Embarrassed by my own. Guys, time to wake up!


Before I start let me clear that this is targeting SOME guys. NOT ALL of them, but for more than it should be!

There isn't a single question that doesn't have something in the lines of "All women are evil", "Chivilary is dead because of the modern women", "Women can't fight their nature", "Feminism killed masculinity", etc etc etc.

I need to calm down, I am almost yelling as I write this! I am going to adress every issue. Nothing of what I am going to say here is new. There have been plenty of women here complaining about this and even a few guys. The ladies already made some posts about it. Now I reached the point where I am to embarassed by my own to not leting them have a piece of my mind! So it's guys turn to try to wake our brothers up!

That is me on the right and you on the left! Open that PC and take notes!
That is me on the right and you on the left! Open that PC and take notes!


They are bad? We are way worse guys!
They are bad? We are way worse guys!

I am sorry it hurted when that girl laughed at you for asking her out. I know that you get angry when you hear about a guy that got cheated on and still lost his house, money, kids and will to live on the divorce. Guess what we all fell that way! And you know who else? Girls! Ya girls! They also get hurted when their boyfriends cheat on them and rub it in their faces after. They also feel angry when two guys rape a girl in the bathrrom, there is proof of it all, but they are set free because it was a case of "mutual seduction" (this was a recent event in my country).

People are evil and the world is not fair! So yes shit happens! Bad people hurt others. Women do it, men do it! Stop generalising and victimizing yourself it's pathetic. You look like those mental feminazis on the street claiming a guy raped them for looking at them.


Feeling like a boss!
Feeling like a boss!

I want every guy that thinks chivalry it's just another social norm to benefit women to get inside a cabin, together with every girl that thinks that for some reason it's a concept that opresses them. Please all get insed get nice and confortable while I block the exists and set it on fire!

Forget that ancient defenition of chivalry. Today is just being a polite and well mannered gentleman. It is not some social norm to appeal to women! I feel manly as hell doing this. I am the man! Being chivalrous is just being a boss ass man! Yes, that includes paying for dinner, holding a door for her and other sympathies. I once runned more than five minuts in heavy rain just to get my car to a restaurant entrance, just so my girlfriend wouldn't get wet since we didn't had an umbrella. Are you afraid that because of feminism women will dislike this and be offended and yell at you? Great no second date bullet dodged! See how easy it is?


If you don't have this you don't feel like a man?
If you don't have this you don't feel like a man?

I need to talk about this next to get one thing straight! If a girl pay the bill, hold the door, makes more money than you, is smarter than you, is stronger than you, makes the first move and talk back at you instead of just shuting up do you feel less of a men? If you do my friend I am so sorry for the departure of your testicles! I had a guy call me a cuckold just because my fiancee makes more money than me!

Do you need to have a clear superiority to her in everything or else you don't feel masculine? Do you need to have a woman under your control to feel like a man? Then you have no idea of what your worth as a man is! We are here to be more than physical protectors and providers. They don't admit it, but even strong independent women are way more emotional than us. So that feeling, that will that you have inside to protect and provide comes here! Be the her emotional pilar, be the voice of reason and no matter how bad things are you provide them with your support and logical thinking. Stay strong with your head up and so will she. We have a fire inside of us that they use to keep themselves warm! Use it!


This is the wrong path!
This is the wrong path!

Those groups are traps for the week, the wounded and the stupid. Just because there is a group of people that thinks like you doesn't mean thay are right! There is a very big group of people that actually believes the earth is flat! Look I get it, they make people feel like they are not alone and that what happened so far wasn't their fault. That can be really apealing. But it's nothing more than closing your eyes to reallity to ease your pain.

They talk about reallity, that in reallity girls can't escape their "female nature". So they only stay with you until a better one comes along, that they are not capable of love, they just want chad/alphas, etc. Do you want to recieve reallity? Here it is... You don't get girls because you are not good enough! Ya I said it! Do you really think that just because you are nice girls want you? That being a lazy ass is going to get you anywhere? No! The hardest thing in the world is looking in the mirror, admit it "I suck!" and after that fighting with all you have to suck less. Been there done that! Start working out, read more, get a hobbie outside, learn a skill, do something! Anything, but blaming the world instead of yourself! Do you want a good girlfirend? Turn yourself into the best boyfriend first!


This needs to stop!
This needs to stop!

This one was one of my inspirations to write this. In a week I saw two almost 40's year old men, on diferent questions, going mental on 18 and 19 year old girls for admiting that they liked sex. Calling them pieces of garbage among other things. I need a deep breath... The fact they were old enough to be their fathers and they should have more maturity than to get triggered by basically kids is sureal. Besides that, two options here. Either they were cheated on before or they envy how easy it is for girl to have sex.

Slut shaming is a way to control women sexual impulses so that some men don't feel so bad. Then they use as an excuse that they have no morals, that they don't want used goods, bla bla bla. A women 's sexual history doesn't define her dating value! It's just sex! Doesn't change anything about you. Zero. None. Everyone has the right to have as much consented sex as they want. As long as they are not cheating and taking proper precautions there is nothing wrong with it. The amount of sexual partners a women had has nothing to do with her being a loving, caring and faithful girlfriend or not! And that is final!


Know your worth and hold them responsable for what they do.
Know your worth and hold them responsable for what they do.

Stop licking the floor they step on! That is the basic point. Yes because in this topic you need a slap on the other direction! So much hate, but a girl smiles at you once and you are begging for her to do it again. It's pathetic! Do you know what is funny? It's not their fault that they feel like they don't need to put any effort to get a guy. It's not their fault that they think they can get away with anything. It's our's! We are to blame for this because we give them to much attention and we do let them get away with anything! Do you want to know what to do? It's easy say "fuck it" more often, have some freaking pride and hold them responsable for what they do. To be more especific:

-> Stand up for yourself! If she disrespect you I don't care how perfect her tits are you act on it!

-> Say no! Say no a lot! You have no idea the power this word can have on them. Test it!

-> Know your worth! That means if you called her twice and she doesn't call back for a long time you say "fuck it". If and when she calls back make her work for it now.

That means if they don't treat you right and expect you do give them the world, say "fuck it" and dump them.

-> Don't give them so much attention! What do you think that would happen to girls on Instagram if guys stopped liking their pics? They love that attention. Make it stop and watch them hunt for it. Works with sex too!

