Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age


So I recently read a hilarious Take: This one

In summary, there is an article that pointed out some basic facts:

  • Women in their 20s are at their peak of attractiveness, physically
  • However, older men tend to be interested in women in their same age range as a long-term partner.

I laughed at how the author of that Take was insulted at the "audacity" of men having some form of preference for younger, healthier women, and then continued on and said that "men are not the prize at all. Women are!" She also whined about the article, but I bet she did not even read it at all, or maybe she just read what she wanted to read.

The woman who wrote this Take continued and said that "men" are the ones who stop being attractive at the age of 35...The amount of hypocrisy, hate, and aggressive attitude that this woman has is quite comical but also shocking. Why do men even date brats like this? "Oh no, YOU have to accept me for who I am, but you have to bow down to MY wishes!!!"

Sometimes, men accept this behavior and think it's alright for women to act this hypocritical.... Here's a message for them:

Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age

The article itself just stated a fact based on studies made. It stated that women's attractiveness levels lowers as she ages. A natural thing--it happens. It's called growing older. Have you ever heard of that, Whining Author?

I think feminist culture has really gone too far. Men have preferences, but women tend to shame us for having them. What's wrong with wanting a fit, healthy young woman if she has the right to choose who she wants to date as well? When I'm 40+ years old, you bet I'll still want to date younger women in their 20's and I'm not even ashamed of saying that at all. This is the most normal thing a man does.

Women who read this, this is not a Take that is meant to insult you or demean you in any way. Everybody becomes less "attractive" as they age, but that doesn’t mean no man will ever be interested in you.

Have a good one, ladies and fellas. Hope you liked this Take. Also, have a read at the other Take I linked. It was funny to see that woman contradict herself completely.

Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age
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