Ladies, stop being desperate and asking men to validate you


So I saw a preposterous article the other day and I have been seeing many men believe that they have some form of preference for 20 year old women rather then 30 year old women.

Everytime you throw yourselves at a man in order to validate yourself, you look like this
Everytime you throw yourselves at a man in order to validate yourself, you look like this

While I was reading the article in disbelief, I was chuckling at how men happily chimed in stating that yes, they do prefer 20 something year old women rather than 30 something year old women and how we are just discarded.

"Oh really, interesting" I thought to myself. While remembering many opportunities that I, as a 30 year old successful female, am able to get equally the same amount of phone numbers than my 20 something year old counterparts. Even my 54 year old mother can get hit on by studly and fine looking men-with no makeup and wearing active gear.

What grinds my gears is that there were many women whining about how they feel that they are used up. Please stop this foolishness. You are not used up. You are the main reason that many men disrespect us and think that we are desperate for love.

Let me tell you a few secrets with what I have observed.

1) Online is not the same as real life

Yes, many men will GLADLY jump at the chance of being keyboard warriors and take ANY opportunity to have a sense of importance about themselves when in real life, they are immensely insecure.

2) Mens only preference is that they get some form of attention

I don't mean to be mean but any female can get a man. Young, old, thin, thick. You name it. Many variations of women can get that same one man. They don't have a preference as they make out to be. A hole is a hole and they won't exactly pass up the opportunity to get their willies wet.

3) The more desperate women become, the more power they have.

I am shocked and appalled at the level of desperation and degradation that women go through in order to get a warm body on the bed. You are making it out to be that men are the prize. No love, they are not.

4) You need to clarify why you need a relationship so badly.

I feel that many women are just bored with their lives and just feel that they need a man to occupy their time. You have not tapped into your purpose and you have not made your life fulfilling to the point where you need to be convinced to get into a relationship.

5) You are not your age

Saying BS how us women start to lose sexual value after 30? HA! I don't know if you noticed ladies but men start to lose sexual value after 35 as well. You made them to believe that they are studs. I am getting the most ugliest of the ugliest men walk around with confidence thinking that they can get any woman that they want. Somebody clearly didn't have that conversation with them. Look around you, who is a hot over 35 year old that you see? They can get away with thinking that they are hot because you ladies made them think that way. You just sleep with anyone in order to get a man. Stop, please stop. For the rest of womankind, please stop.

So ladies, please respect yourselves and stop whining and making yourself feel small. Because you are not small. You point out the bad things about yourself and that, my friends, will make people see you in a bad light. It is like pointing out a tiny pimple that wasn't noticeable before but not, it is noticeable- because YOU pointed it out.

I can assure you that with the dating culture, you will get many variations of men. Not all men are for you and you yourself don't need ALL men. What you need to focus on is to tap into your purpose, find something that you are passionate about and have a fulfilling life. A man is an accessory. Not a necessity.

For all you good, respectful kings out there, this isn't for you. Keep being the amazing man that you are.

I am really sorry that I have to keep it real with you ladies but someone has to give you a wake up call.

Ladies, stop being desperate and asking men to validate you
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  • Rebeccalions
    When I turned 30 is when older men put shit in my head about losing my value. But it's bc they were trying to ruin my confidence so I would date them. And yes, it did make me cry, but real life experiences disproved their lies.
    Men didn't fight over me until I turned 30. Bc not only do you still look good, but now you have experience, maturity, and no time for games. Men love that.
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    • asshole_

      Keep in mind, the QA, is starting to "hate men"

    • @asshole_ it's starting to hate women too. A guy on here said it was the girls fault Epstein raped them.