-> Hold them accontable for what they do. If they yell at you, yell back. If they punch you in the face, give them a punch in the face! And if they screw up don't let them get away with it by blowing you!

Don't think that I am insulting women with this! They are awsome, but like I said bad people exist so let's act according to that.


I am waiting a lot of anger for this. Coming from guys and girls. Well bring it! I will defend my ideas against all of you if I need to!

I know that nothing will change and that this is bound to happen as long as there are weak minded guys out there. Still I needed to get this out of my sistem. I am happy if this gave some light to a single guy. Women are not monsters. They bite, but in a good way. And if needed we can bite harder my friends. They can be the best in your lives. Let them and stand tall and pride right beside them.

Thank you for your attention.

Embarrassed by my own. Guys, time to wake up!
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  • Miss_Savanna_Dry
    Thank you. I've already got into a heated argument on Gag about this topic with men. Most of them insulting me when I bring up this topic. Someone could simply ask "what's your favourite pizza" and there would be a guy making comments about how women are shit because they can't cook blah blah. There isn't a single question being asked without a few men somehow bringing women into the topic when it clearly has nothing to do with the question itself. Us women aren't perfect but neither are you men. We all have fucked up somewhere in our lives, we have all hurt someone that didn't deserve it, we have all been cruelly rejected by the opposite sex, we have all been mistreated and used, we have all if not most, been cheated and lied to, we have all at some point blamed the opposite gender for some sort of problem we're going through. We all have problems. Women are not more evil, nor are men more evil than women. There are good and bad apples in both genders.

    To all the men that feel hatred towards women that have belittled you, rejected you because of your appearance or financial situation. Fuck them. Move on. Iv had my fair share of rejection on a number of different things, you don't see me raging on about men about how shit they are when someone asks a simple question about food or nature or a city.

    This piece of writing, it is very accurate. Men give women the power. I'm not saying hold power over them but don't let them have it all and treat you less than you deserve. If they do then move on. Stop giving them attention, stop running after them. I fully agree with this piece of writing. Some of it is the harsh truth for both men and women.
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    • You must have encountered so many of the guys that I speak of to say "Thank you". Like you said any question here is good to bash women. That is bad, but I am glad that you liked it and that you understood that this was meant to be a wake up call to guys about how they treat girls and how girls treat them. Hope eveyones picks up on that.

      Thanks for the imput.

    • hughfraser

      No one on earth is perfect, as they in the The Good Life Pobody's Nerfect!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Ok I have a lot to say about this:

    1. No one ever denied that men are scumbags too. There are bad men and women and there will always be bad men and women. The reason why everyone is talking about women being toxic nowadays is due to many feminist acts in place such as the Duluth model that pretty much says that women are never the abusers (there is a Wikipedia page on this). While about half of IPV cases are reported to be mutual 70% of the non mutual cases are perpetuated by women (this was founded by a study done by the CDC in 2007). This model is now allowing women to play the victim if their partner fights back and the partner will be to blame for it and probably arrested. Also, have you ever heard of a woman named Erin Pizzey? She attempted to open an abuse shelter for both men and women in the UK but she ended up being threatened to death and bomb threats from feminists to the point where she had to flee to Canada (you can find her interview on you tube). I also had an abusive mother growing up who bites the head off of anyone who makes any simple mistakes and assaulted those who try to defend themselves. She made my dad, little sister and my life miserable at home and she loves to play the victim as if our very existence was meant to make her suffer. Call it a bias if you want but I can sense that something’s up.

    2. I agree with the chivalry thing but you later say not to give her too much attention. I’m sure there is a line somewhere that dictates whether you do too much or too little but it’s impossible to find out because she will be gone once you find it and I bet every girl has the line in different places.

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    • Anonymous

      3. I agree with this one too but I’m pretty sure you would be whistling a different tune if your girlfriend emasculates you (on purpose) every time the subject of something that she can do better than you comes up.

      4. I agree with this one too but the biggest problem for the thing that keeps the guys who close themselves off isn’t the lack of confidence, it’s keeping it once they have it. They might finally have the balls to have a girlfriend but he can do everything right but she leaves him for another asshole who treats her like shit anyway (this happened to me too). After the grueling process of gaining the balls to get the girl they are crushed and he has to start from square one. C’est la vie I guess.

      5. First, in my experience I have never met a man who slut shamed a woman ever. I have heard plenty of other women do it though. I would say you might be projecting but you are also a dude. All that said I think you are pointing the finger at the wrong group. The reason I believe women slut shame other women is that they see each other as competition just as we see other men. See, men have no time limit to reproduce, we can make as much sperm as we want until we die. Women on the other hand has until menopause to have a baby. That’s why their standards tend to be high. If they see another woman being a slut, they feel they have to lower their standards in order to compete and risk having children with less desirable genes. Another thing, dating history does define value. I’m sure both genders wouldn’t want someone who slept with 20 other people and had them all fail on top of them being very likely to carry an STD.

      Other than that, I like what you wrote.

    • 1. Radical feminists that don't believe that women can be abusers and make death threats can cause some trouble, but they are not by far the majority of the population. Not even close. Most women believe in men abuse. Also the majority of house abusers are men. In my country alone in 3 months died 11 women at the ends of their husbands THIS YEAR!

      2. When I say give little attention I meant the guys that go to social media filling their inbox with likes and creepy texts. If you are on a date yes you should give them attention. All of it.

      3. The first time she tries she won't be my girlfriend anymore.

      4. That is a hard situation yes. That would be devastating no question. I agree with you. But one can't sulk and stay down forever. Have a recovering period then slowly get back on track. Sorry for what happened to you.

      5. Neither have I in person. But I saw plenty guys doing it here. Two 40 year olds insult teenage girls left and right just for liking sex? Boy I was pisssed! I gave them both hell. Let other women do that then. No reason for us to do it.

      Thank you for your reply. I like a healthy discussion.

