fear or awe of them. I also don't enjoy pupil/teacher roles in a relationship, so that's probably a contributing factor. I don't like being led. I like exploration... together.
  • Federico84
    I call bullshit. Bad boys are not hot, or they are not more handsome than any other human being.
    I don't care if women date "bad boys" but then they should not complain if their boyfriend is violent to them or is playboy
  • Onidandal

    Everyone's guilty of this sort of thing.
  • VegetaSSB
    1. They are hot.
    "Bad boys are undeniably attractive, and they make the best first impressions without even giving it any effort. From the incredible features, to the leather jacket covering the toned body, and the good girls are already mesmerized. They have a face that is hard to forget when you see it. Despite what people may say, we are still visual creatures, and their looks alone are enough to make a good girl swoon. Bad boys are usually ridiculously good looking, but they always have a “dark” sense around them, making them rather mysterious."

    That is it, you summed it up in this, every men who has brains know and knew all to well that this is the reason, while not everyone can turn into a bad boy just by going to the gym, many can, and if they just want open legs, they just should do it.
  • SportsFan78
    Honey your 15, write this again when your 17 or 18. Your opinion might drastically change. Basically what your saying is girls expect all the attention.
  • SketchForger
    I think the reason you fall in love with "Bad boys" is because you're so boring and undesirable that they are probably you're only outlet to feeling good about yourself.
    • Like I have said many times before, please read before you make your accusations. I disagree almost entirely with your opinion. I'm helping a dear friend of mine, she honestly as good and kind-hearted as someone can get. She doesn't know why she likes this "bad boy", because to me, he doesn't have any redeeming qualities at all. I wrote this to put myself in her shoes to try and understand her feelings more, in order to help her. I don't expect not getting different views, and she is definitely not easily manipulative.

    • I said you as an "in general" statement, don't worry. My observation is that people's definition of bad boy is attractivr, confident, exciting, and are a challenge. People tend to think I'm a bad boy for some reason, but it's because I physically look like one.

      My point about liking bad boys is that they are either very confident in their ability to be some sort of guide to them, or they are so bored that they think bringing someone who doesn't follow the rules and is rude to everyone is exciting.

    • Ok, I see your point now, I'm just tired of replying to everyone who thinks this is about me. Sorry.

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  • englisc
    These scrawny, wimpy looking, overly well groomed men are "bad boys"?
    • Your statement is ending with a question mark.

    • englisc

      It was a question.

    • Either way, why are you picking on some images?

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  • SirenDep
    I like bad boys but I'm not such a good girl myself. And I wouldn't say those definitions apply to reality that much. For me, bad boys are the men who stand out in a way, be it appearance, views or personality. Who do their own thing and don't care about what others say. Who stand by their beliefs in a society that wants to make us all the same. The loner, the one whose style makes him stand out, the artist, the one who doesn't care about football or politics, the one who faces problems, the singer..
  • sovetskii13
    They do it in the park, they do it in the dark
    But most freaks are known for breaking hearts
  • SirRexington
    See, I always hear this and yet I have never been a "catch" with the ladies. Does that mean I'm too bad?
    • Alessus

      Might just mean you are both ugly and an asshole.

    • @Alessus I don't know, you girls seem to love assholes.

    • Alessus

      Not sure I can speak for the girls, but in my experience girls love attractive assholes, not ugly ones. If you are ugly and an asshole, that's a double negative and unfortunately that isn't a positive in social interactions.

  • Hipogrif
    You're only into bad boys when they're grieving you free drugs and stolen iPods and lap tops and knock off designer handbags, but you never go to visit them in Strangeways do you?
  • 1derfulguy
    Don't think I'm ever gonna pull off the bad boy, no matter how hard I try. And I doubt a wannabe bad boy is attractive :)
  • bubble_tea
    I must have never been a good girl, because I've never thought bad boys were irresistible.