    • asshole_

      guys will always try and say "she led him on"

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    *Men are an accessor... No men are people...
    *Ladies stop being desperate and asking men to validate you...
    And they're doing that how? Because some women want NOT need to be in a relationship?
    "Many variations of women can get the same one man- uh yeah maybe guys looking for just sex.. I can guarantee you My husband wouldn't of "F'd" someone like you with a 10 foot pole no matter how good looking you think you are or how much money you have cuz an ugly attitude makes an ugly person. ...
    I think you're the one that needs a wake up call... Your views are not FACTS... And live your life your way, but to think you can tell others how to live theirs? Like to... What makes you the expert you think you are?
    If finding someone to share your life with and have a family with is not what would fulfill you that's your choice... But if those are the things that fullfil someone else that don't make them desperate just different.
    People value different things about people and about life... I think you're confusing your 'take" on things with reality of life.
    'See these takes are what's setting relationships and relations between men and women back" Please stop this foolishness (sound familiar 🤣)
    Men are probably sitting back and laughing about how bitter some women are...🙂🙂
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    • Your husband proably is a cuck

    • @hi_it_is_me123 Excuse me? My husband passed away almost 7, years ago.. So know wtf you talking about before trying to insult someone... It just makes you look stupid... Funny assumption tho lololol

    • Why are talking about your dead ex husband that would not have sex with asker or would not touch her. Are you crazy? Who talk about a dead person's sexual preferences like wtf bitch

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  • Guanfei
    I've stopped reading when you said "a hole is a hole". Pathetic feminist bullshit trying to make men look like all they want is to fuck.
    You want a "wake-up" call? Most of us guys are looking for love and a good partner as much as girls. But if you have the same attitude with the guys you talk to than you have in this... thing, no wonder none of them would want more than a quickie.
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    • Oh you big mad. Well sweetie if you are so desperate for love then how come you dont have it then? Oh wait, you are going to go for either the:
      1) I already have a fiance/girlfriend
      2) Because you women are evil so it leaves me no choice.

      How did I do?

      When I crudely said that a hole is a hole, I was merely implying that you men don't really have standards. From what I have been seeing in real life, my God- you wouldn't know what standards are if it bit you on the ass.

      Then you actually lie to yourself and others saying that you have standards and prefer perky 20 year old women? HA!

    • Guanfei

      As expected, you're nothing more than a bitter and hateful bitch, who's here only to complain about those evil, terrible men who are so stupid and horny, unworthy of such a queen like you.
      Well guess what, with an attitude like that, a take like that, and a reply like that, all you've proven is that you're not even worth the attention of a man with no standards :)
      Look at the poor little princess, who can't get herself a submissive dog that she can use to her will and is mad about it.
      Stay mad, bitch.

    • Ohhhhhhh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Oh I am a bitch. Hey gentlemen and ladies, this is what a fuckboy looks like!
      How funny that your true colours come out.

      Tell me something, do you sleep with HAND-gela more than actual women ;)

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  • hahahmm
    You sound like you’re drunk on ice cream or whatever women drown their tears with when they realize dudes have choices.

    Feminism told you that you could sleep with hundreds of dudes, treat men as disposable & focus on not caring what men want... and times would be great till you’re 105 years old. The fact that the woman who created Sex & the City renounced it & everything the show said when she got older should be a hint for ya.

    Carry on.
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    • You see, I would agree with you but you are missing out on one vital thing- in real life, you really DON'T have choices and standards that you make out to be. Listen, I can understand that there are some nasty women that treat men as disposable, but your other sin is thinking that we are all like this. I also stated that not all men feel this way.

      But considering you feel personally attacked, well you should think about why. Carry on

  • Berethor
    The article said that despite the fact that older men finding much younger women more attractive, they are unlikely to actually message any of them on an online dating site, so nice cherry picking. 20s year old women are at their prime, so you should not be surprised that you are less attractive than them, you don't totally lost your sexual value at your 30s, but you lost some of it, and you are going to lose much more of it at your 40s. Men put much more emphasis on the other side's looks, and women lose their fertility much faster than men, feminism tell women that they should not worry about starting a family while they still can, feminism is full of bullshit.

    A hole is a hole? yea, a man might have an casual sex with an unattractive, especially if he drunk, but would he marry her? unlikely. Women are getting more desperate when their value is falling, but deluding yourself that your value is not falling as you age is not going to make your life easier, sure you might try to fool some desperate man, but it would be smarter if you start looking for marriage and children at your age, before your value to men would reach an very low levels. Yes men also get old, but women value is falling much faster as they get old, it's not that men are immune to aging, it's that aging is having more effect on women.
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    • OHhhhhhhh my god brother looking at your profile picture you have NO right to comment on a womans sexuality because YOU didn't even have any even at your prime. Was your prime just consisting of maybe having 100 pimples instead of 1000? Oh my god this is hilarious.