    • Anonymous

      1. What country do you live in? I was mainly going off statistics from the US.

      2. Ok that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up

      3. Let’s say after one year of being in a relationship and you are taking our girlfriend to work. It is raining outside and the usual drop off point is packed with cars so you decide to park as close to the point as you could. You have five minutes until you need to be at work too so you couldn’t walk her in. When you park she explodes in rage saying that you are a horrible person for making her walk in the rain (she has never raised her voice at you the entire time you knew her so it shocked you). The two of you bicker for a bit and she eventually storms out of the car. When you come pick her up, she is still pissed and told you that you could have dropped her off at the back. Before you could say “that would have been great to know earlier” she then says “I don’t know why I am even telling you this because I know you won’t change”. This is absolutely shocking to you because you have never seen her act this way. Would you assume that she had a bad day or should you have broken up with her right then and there?

      4. As I said before, recovering from a trough point in your life, it is hard not to be brought back to square one as soon as evidence that you are pathetic shows up again. Any tips on how to stop that?

      5. 40 year olds huh? At that age they are probably pulling a “back in my day” bullshit. grown adults have been doing that since the 1920s in America.

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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Wonderful myTake, thank you for the read.
    The thing I noticed here is that there's an incredibly high number of MGTOW, incels and other extremists who whine and whine, and whine.
    If only they'd have the measure of intelligence to read and learn from this...

    Keep up the good work my friend!
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  • MzAsh
    It’s nice to see a man on here who isn’t threatened by a woman’s power for a change.

    The incels and mgtow are probably the worst, acting like they are “getting” us by checking out. No one wants to stop them from going their own way. These were never men any decent woman would want to date their begin with because their value wasn’t high enough.

    The rest are just mad women don’t want to submit or go back to the male dominated shit show our society once was.
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    • Women have their power and we have ours. No need for either to feel less because of it.

      I like mgtow even less than what I like incels. I feel like there are hope for some of them. Mgtow have too much of a superiority complex.

    • Wowgirl30q

      He's awesome

    • 6suejsjsj

      God it's so sad how sexist modern women are.

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  • RussianNestingDoll
    You’re awesome 🤘 People who write these things are like whiny immature babies who are mad the dating world doesn’t go they want it to. We live in a world with few absolutes yet they choose to see it that way.
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    • I tottaly agree. So many blame the world instead of putting the responsibility on themselves. I hope this helps to change some perspectives.

    • 6suejsjsj

      Lol, I couldn't care less about "dating".

    • @6suejsjsj I wonder why...

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  • AuroraRoseat
    I like your Take for various reasons but there are points that I disagree with.

    1) There is no definition of a man. Society is what tells men how they should behave, who they should be attracted and more. A man doesn't have to be a protector if he doesn't want to---it is his life.

    2) The MGTOW spiel is correct but not involuntary celibates. These are wo/men who are luckless at love. Not all of them become bitter but many reveal that all they want is someone to love and who reciprocates. Plenty of incels are just unfortunate people with bad luck and they shouldn't be grouped with MGTOWers.

    It's an insult.

    3) I don't agree with your last point. Yes, I wouldn't advise men falling over themselves to get a woman, but I also don't advocate not giving attention if that is not true to who the man feels himself to be. He should be himself. I don't care for attention (don't lump all women together) and I'm usually skeptical whenever a man pays a compliment (since 99%, I'm sure, want sex and possibly, for many, only that).

    Also, I don't advocate hitting anyone (I don't care if she slaps you. If she has a weapon, have at it and defend yourself. But his life is not in danger to the point where he knocks her out over a slap or punch. If she's physically dominating him, I understand at that point). Personally. I won't ever put my hands on you or anyone, but if you do, I will do my best to kill you.
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    • Fisrt girl to disagree with some pints, very well let's adress them.

      1. Like I said a men doens't have to be the strongest, the smartest or the one that makes more money. I stated this. He just needs to be himself, who he is to let his fire burn. His own fire, that will be different from everyone elses.

      I would have nothing against both groups if they didn't tried to recruit memebers. One thing is living your life, going your own way and making your own choices. Another is advocating that men are good women are evil. Even if not all of them fill this category the vast majority of them does. Like I said to a hurt person it can be super appealing to hear that he is not the problem, that is just how thing work. And now he is one of them, a guy that with proper time to grief from his pain might turned out with a very different opinion. One that does not incluse thinking that half of the world population suck really really bad.

      3. If a guy likes and wants a girl he should give her attention. If it sounded like I disagree with that then my mistake in writting. But that attention is very different from the attention given purely because of "oh boobs!" Get my point please. There is a difference in going for what you want with dignity and to run in it's direction with your tongue sticking out while shouting "you are so hot plese love me".

      I don't want to advocate that people should hit others left and right. But yes, men or women, if they hit they can get hit back. If its a women punching a guy because he slaped her good. Works both ways.

    • 1) I wholeheartedly agree with your 1. I guess I didn't read closely enough. I admit fault.

      2) We will just have to disagree. Every groups has its radicals (Feminism has them). I am not going to paint the group with a generalization. MGTOW is different because many of their basic tenants (like going back to restricting rights for women) are horrible. Many incels aren't malcontents though. It's fine: we disagree.

      3) I agree with the attention bit. I disagree with the hitting back. To me, it's like a 12 year old punching a 6 year old simply because the 6 year old hit him. You need to have self-composure and think about your actions. If his life is not in danger (or he is not a product of abuse), then he shouldn't hit.

      We won't ever agree on this point. That's fine.

    • It's fine to disagree on things.
      I want to say that even if I think it's called for, to hit someone that just hitted you, doesn't mean that I think the first course of action should be that one. If you can just restrain the person perfect. I just want equal blame on things.

  • whipitout
    Ok so I read it after you linked me 😊First up, I cracked up at the bit about locking the people inside and blocking the exits and setting them on fire 😂👌

    I feel like it's hard because there are a couple of points where I'm not 100% on the same page as you, but also, you may just not have fully expressed your opinion on some of these things because otherwise it would've been a 40 page essay.

    For example, I personally don't think that paying for dinner would be considered 'chivalry' in my books. But that being said, I appreciate your opinion on in in general.

    I definitely think that guys shouldn't accept abuse or being mistreated, and both parties should have to put effort into getting or maintaining a relationship, rather than the girl get the guy to chase after her constantly. I don't think that necessarily means fighting fire with fire, so just because she doesn't call back, doesn't mean you have to make her life difficult, BUT, also doesn't mean you have to continue to put a lot of effort into getting that to work.

