Ladies, stop being desperate and asking men to validate you


So I saw a preposterous article the other day and I have been seeing many men believe that they have some form of preference for 20 year old women rather then 30 year old women.

Everytime you throw yourselves at a man in order to validate yourself, you look like this
Everytime you throw yourselves at a man in order to validate yourself, you look like this

While I was reading the article in disbelief, I was chuckling at how men happily chimed in stating that yes, they do prefer 20 something year old women rather than 30 something year old women and how we are just discarded.

"Oh really, interesting" I thought to myself. While remembering many opportunities that I, as a 30 year old successful female, am able to get equally the same amount of phone numbers than my 20 something year old counterparts. Even my 54 year old mother can get hit on by studly and fine looking men-with no makeup and wearing active gear.

What grinds my gears is that there were many women whining about how they feel that they are used up. Please stop this foolishness. You are not used up. You are the main reason that many men disrespect us and think that we are desperate for love.

Let me tell you a few secrets with what I have observed.

1) Online is not the same as real life

Yes, many men will GLADLY jump at the chance of being keyboard warriors and take ANY opportunity to have a sense of importance about themselves when in real life, they are immensely insecure.

2) Mens only preference is that they get some form of attention

I don't mean to be mean but any female can get a man. Young, old, thin, thick. You name it. Many variations of women can get that same one man. They don't have a preference as they make out to be. A hole is a hole and they won't exactly pass up the opportunity to get their willies wet.

3) The more desperate women become, the more power they have.

I am shocked and appalled at the level of desperation and degradation that women go through in order to get a warm body on the bed. You are making it out to be that men are the prize. No love, they are not.

4) You need to clarify why you need a relationship so badly.

I feel that many women are just bored with their lives and just feel that they need a man to occupy their time. You have not tapped into your purpose and you have not made your life fulfilling to the point where you need to be convinced to get into a relationship.

5) You are not your age

Saying BS how us women start to lose sexual value after 30? HA! I don't know if you noticed ladies but men start to lose sexual value after 35 as well. You made them to believe that they are studs. I am getting the most ugliest of the ugliest men walk around with confidence thinking that they can get any woman that they want. Somebody clearly didn't have that conversation with them. Look around you, who is a hot over 35 year old that you see? They can get away with thinking that they are hot because you ladies made them think that way. You just sleep with anyone in order to get a man. Stop, please stop. For the rest of womankind, please stop.

So ladies, please respect yourselves and stop whining and making yourself feel small. Because you are not small. You point out the bad things about yourself and that, my friends, will make people see you in a bad light. It is like pointing out a tiny pimple that wasn't noticeable before but not, it is noticeable- because YOU pointed it out.

I can assure you that with the dating culture, you will get many variations of men. Not all men are for you and you yourself don't need ALL men. What you need to focus on is to tap into your purpose, find something that you are passionate about and have a fulfilling life. A man is an accessory. Not a necessity.

For all you good, respectful kings out there, this isn't for you. Keep being the amazing man that you are.

I am really sorry that I have to keep it real with you ladies but someone has to give you a wake up call.

Ladies, stop being desperate and asking men to validate you
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