      I knew it. I knew the ugly ones have the most confidence.

      And hon, please please PLEASE find me ugly - just so that I wouldn't have to do the dirty work in rejecting you ;)

    • And YOU want to get married to an attractive woman? Hun, at your level you would be lucky to get someone with buck teeth and a wart on her nose, and 600 pounds overweight! Maybe. You should be so lucky to get with someone like that ;)

    • Berethor

      You already very bitter, and it's further proving my point.

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  • bluetoblack99
    I’m 39. Since I hit 28 about 95% of the women I’ve dated have been younger. Mostly 20s.

    There was one exception where I briefly dated a woman a year older than me. She was incredibly flaky and selfish. She thought I was going to be okay with the unannounced friendzoned which is completely insane. I called her out and cut her out my life a while ago.

    However I am NOT opposed to dating woman close to my age if we match appropriately. But I can tell you that without a doubt some of the worst dating experiences I’ve had in my entire life were with women in their 30s. In the last 5 years this is what I have noticed:

    - they shit test MUCH more. Ask loaded questions or throw out slights/insults.
    - they flake and ghost just as much if not more than women in their 20s
    - they still think they are hot shit with their appearances. Yes you should be confident. But I’m realistic that I don’t look 25 anymore. A 35 yr old woman should cannot expect to get same attention and awe as a 19 yr old supermodel
    - they hold grudges against past bad relationships and think it’s okay to screw over the next innocent guy they meet to “even the gender score” for the team. If you do this than you are no better than the person who screwed you over.
    - they still think they can use sex as a bargaining chip.
    - they are closed minded about political differences and use that as a automatic disqualifier no matter how considerate, patient and fair the opposing view is.
    - they still think it’s okay to freeload off guys. Still entitled.

    I guess it can be reasoned that all the good woman in my generation are “taken”. But what about the woman who avoided marriage and serious relationships earlier in life because they wanted to focus on school and adventure? I was bit like that.

    Anyway my experiences are the exact opposite of what you described above with exact 30something women. I would think they would gained life experience to understand men better.

    Men don’t appreciate being disrespected, flaked on and unnecessarily shit tested. Nice guys or not we all having breaking points for that crap. You don’t have room to be that way anymore.

    That doesn’t mean be desperate but it means being fair.
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    • My god what kind of women are there around you? I'm so so SO sorry that you experienced this. I have no idea. I was under the assumption many women are desperate for a relationship. I didn't know some were that evil

      And its shitty for me too. I want a good man and I am praying for one as I am a good woman. I never had the opportunity for a relationship nor did I ever meet anyone interested in a long-term relationship with me. You'd understand why id get a little hurt and question why. Of course I never got an answer, just the "we are better as friends spiel "

      I was 19 and in my 20s once. I was very beautiful and got attention. I still do and more so. But no one is interested in a long-term relationship no matter how young you are.

    • Joeharbor

      I don't know I never experienced that from older women. My girlfriend is older than me. I experienced more Bs from younger girls or then trying to look at me as a father figure. Each to their own tho

    • I can give over a half dozen examples of my shitty experiences with 30something woman in the last 5 years.

      But as for the girl who was a year older. She’s divorced and her ex husband was cheating/physically abusive.

      Initially I felt sorry for her. But then she started acting all flaky on dates. I then got in conversation with a 20 yr old (I thought she was 25) at a local gym. We went on a date and she treated me ironically MUCH better. She cooked for me, laugh at my jokes/teasing, complimented me often, loved sex, enjoy social events. She even treated me out for my 35 bday. We ended up dating for 9 months. Biggest age gap I ever did.

      Now there was a maturity gap. I talked about mortgage rates. She talked about midterms. But overall she treated me HOW she should treat a boyfriend. I didn’t end well (she ghosted me) BUT it was good while it lasted.