    Just because I found it interesting, after several studies, there seems to be a desire from women in particular to feel like they are wanted and a desire from men in particular to feel like they have succeeded or achieved something, and that they are needed. So the guy having to put in a little bit of effort to 'chase' the girl and then 'win' her, does fulfil both of those desires for both parties. That doesn't make it the right thing, and there are obviously other ways to go about it, but I just thought it was an interesting article I read (I can't remember where I found it otherwise I'd link it).
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    • I accept other opinions it's fine. Yet I am curious, what do you consider chilvary then?

      I agree that guys like to get the girl and girls like to feel like a guy wants to get them, but there is a limit. The guys shouldn't chase when the girl gave many signs she is not interested and the girls need to know when to stop playing hard to get before the guy just loses interest.

      I am glad you liked it.

    • whipitout

      The rest of what you mentioned I'd definitely consider chivalry. The typical opening doors, pulling out chairs etc.

      I totally agree with you about the limit thing though. I think it's often way too much of a game and people make it much harder than it should be.

  • joeshi
    Omfg I’ll suck your dick rn that is just what the guys of the G@G needed to read (not all of them) ever since i got on this app they’ve just been tormenting woman and putting them down and if I’d defend myself even a little then I’m a “crazy feminist” it sucks how boys can think that they can just disrespect women in general, also the other way around too. But man, woman get shit on this app on the daily.
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    • joeshi

      I read the comments, soooo many men trying to sound smart and contradict you. Damn they just can’t be told something else, it’s like if your so unhappy with woman then just date men

    • Smegskull

      I'd guess they don't call you a crazy feminist because you defend yourself, they call you a crazy feminist because of the way you defend yourself.

    • joeshi

      I just state facts and that’s it, some guys just don’t want to hear it and start to become defensive. But it’s just the truth. There was a guy in another question commenting mean things about woman and i just told him that what he’s doing will continue onto his sister and his daughter, just because he doesn’t stop this trend of degrading it’s going to bite him eventually and just because he’s a guy doesn’t mean it will. Guys hate to be told what it is

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  • MrOracle
    I think you are either reading low-quality opinions or you just aren't reading them thoroughly. There's nothing wrong with chivalry or traditional values, and there's nothing wrong with equality - BUT YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH, because they are mutually exclusive and directly opposed to each other.

    The problem is not that some women want chivalry and some want equality - most men could deal with that with little problem, except at the beginning when we have no way to know which one she wants. The problem is that far too many women want the BENEFITS of BOTH and the RESPONSIBILITIES of NEITHER, and THAT is unacceptable, and it what is driving many men away from dating entirely.

    For women willing to pick one or the other and accept the responsibilities as well as the privileges of that position, they rarely have too much trouble finding men who respect them. And there are plenty of those women. It's the ones that want it both ways that who are having trouble finding "quality men" - and are driving many quality men (and some not-so-quality men) out of the dating pool.

    This isn't a minor point - it's a MAJOR problem, and it's having a HUGE negative social impact, which is unfortunate for everyone - even those who are in relationships, because there are lots of secondary effects.
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    • Who cares if a girl's attitude about chilvary and equality that went on a date with is not the best? It's a firsts date you need to be prepared to find anything. You are also there to see if she is good or not so if you don't like it you don't have a second date. It's not more complicated than that. When dating you find all kinds of people and there is no reason to leave the dating pool all together for a few bad first dates.

    • MrOracle

      I agree, but you can understand that when guys keep running into the "have it both ways" girls over and over and over, at least some of them are going to take their ball and go home. I don't agree with that decision, but I certainly understand it.

    • You do have a point there.

  • EmperorOfRussia
    I actually agree with most of what you saud in your take, it could be a nice shot, if not for some real issues there...

    Let's just start:

    "A women 's sexual history doesn't define her dating value! It's just sex! Doesn't change anything about you."

    Stop pretending a woman's sexual history doesn't define her dating value, or maybe even her personality. We all know that we wouldn't date a prostitute or a girl who has weird fetishes and banged every single creature in our eyesight. If you'd date a girl like that, that's a sign that you flushed your honour down the toilet. Sorry to say. Don't expect another man to be like that.

    Do you know why a promiscuous woman just can't make faithful, caring and loving girlfriends? Because that treat is linked to a lack of self-control and irresponsibility, led by ANXIETY or by a PERSONALITY DISORDER. None of that is desirable traits in a committed relationship. Would you date a woman who has no control over her sexual urges? Or another who uses sex as a tool for personal gains? Or another who want to bang another guy in front of you? (By promiscuous, I'm not talking about the number of committed relationships someone had, but the habit of indulging in casual sex, fetishes, "friendship with benefits", whatever. The more of it, the more confused will be the woman in a committed relationship, because of the baggage that comes with them.)

    This nihilistic idea that "sex is just sex", or -- even worse -- that sex is a "right" and a "value" by itself is exactly what creates monsters like incels and MGTOWers, although I never saw them here in Europe and it seems to be an American phenomenon only. If sex is a right, and there are guys who are not getting it, that's not hard to foresee how much increasingly embittered they will be. They will feel their "rights" are being infringed... That's another example of how stupid ideas create troubles for everyone. In addition to that, those kinds of "men" are worthless themselves, have absolute no value in their lives, but demand women a high moral value that they can't themselves offer in return.

    I don't think we should "slut shame" a girl for nothing, usually if we say "I don't date a promiscuous girl" is good enough and life goes on. But we can't just misguide other men to think a girl like that could make a great girlfriend or wife because it's just possible as winning the lottery.

    Despite of that, I think this take was great!
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    • I am not pretending. It doesn't. Yes I wouldn't date a prostitute, but I would date a porn star! They have very strict health regulations unlike prostitutes. So the number of partners is not the issue here. My honour stays right where it is.

      Why the hell if a girl likes sex and has it with a romantic partner, she doesn't have a personality disorder, if it is with a stranger she does? People need to accept that it is possible to separate sex from emotions. It's just sex done for pleasure and fun. We all like to do it and that is not why we have some personal disorder.
      I had one night stands before, does that mean I can't control my sexual urges?
      Wanting to bang another guy in front of me is not related to the number of sexual partners, is related to a fetish. She can be a virgin and have that fetish.
      What is confusing about it? "I want to have sex, so I will pick up a guy tonight that also wants it and do it. It's a random guy I don't love him and I am just doing this for sex". It's not confusing at all. Again it's very easy to separate things.

