Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age


So I recently read a hilarious Take: This one

In summary, there is an article that pointed out some basic facts:

  • Women in their 20s are at their peak of attractiveness, physically
  • However, older men tend to be interested in women in their same age range as a long-term partner.

I laughed at how the author of that Take was insulted at the "audacity" of men having some form of preference for younger, healthier women, and then continued on and said that "men are not the prize at all. Women are!" She also whined about the article, but I bet she did not even read it at all, or maybe she just read what she wanted to read.

The woman who wrote this Take continued and said that "men" are the ones who stop being attractive at the age of 35...The amount of hypocrisy, hate, and aggressive attitude that this woman has is quite comical but also shocking. Why do men even date brats like this? "Oh no, YOU have to accept me for who I am, but you have to bow down to MY wishes!!!"

Sometimes, men accept this behavior and think it's alright for women to act this hypocritical.... Here's a message for them:

Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age

The article itself just stated a fact based on studies made. It stated that women's attractiveness levels lowers as she ages. A natural thing--it happens. It's called growing older. Have you ever heard of that, Whining Author?

I think feminist culture has really gone too far. Men have preferences, but women tend to shame us for having them. What's wrong with wanting a fit, healthy young woman if she has the right to choose who she wants to date as well? When I'm 40+ years old, you bet I'll still want to date younger women in their 20's and I'm not even ashamed of saying that at all. This is the most normal thing a man does.

Women who read this, this is not a Take that is meant to insult you or demean you in any way. Everybody becomes less "attractive" as they age, but that doesn’t mean no man will ever be interested in you.

Have a good one, ladies and fellas. Hope you liked this Take. Also, have a read at the other Take I linked. It was funny to see that woman contradict herself completely.

Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age
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  • Anonymous
    Here are the facts of dating. In their teens and most of their 20s, women hold the cards in the dating game. They have the power, and men don't.

    Beginning at around age 30, the tables turn and men have all the power because 1) women's physical appearance takes a big hit at that age and goes downhill from there, and 2) men in the same age range have matured, developed their careers and incomes and have become very attractive to women.

    And here's the kicker... women in their 20s are very attracted to men who are a little older, more mature and established in their careers. Any man in his 30s who is single and stable and has a solid income is like gold to women looking for a mate. I see it every day, and it's detailed in this article. https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/why-women-lose-the-dating-game-20120421-1xdn0.html

    Women today tend to take for granted the power they have in their twenties and squander their opportunity to find a good life partner. The ones who wait until they are in their 30s find themselves in a very difficult place because men their won age are attracted to younger women, and those younger women are attracted to them. That leaves 30-someting women in the so-called "doughnut hole" where they are essentially screwed.

    Most become bitter, like MzAsh, who spent years here on GAG taking out her anger toward men. What she should be doing is learning from her mistakes and warning younger women so they don't make the same mistakes she did.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for MHO.

    • Shots fired! 😂

    • SnowyOwl

      What will truly age poorly is the relevance of this opinion. But thank you for exposing this kind of thinking. You can think you have it all figured out, but you only speak from experience. You haven't met half the 20 yr olds in the world. And given this apparent close-minded behaviour, ill let you know that you can expect me not to engage furtherly in any comments. Also expect, whether it suits your fancy or not, change of any form, always. We are human, change is what we do, even if we lie to ourselves and complaint about it. Its inevitable. I hope that for you as well, dear... and just so you know, I like them younger 😘

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  • hellacray
    Yup I mean it's kinda common sense. Women age and their beauty fades with it. And in a biological view younger women are suppose to be more fertile than older women. So if you want kids why go for an older woman?

    Then you when you take into account other things like what's her body count, is she a single mother, and personality. Well th choice is obvious.

    I don't know why women seem to get triggered so easily lol. I mean you can say what you want about men, but that's not gonna change the fact that most of us prefer younger women.
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    • DWornock

      Some women complain; others don't. Older women complain when men prefer younger women. However, the 20-year-old women are not complaining.

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  • MzAsh
    Preferences are one thing, but can you afford to have what you want? Hot, young women want hot young guys: young, willing, and able are the key factors women love. Most women who infatuate over older guys are into more of a fetish idea than him as a person. Otherwise, women see older men’s money and they (mistakenly) assume older men are automatically more mature. There are exceptions of course but exceptions don’t make the rule.
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    • Hot young women typically get charmed easily by an older guy with money who can provide her the security she wants, it’s just how it is.