      But as for the older woman. Her and I started talking and hanging out again. Then she showed up in my home state unexpectedly for a holiday. It’s a long story but she insulted me in front of my family. She did it very subtly and I had to think it over but it was completely bullshit. The 20 yr old would have NEVER done that. It’s absolutely insane.

      But please don’t encourage woman in their 30s to be “more difficult” with men just so they “don’t look desperate.” You should have a better idea of what you don’t and do not want. You should have better skills to identify if a guy is a real dbag vs making an honest mistake. You should know that no hetero man is okay the the friendzone when he is in dating range. You should know that you just have sex when you want to have sex. If you don’t, then don’t. But be tactful and respectful how you communicate this to men.

      But thanks for hearing me out. I’m not sure what your seeing with women close to your age but it’s not what I’ve experienced.

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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Every time I see a female say "a hole is a hole" in reference to how men think, I can't help but get a little offended that you honestly would believe that men are that simple. Yes, we desire women, and yes we desire most women, but we still see you as individuals and not just a hole. Maybe some men do, but certainly not the majority of us. I just wish that most men have to bear the stereotypes because of what a few men do.
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    • This Take isn't meant to offend those who don't fall into the category. I dont get offended when some women do stupid things because I am not those type of women. SO there is no need to get offended.

  • Reaperbot666
    Rebecca Lynn Pope is a former match maker. who switched the a relationship consular. because she found it easier and more fulfilling to help people keep their relationships going. then to try to help people find a partner when they have unrealistic desires for a partner. she used to specialize in helping women find worthwhile partners. her YouTube channel
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    • It is true that SOME women have unrealistic expectations just like men do. This take is to target the men who have that. I never dated women before so I don't have any data to base it off.

    • DWornock

      Women think they have a high value if they have the characteristics of men that they consider high value. If a man is his mid-30s and a doctor, partner of a law firm, or the VP of a billion-dollar corporation then he is a high-value man. Therefore, if a 30-year-old woman has an MBA and a 6 figure income, she thinks she is of high value and should attract such a man. However, the high-value men are not attracted to her. Instead, they value the very pretty 20-year-old secretary that is earning $20,000 to $25,000 per year. Therefore, 30-year-old women that waited until they have a high paying position in a corporation have wasted their most valuable years.

    • @DWornock do you define the value of a person on what she looks and on what he earns?
      Any person that marries for those reasons will have a very short or at least unhappy marriage.

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  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    My opinion is that anyone that takes care of him/herself and makes an effort to be healthy and look good, even at 40 will look good. Joe Manganiello and Shakira are examples of over 40 people who are really hot. They of course take good care of themselves. So I agree that age is not that big of a factor to our value on the dating market.

    Now where I disagree, or at least want to add something.
    While it's true that women can get guys way easier than the other way around. But that is because of the riddiculous amount of desperate guys that are out there. Quality guys don't really follow that "A hole is a hole" mindset, but those might be the "Kings you refered to at the end.
    I get why you made this Take still there are far more men seeking for validation, because society puts a lot of pressure on us to be sexually successful. This Take directed to guys would be an accurate one.

    Finally a question.
    "No love, they are not." This might again be something that leaves the "Kings" out, but I want to ask to be sure. As a married man, yes you girls are treasures and I have the biggest one with me. But I know she also considers me heaven on this earth. I wasn't sure at some point if you just wanted to lift up women or bring us down. "A man is an accessory. Not a necessity." No one is a necessity, but a partner, men or women, do give life a special touch.
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    • I guess to be honest I wanted to uplift women and only take the men down a peg who have ridiculous mindsets that women lose their value after 30. Many women are very conscious about this age where in truth, I get the same amount of attention, if not more than when i was in my 20s.

      I also don't mean to be mean but there is literally very few men who would want kids in their 20s and GAG guys are adamant that they would want kids with a 20 something year old. Who would want that?

      Then there is the attack that I am bitter and jealous because I apparently disposed the good guys when I was in my 20s and now paying for it. Yet those same guys want a 20 something year old even if they run the risk of being hurt emotionally

      At the end of the day, many men will take what they can get. End of story. There are no preferences at all.