      But sex is just sex! I am not sure about calling it a right and it certainly isn't a value. That is giving it more importance than what it has.
      I know right? Never meet a single mgtow or incel in Europe also.
      Everyone has the right to say yes and everyone has the right to say no to sex. That is it, again simple. No one is saying that sex is something that must be given to them besides incels.

      What is your definition of a promiscuous girl? How many guys she must have before being called that? The one that had 3 night stands over her life did it for the same reason the one that had 50 did. Why we judge one more?

      Look I get that, generally speaking, girls that had lots and lots of sexual partners are trashy. Not a rule, but usually they are. Thing is this is not always true. I know some slutty girls that are great people and are current in long relationships. We should always judge people individually.

    • If not even a girl that has sex with one radom guy will be labeled a slut.

    • And thank you. Glad you enjoyed my take.

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  • ret04
    It seems as if your overarching point is that men have no right to complain about women. I disagree. Everyone has the right to whine and complain. Welcome to a modern egalitarian society, get used to it.

    Women have complained about men for centuries. We now live in an age where men feel free voice their complaints too, and that is perfectly fine in my view. I'm all about equality of opportunity for everyone in all regards. I do not subscribe to the notion that men (or women) need to act according to their gender or what tradition suggests. That kind of old fashion thinking is on it's way out.

    It's perfectly with anyone's right to dislike promiscuity or any kind of behavior, but such a belief should be held consistently and applied across the board. It should be principled, not gendered. You're also making the mistake of thinking that the way you feel about your sense of manhood also applies to all other men. That's wrong. You don't get to define what a man is for other men. You are not every man, and every man is not like you. Women also do not come with a specific set of instructions, and if you think you understand how they all operate, you are mistaken.
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    • Complain is one thing. The amount of crying I see here is another...

      It's fine that we get to talk about our issues, yes. But again that is not what many are doing here. To say "I have it bad here because..." is not the same as saying "Fuck you bitch whore you don't know how good you have it I am so miserable because I am a guy buaaaaa"

      I agree that people should have their views on things. On promiscuity and manhood. But, here comes the "but", to loudly inslut others that like to act chilvarious or to have sex is why I made this. They can be whatever they want. But if they want to insult, well I have the right to do the same.

    • ret04

      How classic is the phrase "all men are the same" and "men are all pigs", etc? In English, that's been said by women for generations, so much it's become a cliche. Complaining about how hard it is just to be a woman, and how lazy, unintelligent, and unpleasant men are is also cliche. It was done my mother's generation, my grandmother's generation, my great grandmother's generation.

      It's a form of venting frustration. It's not helpful, but it is therapeutic to blame others for your own misfortune. To pretend like you have a complicated issue all worked out. "All women are tards". There, complicated problem solved (for the time being).

      Are you going to also lecture women on their own complaints and whining about men? How about the many topics which come up asking "why are guys so stupid?" You probably won't.

    • Yes that is a generalization. Those cliche ones that we see in movies all the times with the cluless husband or the dumb blonde are there for the sake of jokes. They will always be told. For both men and women. Problem comes when people don't know the difference between a stereotypical joke, that of course falls rigth sometimes, or the actuall truth. Believe me both sides can complain of that one.

      Venting frustration is very well when it doesn't harm other. Not just the person that is on the end of it. It also causes an effect on other that read the reply after. Women think "That is how guys are now" and men might think "that guy is right". That is a problem. Vent frustation by doing some outdoors work, working out playing a sport anything that doesn't hurt a person and gives other less reason to believe in humanity.

      I actually already consider doing that. For real I did and still am. I would be a good take. If I ever make it I will invite everyone her to see it. I am serious.

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  • TonyBologna25
    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but there’s a serious issue going on when divorce rates at over 50% tagged along with infidelity rates rising as well. There’s also a major problem when the US justice department still favors a woman over a man in almost any given divorce case. There’s a problem with promiscuity as well.

    To suggest that third-wave feminism has absolutely nothing to do with the dynamic shift between man and woman is not logical. I feel as if men need to speak out against these things without being labeled as bitter or deemed as irrelevant when mentioning the issues we face.

    I think I’m a fairly rational individual, and all the women in my life agree with me on these views that I have as well. If women want to be treated with chivalry, then they should do the same. All to many women in our generation want to have their cake and eat it to. There are consequences to sleeping around for years in end and statistics show this. Men and women negatively judge promiscuous behavior, and it’s for legitimate reasons.

    As far as feeling like the man? Well my dad and the rest of the men in my family are Type A personality types. They’re the breadwinner. They provide for their families and women, and therefore call most of the shots. I believe based on biological logic, that women are naturally submissive and willingly submit to a man they see fit. It’s not a control thing or a malicious thing. The man seeks out and makes moves in the best interest of his family and wife.

    This progressive ideology that there are no gender roles within a relationship, or shouldn’t be is extremely toxic towards marriage and society. This is how we biologically operate, and this is really the first time in history we’re challenging that, and the repercussions are self explanatory. Depression rates are at all time high in women, so it’s make women miserable too.

    So you can be as progressive as you want. But I’m a little more traditional and it’s okay that we have a difference of values, but to suggest that people who carry different values other than your own are to be deemed as “not real men” is completely asinine and the very definition of bigotry.
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    • Yes divorce rate is 50%. So I shouldn't marry based on that? If people based their lifes around statistics no one would leave their house or play the loterry. That is the only statistic everyone knows by heart and cares about for some reason. It's an indicator, yes. But I am not going to let it define an important life choice that is more than anything up to to me and my judgement of what the future will be. I am not worried about the loyalty of my faincee. I know she is just mine and always will be.

      They have had an influence on a very small portion of the population. I know that it might look like they actually created a big movement that the majority follows, but no. Media and social networks have that power. to give that impression. Reality however is that mot even 25% of the UK population calls themselves feminists. I am ust using UK as an example here.

      Like I said to another guy here, yes one should give and recieve in a relationship. To say that most of women today have the mindset that you described is where we disagree. Most of them also want to give. Don't let the stupid masses sell you the wrong idea. Go out, talk to people and will see that usually we are the ones that get more than what we give.

      They can judge yes, but thery are judging someone just for liking to have some fun. Tow quetions... 1. Did you use proper precaution? 2. Did you cheated on anyone? If 1 is yes and 2 is no then... well you cans till judge. You just don't have real reason for it.