    • I'm 33, poor, I have a crooked nose (saving up for surgery) and I'm in excellent shape. Yours truly has to run off a random 20 something or younger all too often; some even have boyfriends. Women don't call a man a "badass with a nice ass" in front of everyone unless they mean it.

    • DWornock

      Hot, young women want hot young guys is the norm and of course, exceptions don't make the rule. However, I have noticed that whenever they don't like the norm most people will point to an exception as if that is the rule.

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  • Mystic_Nova
    Is it not common knowledge that people become less attractive as they age?
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  • Reaperbot666
    • many women that don't take really good care of themselves their whole lives. over time loss the physically and sexual appeal for the dating market.
    • peak fertility for the average female is between 16-30. so if she wants to become a mother at some point and/or have multiple healthy children. she should consider doing it while in that range. provided she is in good health herself.
    • to have the energy, stamina and ability to raise the children. while having a better chance to regain her before baby figure or a better one.
    • yes women can have children after 30 and many do. but unless she is in optimal health. she will most likely require medical help to even become pregnant.
    • which is why many males 16+ who want multiple children with the same female partner. tend to look for a female in the 16-25 range. so she is more able to birth multiple healthy children. provided she is in good health herself without needing medical help.
    • now if the male only wants a few children with the same partner. he might be a bit more relaxed about the age range of his female partner. but would imagine many would still look for someone 16-35 range.
    • to be fair in many parts of the world 16, 17 or 18 is the start of age to content. not saying it is right or wrong just pointing out the facts really.
    • https://www.ageofconsent.net/world
    • https://www.ageofconsent.net/states
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  • Bluemax
    *People* become less attractive as they age. It's not just women.

    And I dislike the concept of "the wall." It suggests something people abruptly smash into. It is a gradual decline that can take decades. My wife who passed away in her early 40s was routinely mistaken for her mid to late 20s.
    • DWornock

      No! She never was mistaken for being that much younger. it is only that most people are just being nice and tell her what they know she wants to hear.

  • imanf7
    Too much anger issues...
    Who cares , it's not a general rule. I get more beautiful as I age. others do not. some men get more beautiful as they are , some get uglier. and there's a certain age where no matter what , you will look older. looking older is normal , I don't see the big deal.
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    • It's a good thing to generalize, the best way to come to conclusions. By saying "some do, some don't" we're spinning our wheels and we have to decide. It reminds me an old movie with a quote like "flying fishes also exists but they do not represent the majority".

  • VanillaSalt
    Kids are the only reason I want a wife. Support would be great but I don’t need her for support. She’s a necessary part of children.

    Therefore older women are out and I’m just not interested after 30.
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  • updog45
    Womens fertility starts declining after 30 as well, we as men are hardwired with that knowledge. We are all here to procreate as any other species are. Women have a shelf life on bearing children, men do not. The "assets" women have that make them attractive do fall out of favor, their ass goes and so do their tits, sure you can get surgery but its usually sorta obvious. Age definitely favors men over women.
  • havingfun101
    Correct. Women also lose 90% of their eggs by age thirty, whereas men are super fertile well past that age. She's getting numbers but not married. 😀 Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age#biology
  • angelcat321
    It depends on the persons personality as they age, age seen wonderful and beautifully aged people out there with great personalities, and with horrible personalities they aged rapidly and horribly, just from my observation over the years...
  • sszatkow
    Listen... people want what they want. That’s it. It a constraint. It’s human nature to a large extent. We won’t change it in my lifetime. We won’t change it in yours. Just work around it.
  • zagor
    Due to genes and lifestyles, women differ enormously in how well they age.
  • msc545
    Men age like wine; women age like milk.
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  • Anonymous
    Mzash is 100% in denial here. Hot young women if they have shit for brains and think with their pussy do seek young men for sexual fulfillment. If they are smart, they know they can find both sexual fulfillment and maturity in an older man, and some of the happiest women out there have skipped the whole ‘fuckboi’ phase and made this decision. Stop lying to people mzash, your life is not the same as everyone else’s, be happy with what u got and stop acting like most women don’t want something more
  • Anonymous
    I'm in my 20's and am looking for a woman my age, but personally I think women look best from 30 - 35. I want to be with her from this point until then, but some women look childlike in their 20s, but by 30 take on a more womanly look. Don't get me wrong I know a lot of hot women my age, but I think early 30's is more the peak. Though some women look less girlish and more like a woman in their mid 20's, some still look 12 and for me that's a turn off. I'd rather be with a woman that looked 30 for her entire life than 12. Though attractive runs from 16 - 40. Personally I'm looking for a woman 20 - 26, and a virgin, so closer to 20 most likely.