    • I have already fought guys here about that "women hit the wall when they are 30" bullshit. Guys who say this are the first ones to drool over the first woman that gives them the time of day. I am all for male empowerment to be honest, b ut not by taking women down.
      My concept of male empowerment, I liked your Take and I would like to see your opinion on this one. Embarrassed by my own. Guys, time to wake up! ↗

      Guys who have no luck with girls in their 20's and dream that they will have it when they are 30 by no other reason then they are now older, will have a big surprise. In their heads they will get even to the girls that reject them by reject them in the future by a younger model. Oh the look on their face when they find out how things actually work...

      Don't listen to those guys. They have no idea if you rejected good guys or not. Even if they were good guys, being nice and polite isn't enough to win someone over. They need to understand that!

      I don't agree on that last sentence, but I already left my comment about that "A hole is a hole" mentality.

  • loveisbeautiful
    I have just one question for you, if men like younger women then why did Nick Jonas marry Priyanka Chopra? He's 27, she's 38. Truthfully, most people I know the woman is older then the man. Which proves most people get together for love, for legitimate reasons. Not out of desperation or obligation or limited options but for love. I know many people on are cynical and don't believe in love but if you took a survey, I think you'd find more people are together because they have a connection, they make each other happy, they balance each other out, they're compatible on many levels and most importantly they fell in love. To me that's the only thing that matters.

    For the record, I'm 33 and I've never been desperate in my life. This comes from a woman who's never been on a date or had a relationship but who wants be married and have kids. So, by all rights given my age and lack of experience, I should be throwing myself at men but I'm not and I never would. I just want to be treated right, throwing myself at a man won't get me someone who will treat me right.
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  • Freija1989
    Men value is not so much about looks but about how much they can get done, how much resources they posses and get, how much value they can produce ( turn resources into products ) etc and also how capable of offering protection, stability, certainty, predictability they are.

    I automatically find a more mature looking man much more attractive than a young pup. Why? Because on a subconscious level it says established, settled, has his shit together etc.

    It also depends what type of role you want to play in a relationship and what type of relationship you want. If you want to be a career oriented woman, be more or less equal with the man, be the one wearing pants, be the rooster of the house, then, yes, you will hold power over the type of men that are more desperate / less capable ( of producing value ) and be more or less room mates or even providers. If that satisfies you it ' s okay. For me as a bisexual person being room mates with a man would be absolutely disgusting. If I want an equal partner ( a room mate that I also have sex with ) why not get a girl? Or to provide for a man, I would find that a thousand times more disgusting.

    A man that is already established would probably prefer someone younger, not necessarily a 24 years old if he is 63, but maybe a woman in her mid thirties or early forties and he wouldn ' t much care for how accomplished she is in terms of career and / or finances ( because he has more than enough to cover that for two, maybe more if he wants children, so he doesn ' t have to worry about that ) but how she makes him feel and whether it blossoms into love or not.

    Many girls and women would also absolutely love a man like that, because, let ' s be honest, what type of woman loves working, struggling, worrying about finances, competing etc when she could be a stay home mother or a house wife or even trophy wife and only worrying about what hair style and purse to sport next? I would say the later type of women are in the majority because nature. For those established mature men that are accomplished financially and can get shot done are more valuable. Because nature, those men tend to be past the first youth to say the least. So it ' s not all about looks. Even for a woman ( in other words a completely brainless bimbo may not really be able to secure a wallet with legs long term no matter how hot she is, she must be a smart bimbo and play her cards right ).

    It ultimately has to do with what type of girl you are and what you look for and that is what establishes the value you have and the value of your partner.
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    • Its pretty dead on. 30s girls are still valuable just not by men their age with the exception of undesirable men her age. Personally i think a 10 year gap is ideal. So if she's 20 she needs 30 if she's 30 she needs 40. Good general rule in my book.

    • _piotr

      It's deplorable that you treat men as "wallet (s) with legs" [extreme objectification] and I think it's odious that you find a relation with equal contribution from both sides disgusting. The wish to "only (be) worrying about what hair style (...) to sport next" while exploiting man's hard work just reveals how selfish and self-entered nature of women is. I hope one day guys will realise that sex and relationships are actually the opium of the men, and women are dealers that profit from this.