      Not everyone wants to be the the house leader and the major breadwinner.
      For example, I call the shots in my house, but my fiancee makes more than me. I like to be in charge and she likes to be more submissive. It's about attitude not income.
      Now if anyone wants it to be the other way around, as long as both want that, we are no one to point fingers.

    • I believe that the men should be strong. I believe that the women should be strong. I have an strong and independent women at home. The problem is people are too insecure. A man need to feel bigger or he doesn't feel like a man. Screw that! That is being weak not strong.

      People can be conservative. They can be conservative and real men. What they can't do is complain all the time. That doesn't sound like something real men do.

    • Men and women are biologically different, and therefore give and offer different things in a relationship. It's not all about giving or all about taking, as people are much more multi-dimensional in their personalities than that. But to suggest there isn't a fundamental difference between men and women is factually false.

      Women have entirely different endocrine system with more estrodial than men which leads to more nurturing and emotional behavior. Men are more testosterone driven and produce 7x more than women, which correlates to aggressiveness and the urge to lead. The way our brains work are differently as well. Harvard studies confirm that men utilize the left side of their brain moreso than women, which is the logical side... and this is why men still dominate STEM fields by a long shot, considering these are very logically driven fields.

      So considering all this, tagged a long with a lot of other differences in upbringing, we offer different things in a relationship. Also, your story of your fiancee making more than you, that's great that you're still dominant in your relationship, but she logically has the upper hand to dominate given that she provides more stability than you. Your case is more anecdotal than anything.

      I'm conservative, and the problem I have is that progressives labeling people with my views as not being real men or being insecure because of their values. I don't believe I'm insecure by default because of my views. Men are facing a lot of issues in modern society, and not voicing these issues in fear of being negatively judged by others is weak in my opinion. No, there's a lot of issues men are facing in modern society, and I'll speak about them if it's brought up.

      Your definition of strength is going to be different than a lot of others. My definition of strength in this given context is being able to voice these issues without fear of negative judgement or titles. Third-wave feminism in the US (where I live) is absolutely toxic.

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  • Tdieseler
    Wow... you encompassed like... every fucking thing... im not really surprised... I've been saying this but in bits and pieces... been trying to change it but nooo... the problem ain't women... the problem is men. i just focus on women because i HOPE they can change it. cuz men won't.
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    • Both sides need some ajustments. If they will ever change? Doubt it. Still I wanted to call them on it.

    • Tdieseler

      and call you did. i LOVED this Take.

    • Thank a lot! It's so good to see that some guys agree with me on this.

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  • Holistic
    This site has too many bitter people. I've seen too many question starting with "why are all men/women blah blah blah". They take one or two bad life experiences and think of it as the norm. Too many men hate on women for not liking them back, then continue to complain about it even after stating that women are evil. Either change your attitude or stop caring.
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    • This "They take one or two bad life experiences and think of it as the norm.". Is the core problem in my opinion. I fully agree with you.

  • thomual
    So your thesis is, "everybody is evil, dont be a pussy."

    Wow. Immasculation isn't cool if it's being done to women, OR to men. Dont shame men for demeaning women and then immediately demean men.

    Chivalry is manners. But female chivalry is not the exact same behavior as Male chivalry. Men and women have different needs.

    The existance of rape does not justify completely selfish and horrible behavior of women toward men. Not all women are evil. But some are.
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    • Basically yes that is it.

      Some behaviours are just wrong no matter how you look at them. I am calling them out on those yes. Also I said "some" right at the start. This was meant to help, to give some insight.

      Oh yes some are no question. Their action have no justification and they need to be hold accountable for them. I mentioned this.

    • Number39

      Your a male feminist? If so stop please.

    • thomual

      No I am not.

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  • Philyouup
    first I think that there are an unusually concentration of INCELS and MGTOWs here in gag. I think most if not all, NOn Trump supporting males are probably a lot more progressive and accepting of woman and what they contribute to our world.. its the bigoted minded male that feels his manhood is threatened when I woman is near him,
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    • Wowgirl30q

      Non Trump 😂 @Philyouup

    • Wowgirl30q

      I don't remember ever hearing you insult a woman I respect that

    • Philyouup

      @Wowgirl30q I honestly try my best, I have two daughters, that I adore and respect. and they make me proud. they are women.

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  • Smegskull
    So your solution to men who are resentful about being unfairly shamed is to shame them and say they deserve it for not being as righteous as you?
    I don't see this as working, all this is going to do is make the women these men take issue with for being hypocritical feel validated and entitled.

    "People are evil and the world is not fair" most people agree. The thing they take issue with is we tend to punish evil men & forgive evil women and we try as a society to make the world fair for women while expecting men to make their world fair by themselves.

    The chivalry problem is part of a larger issue being "what do men and women have to offer each other any more?" Women can't compete with porn and are rightfully unhappy about that and men can't compete with the welfare state and are rightfully unhappy about it. This just leaves both sides resentful which is not a great emotional state for cultivating chivalrous behaviour or a positive reception of it.

    Feeling like a man isn't about control that is an over simplification. It is about being needed, the problem with strong independent women is "they don't need no man" and men often take their value in being needed. Just look at their career tactics, one of the best feelings in a man's career is knowing he has indispensable value to the company (it's why so many don't share knowledge, they don't want to lose their monopoly on something valuable to the company).

    No on can escape their nature to claim otherwise is either foolish or arrogant. If men had control of their nature they would make themselves 100% attracted to the first woman to show interest in them just out of convenience. Maybe even just choose not to find women attractive and avoid the distraction all together.

    You just spent a paragraph shaming MGTOW for having a lifestyle you disagree with but have a problem with slut shaming because people have no right to judge women for having a lifestyle they disagree with?

    And then you tell men to act exactly as MGTOW advise for dating and relationships? Dude what the hell, did you and consistency have a serious disagreement over something life threatening?
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    • Complaining to the level that is being done here makes no sense! Like I said yes some women are bad and they do bad things, yes. But, the level of overeating and projecting it into the entire female gender is riddiculous. I am not defending all women and attacking all men. I said "some" right at the begining.

      I also said to stop licking the floor they walk on and to make them take responsability for their actions. That starts by not letting them treat you badly and the forgive them because you know boobs! I agree that society isn't fair when it comes to punish women. But the system is not fair when it comes to punish men either! There are much more rape cases dismissed in court them actual convictions. Much much more.