    • @_piotr I didn ' t say women should look for a wallet with legs. I said it ' s not all about looks even for a woman and that a completely brainless bimbo wants ( and probably needs ) a wallet with legs, but if she is completely brainless she won ' t get that. Meaning even a woman needs more than beauty. But for a man beauty isn ' t even necessary. A decent and presentable look on a man suffices, but beauty on a man is of course a bonus, but not quite a ( main ) requirement. Like that actor that played the role of Christian Grey ( let ' s focus on the character though ). Yes, the character was very handsome when interpreted by that actor. Though that character ' s looks were not what gave him value, but his mind, talents, achievements etc. His beauty was just a very welcome bonus, but even if he would be average looking, I don ' t think he would be less. Or take Brad Pitt. With his looks he could have been a model but he would have had less fame, success, money and over all value. He could have also been a clerk, with significantly less fame, success, money and all over value. But he would still have the same face.

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  • Saville_Row
    True about women enabling this kind of behaviour. Most of the youngest ones who are lazy, don't have a penny, accept being groped for a free drink/dinner and end up with a loser, a dirty house full of kids they don't want, enable this.

    Is so simple... we are insecure beings by nature. But what I have learned is that low class men bitch about women when they stand up for themselves. Is easy to say they are old/fat/are ill when things do not go their way. It's something to pity, really.
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  • Am_and_Pm
    Ok, was thinking more guys would answer.
    They didn't.

    But, my take on this is quite simple. Its practically normal now. I mean, many TV shows, movies, online videos have been pushing young females to consider dating older guys. Moreover, its actually a part of evolution for young girls wanting to date older guys. I remember this piece took part in my bio-anthropology course. I, recalling feeling like, 'ok, I guess ama get more females when I'm older?' This didn't make much sense. Up to the point when I had much more confidence in myself, and stopped caring about how others perceive me. And that's where I feel like the center of this topic relies on. Older men dont second guess. Young guys do. And boys play one too many games.

    More importantly, guys feel like this too. We too, like dating older women who dont play games or confuse us with 'wtf is going to happen next.' And older people know what to do and when to do it.

    So, it's on both ends in the long run and we need to teach the next generations to come on how to give a girl an opening to approach the guy and the guy do not want to have sex right away. I feel guys can hold back their needs but sometimes it's like many things get me to think about what's sexy, who is sexy, and to have sex now.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    "A hole is a hole." But what's in her mind, what are her values, what are her beliefs, ethics, goals, etc... determines whether or not she makes the picture a greater WHOLE! And I care much more about that, than I do about getting the willy wet.
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    • The fact that you got offended by my Take signifies that you may identify with those fuckboys that I stated. I obviously didn't mean ALL men.
      But hey, I just put the words there. You took it upon yourself to be offended. Wy is that? :)

    • Because most of my life, I've been mistaken for a f*kboy. And then when the girl learns to truth of what I'm after, she can't process it; so she goes back and defaults to the only mindset she knows. And I get frustrated that in spite that pretty face, there is nothing but a lizard underneath. So I move along, and only find more lizard women. Or I find one who isn't a lizard in hiding; and then she dies suddenly. It's a tragic loop, from which I can't ever seem to escape.

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  • aWes0MeNeSs
    Love it! I totally agree!

    I also think this crap I see about women "hitting the wall" at 30 is ridiculous. Look at how many beautiful 30+, hell even 40+ or even 50+ women are out there. Look at the actresses that are this age. Honestly, at what age one "hits the wall" is completely dependent on the individual person, as everyone ages differently, and genetics and how a person takes care of themselves have a lot to do with it as well. I also think stuff like "men age like fine wine and women age like milk" is ridiculous for this reason. A person of ANY gender can peak at 18 or 35+. I've seen both examples within both genders. There are just as many fat, out of shape, terribly aging men as there are women.

    And yes, if these guys really think you're useless and disposable at 30+, to hell with them! Who gives a shit about what they think? There are plenty of men who will accept you to be found rather than manchildren who will talk as if every 30+ woman is used up garbage and how they want an 18-21 year-old they can more easily manipulate and bullshit into thinking they're all that and such great guys when they're really not. Not to mention that yes, people in general will often try to lower your self worth in order to gain more power over you. Who gives a shit what they think? Don't allow it and don't let their opinion have any power over you! Opinions are like assholes.

    And yes, the blowhard shit you see online very rarely matches reality.

    Seriously, be happy with yourself and allow absolutely NO ONE to take that away from you! Nobody's opinion of you should have that much of an effect on you. There will always be people who don't like you or don't think you're good enough. That's their problem. Surround yourself with people who value you, forget about the negative people who are likely miserable and don't like anyone anyway, and know your worth. Never worship the ground anyone stands on, they are not better than you!
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    • The wall isn't about physical beauty. It is a part of it but just a small part. Its more about fertility and innocence. Id far rather have a plain jane 18 year old for a wife than a 10 out of 10 girl my age for a wife. Hands down.

    • likelyOK

      @bamesjond0069 eew you are 33 what country are you from? Shouldn’t you be with someone AT LEAST in there 20’s

    • @likelyOK usa. No thats disgusting. The suggestion is in itself disrespectful.

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  • brennanhuff
    Honestly I think guys are more desperate for validation from women though. Why do you think guys are so hell bound about getting ass and it's not just about sex but the ego stroke competition wise to other men, getting their approval and getting the validation from feeling sexually desired by women. Men depend on women to get this validation though
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    • Men seek more sexual validation, and women seek more non sexual validation.

    • likelyOK

      You make a point I always thought those types were animals who are motivated by hormones and not consequences, but men who need an ego stroke as well are out there, interesting.

  • iambae
    It's biology and aesthetics. We value youth and beauty. By the time a woman reaches 28 half her fertility is gone.

    Why are men demonized for something natural?
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    • Why are women demonized for wanting wealthy and handsome men then?

    • iambae

      They aren't but most women don't have the looks, body, or disposition to get a wealthy man to marry them.

      The problem occurs when you have average and below average looking women talking about "I DESERVE... etc."

      What makes you think you are entitled to this?

      Why is being average so bad?

    • Why are average men entitled to date young, pretty and fertil women then?

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  • TheFlak38
    All I see here is a desperate 32 year old who hit the wall and can't accept that fresh young sluts get all the attention. Keep whining. And yes, men are the prize. You as a woman have nothing to offer besides your vagina. Modern women are mere sex objects to provide pleasure. You have no other use. Literally NONE!
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  • MrOracle
    The problem here is that you are conflating "men who will hit on you to get some casual sex" and "men who will date you as a serious relationship partner." Those are two VERY different sets of criteria, and women commonly fail to make this distinction. That's, in fact, exactly what the original linked article was trying to get across, and this MyTake completely misses that distinction and thus comes up with an invalid conclusion.

    Plus, the article doesn't say that "a woman in her 30s can't get a man" - it doesn't even say "a woman in her 30s can't get a serious relationship from a man". What is DOES say is that "women in their 20s can easily attract HIGH VALUE men relatively close to their age for serious relationships, but once they get into their 30s and beyond, this becomes exponentially more difficult." The problem is that women in their 30s fully expect to be able to attract the attention of the same caliber of men as they did in their 20s AND have a serious relationship with them - but most find that isn't actually the case. Of course, there will be exceptions, but as a rule, it's much, much more difficult to do that.

    What actually happens is that they find that they have the following options:

    - date significantly older guys who are fairly high value otherwise
    - lower their standards significantly to attract guys near their age, who will have much less value than the men they could attract in their 20s.
    - lower their expectations for a relationship (i. e., accept a casual sex relationship) with attractive men near their age.
    - remain single.

    Note that 3 of the 4 options still allow for getting a man - no one is saying you can't get a man - it's just that it's not going to be the man - or the type of relationship - that you probably want and feel you're entitled to. THAT is the lesson.