      Can't compete with porn? When was it even a competition? They are flesh and bone and they are there next to us. Porn is just a way to get off. To have actual sex is much much better. And what do you mean by "can't compete with the welfare state"?

      They might like they don't need us, but they do! Look if in a relationship you don't feel appreciated enough jump off. Don't stay. Let them learn that if they want us they need to shown us why they want us.

      "100% attracted to the first woman to show interest in them just out of convenience". Really? I can't find the logic in this. What if I like the next one I see more? I am now 100% into this one so I can't seek a better one.

      Difference is mgtow fill peoples head with lies. Provide confort to people in pain by telling them their pain will always be there as long as they interact with women. Thank God they are not that known or society would end.

    • Smegskull

      I'm not defending them I'm criticising your approach by highlighting where it runs contrary to their world view. (You have to convince people with their own logic and perspective not with yours).

      Those are dismissed due to lack of evidence (which is fair, convicting without evidence would be unfair).

      Can't compete from an evolutionary drive the male drive is satisfied by porn and the female drive is satisfied by the welfare state. Those evolutionary drives are why we put up with a lot of each others crap.

      Yes. If you could choose who and what you find attractive you would choose the most convenient thing... Just as if you could choose what job makes you the most money or what bed you found most comfortable or what streaming shows you found most entertaining. (This was the argument the gay community made years ago, "we can't choose what we find attractive, if we could we'd choose something with better prospects")

      And to them they want comfort to their pain. Prevention methods like these are no use to people already burned. You are offering a vaccine to people who have already caught the disease, which at best is useless and at worst is downright insulting.

    • I will never convince them like that. So I am trying to show a new perspective. If that will work? Well it does something for someone.

      In my country not long ago a girl was raped in a club by two guys. There are tons of evidence that they did it. They got released on the count of "mutual seduction".
      In the first three months of this year, 11 women were killed by thier husbands. 5 of them had report them to the police before, some more than once. Nothing was done until they killed them.
      I agree that proof must be presented. But even when it is nothing is done.

      Again no clue what is "welfare state". Are you saying we take care of women for sex and they give us sex to be taken care of? It that is it then my girl makes more than me? Why does she also watches porn? Neither side need the other for those things anymore. Yet people are still together. Why? Because there is more to a relationship than an exchange of favors.

      They can't help to like what they like. No one can. But we can look at something and think "hum I like that, but that is bad for me. So I go the other way". Doesn't work to change if you are attracted to women or not, but it changes what women you go for.

      Dude: "Hey I hurt myself when I was running"
      MGTOW: "Oh you did? Then why would you ever run again?"
      Because that logic is going to help them down the line...

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  • lucas262
    Well said,

    But mgtow is not a group or a bandwagon its a philosophy
    What it means to me is self improvement and learning male and female psychology,
    I learned about biased laws against men, and on here, in life, and having 3 sisters i learned about shit women deal with it sucks.

    I don't hate women, they cannot help their nature
    Same with men but we can control our actions

    Confident men don't hate women,
    Confident men hold their values dying or not.
    If im with a girl yeah i would treat her well but i won't give more than I receive.

    This whole women/man hating thing is weak shit, when confronted with equal amounts of shit on both sides you have got to choose who you will be and what you will do/believe.

    If you make yourself better for others it, s still about them not yourself.

    Men make it so hard for other men
    Women make it so hard for other women

    Fuuuucki i do feel like saying fuck it to the whole goddamn game.

    And no your points where sound.
    Though I disagree with assuming everyone deserves chilviary just for having a vagina not man.

    Also everyone likes sex who tf cares and no one should be bashed what they do or don't do the attention should be om the issues at hand never should it be personal
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    • -Asca-

      What "nature" do you mean that women can't help?

    • lucas262


    • I meet some mgtow that were doing just that, going their own way. They have my respect. However most ones I meet on this site were just angry women haters.

      Everyone can control themselves. No one is so bound by their "nature" that they can't help but to act a certain way.

      I am not saying anything else. In fact I state that men should value themselves more, know their worth.

      I chose to analyse every situation individually, no one is always at fault.

      "If you make yourself better for others it, s still about them not yourself." Using myself as an example. I wanted a girlfriend. I didn't had one. So what to do? Imporve for other to get what I wanted. I personaly did it for myself too, but if you ask me "I want to have a partner" is a good reason for one to want to improve.

      "Men make it so hard for other men. Women make it so hard for other women" I agree. The bad apples give the good ones a bad rep.

      Say it then! It's justifiable.

      I had to explain that point better to a lot of people. I should have been more clear here, my bad. I made the chilvary part not because I think every man should do it, but because I saw many people on this site insulting the ones who did. That was it. I think chilvary is a good thing. If you don't want to do it for your reasons, fine! If you want to insult me because I do it, we have a problem.

      Right? You have no idea the amount of hat that I got because on that topic...

      Thanks for reading and for your reply!

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  • humanearth
    That shit don't happen at my house. But then again me and my wife are older than most on here.

    I may be married for 25 years and I still walk on the curb side of the street, open doors for her, seat her at the table before me.

    I also have respect for her, her ideas and her thoughts. But I'm also not her doormat. It is a blend of power. Not one should have more than the other.
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    • I have so much respect from you right now for those words. I completely agree with you.

  • Grobmate
    My dear fellow, you put a lot of effort into posting about the old ways and it is heartening to read.

    However; it appears that you haven't the slightest idea just how twisted and gynocentric the devorce and family legal systems are. I suspect that you have not lost a house, your kids or your retirement benefits, because if you had you would not be in here diluting its significance, or declaring that every man has..

    You do raise some very good points, however; in my country chivalry is indeed dead. It is dead because not only did feminism kill it off, but it also killed off the Ladies, (yes "Ladies" not women).

    As an egalitarian, I champion rights for all. Modern society however; has no place for that, and that suits me just fine. There is nothing marriage can give me. There are however; many things it can take, which it has before. Never again.

    I can date and do everything I could in a relationship with but one exception. Purpose for living. That is what true love is for a Man, (at least in my opinion). You use the term victim quite carelessly, though I give leniency on judgment, for English is not your primary language.

    The word you are looking for is Survivor. MGTOW is not a defeatest mantra or some pathetic little sulking club and nor is it an ideaology. Equally important is that it isn't going to last forever (we hope).