    Women have UNBELIEVABLY HIGH SMV (social market value) in their 20s, and could leverage that into a very high value relationship - but most women today are choosing to squander that value to have fun or stay in low-compatibility relationships with exciting and attractive guys who are bad for them (but make for great Instagram photos), and by the time they're ready to settle down in their mid-30s, the higher-quality guys that they didn't want are no longer interested in them, except perhaps for causal sex. This is why websites and magazines are full of articles from 30-something women complaining about "where have all the good/suitable men gone?" Of course, they blame men for failing to achieve Instagram looks, advanced degrees, and multi-millionaire bank accounts so that they're 'suitable' to date them. Never do they examine their own life choices...
  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Ya do got some decent points. But I have no doubt men in this comment section are going to protest and in many cases, it may be for good reason. That reason is wealth. Men have always been considered to be the wallets of the relationships and often still are. A man's wealth can last as long as he lives, while the quality of the "hole" will ultimately go down. Of course, there's men with all sorts of preferences, and yes, some are desperate enough to date even a 60+ year old I am sure. But I have no doubt it's just not the majority, as long as there are plenty of girls available that are younger, which there are.

    This can actually explain the phenomenon of men going to Asian countries both to have fun and get wives. The poverty there is beyond extreme, yet under communist regimes and such, why would many of these girls know how to see themselves as more than satisfiers of men? Who would be there to teach them otherwise when many things are classical, censored, etc?

    And I'm pretty sure we ALL know Asian countries have PLENTY of people, many of whom I am sure are young, single and willing to marry foreigners, especially if it means a ticket out.

    Think about it.
  • ChurchOfSteel
    I turned 30 a couple months ago. I will never be able to compete with a 21-25 year old in bodybuilding. I didn't use my earlier years well enough to gain enough mass. That's something only healthier, younger male bodies can do.

    Same is true of females and birth. Stay with me, here. Health, fertility, ability to recover. These are all much higher at a younger age.

    Look up stats on baby issues after 30. It's not that bad, but babies born when a woman is in her 20s are going to tend to be healthier thab babies born in a womans 30s. This is VERY true after 40, as well, when birth defects become much more common.

    Simply put, women look for survival and comfort, which is measured in a different way from what men look for: health and fertility.

    Fundamentally, yes, men will stick their dick in any hole, most of them. But the question a woman should ask is, "What do the highest value men want?" Highest value men have access to any woman, so who will they pick? Perhaps women roughly in their age range, but whom are they most physically attracted to? The women who are the healthiest and most fertile? Or the women who have more life experience and less capable bodies?

    Look, I get it. It's not a fun idea. I'm not fond of the idea I cannot be the best, strongest version of myself I could have been if I would have built more muscle when I was in my 20s. I am less than many 20 year olds and can never compete on the same level as them. That's just fact.

    I have other desirable qualities which may tilt the balance, but it would be foolish to suggest, say, a 50 year old man could look as shredded or jacked as a 25 year old. And men are very visual creatures. i. e. Younger women = normally more animalistically appealing, more physically attractive.

    That said, yes, experience and "game" will beat out prettiness any day of the week. Seduction is a very powerful tool; however, don't delude yourself into thinking there is no difference between me and a 22 year old bodybuilder.
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    • Several things...
      1. As a guy with a decent build who started in his early teens, I met some young and buffed guys that couldn't get a girl to save their lives. It's more about your presentation and attitude than looks.

      2. Women make most of college graduates today and in professions like doctors! So drop that "they want security and survival" mentality. Not only is wrong, but also girls hate guys who think like that.

      3. It's not that much big of a danger for a woman to have a babie in their middle 30's then in her 20's. Both to her or the babie.

      4. No, quality men will not stick their dick in any hole. I am proud to say I turned down a few!

    • @ThisIsMyOpinion 1: Completely irrelevant detail, my man.

      2: Depends on your perception of humans. Frontal lobe is not the same as the amygdala. Love does not occur in rationality--it is a feeling, no? Feelings are not rational. They don't give a fuck if women have positions of power--it doesn't change the fact that women love getting dominated and choked and felt like they're being controlled. Why do they have that? If it's so much different, now?

      3: No. It's not. You seem to miss the point.

      4: You're disagreeing with the antithesis of what I stated. Could be the language barrier, if your primary language is Portuguese.

    • 1. Was just to show you thta being young and buffed isn't garantee of anything.

      2. Sure most girls love to be dominated, but that has nothing to do with survival. Today they don't need us to survive.

      3. We seem to agree here.

      4. So we agree here to. Good.

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