    It is a place where Men go when they are convinced that society and its conventions and doctrine have abandoned them. When it comes to rights, indeed it has.

    No not all women are evil. No not all women will take your house, kids, retirement benefits either. The DIFFERENCE between Men and Women is society ENSURES THAT THEY CAN!

    Family and devorce court is akin to being raped in a police station, while the Police and Judge help your rapist. Which is where the term devorce rape originated from.

    No Sir, I thank you for your opinion but I'm not travelling that path again. I will love her until the day I die, though she gutted me, and I will cling to hope that one day I will see my children again. They will be all grown up and that time in their lives can NEVER be replaced.

    And yet...

    I don't hate Women. I don't hate anybody. Were it not for some good points raised, I would not be so courteous.

    From the nature of your discussion,
    Disagree 1 Person
    • I never said it wasn't bad! Of course it is! I said that fear of it by the general population is tto out of porpotion. Not every single divorce case ends like that. I have my parents divorce as a good example. My mother got cheated on and never saw a cent of his money after divorce.

      You mean you don't practice it. Doesn't mean every single guy there doesn't.

      You are divorced then. Very well I get your position them. Still do you expect everyone to follow on that based on someone else experience and fear?

      True love is pourpose for living? care to elaborate?
      Also yes it's not my native language, but I used victim the way I wanted. Many guys victimize themselves.

      "When it comes to rights, indeed it has" this has to be a joke. What rights you don't have sir?

      AND SO CAN WE! Yes, courts are biased against men, but there are cases of men geting the custody, paid alimony, etc. It's just my country that actually has good divource courts?

      Tell me something... Do you believe that every marriage is bound to fail?

    • Grobmate

      82% of fathers get custody. And an even higher number are forced into paying Alimony.

      Exactly what rights do you think men have Sir?

    • So 18% of father do get their kids and many don't pay alimony, they actually get paid alimony. Just because it doesn't happen a lot doesn't mean its a right that we don't have.

      Yes the court is favors the mother. Now go see how many of those times the father wanted to keep the kids. Go see how many times the divorce was because he cheated so the court ruled in favor of the mother. Go see who many of those times the father is a disgraced sod that can barely look out for himself.

      Go see how many actually good fathers lost their kids to a clearly less capable mother!
      Yes in case both are good parents the mother gets the kids. Is that fair, no! Is that what composes those 82%? Also no.

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  • Kit_Kat88
    Chivalry and being a gentleman is hot. Not being paranoid that every woman wants to use or hurt them can get them more dating opportunities. I agree that guys should stand up for themselves and not allow women to step on them. They'll respect them more for it. Good mytake!
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    • "Not being paranoid that every woman wants to use or hurt them can get them more dating opportunities." So many guys here need to listen this part.

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    It goes both ways but let me debunk that

    The title says "Embarrassed by my own. Guys, time to wake up!"

    "There isn't a single question that doesn't have something in the lines of "All women are evil", "Chivilary is dead because of the modern women", "Women can't fight their nature", "Feminism killed masculinity", etc etc etc." <--Ironically enough you're blaming men. Oh not all? Nice contradiction there.

    "Feminism killed masculinity" <-- I can give you reasons why feminism is objectively a bad thing but that's separate topic.

    "WOMEN ARE ALL EVIL" <-- Says incels/MGTOW. I'm an egalitarian so I say women aren't but feminists are. Next!

    "MGTOW, INCELS AND OTHERS" <-- That mytake is for them not for guys. Oh "not all guys" *reads the title*

    "SLUT SHAMING" And yea you don't realize that majority of slut shaming is done by other women. Yes men do it to but.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE_OLp-9xuQ
    *Reads the title again* "Embarrassed by my own. Guys, time to wake up!"

    "IN THE END" <-- Yeah you're talking about MGTOWS and incels. Read the title again.
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    • Oh you actually read it. Was not expecting that, but glad you did.

      It's not a contradiction. It's not all men, but the ones that I am refering to make themselves noticied in pretty much every question.

      I don't consider myself a feminist. I am not advertising it here. In UK less then 25% of teenagers calls themselves feminists. What I don't want to see is men blaming something like feminism for all the problems in their relationships.

      I say feminazis are. Next!

      This take is for more than them. It is for some guys, including the ones in those groups.

      That argument again. Did you read the part of 40 year old guys insulting teenager girls just for liking sex? I saw men doing it here a lot.

    • "I say feminazis are. Next!" What's the difference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THuA82rSn58 In that case I say incels not MGTOW.

      "Did you read the part of 40 year old guys insulting teenager girls just for liking sex? I saw men doing it here a lot."

      And women insulting other women too. You're point? My point is it goes both ways with that claim I backed up.

      "I saw men doing it here a lot." But I don't. I like to make stories too.

    • A big one. It's resumed to a wider view of things are more racionality.

      Why not? My problem with them taking advantage of hurt guys to validate their ideas and recruit them stands.

      Very well, then we agree. Slut shaming is a thing. So your point about this topic is?

      We see different thing my friend that's for sure.

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  • Ellie-V
    Thank ya!!! This is what I’m thinking all the time when when I see guys talk dumb shit on here. I’m just too lazy to type it all out 😂
    I agree with everything you said. Cool take bro.
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    • Someone had to say it. And look who many guys are already hatting on me...

    • Wowgirl30q

      I'm posting it everywhere I can
      Don't read the BS
      Confident men and 98% of women are supporting you sir

    • Wowgirl30q

      I love him dude

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  • Lance1965
    There are too many "all's" and not enough "some's" on this website. Too many guys on here have one or two bad experiences with women and then judge ALL women based on their experiences. I have had major issues with females too but I am real careful over the words I use on here.
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    • It's good to see someone that even with his issues is intelligent enough to separate "all" and "some". It takes mental strength to do that.

  • I_smell_Ducky
    Dude. Seriously. I don't even know you, but I'm fucking proud of you.
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    • Thank you. I wanted to post this for a while now. I want this nonsensical, let's use the right word here, fear of girls to disapear! It honestly hurts my pride to see so many guys acting like this.

    • It's not going to disappear but the more people who come forward the further we move in the right direction.

    • I agree. Many guys posted here angry at me, but others actually congratulated me on this take. Since there are guys agree that something has to change there is hope.

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  • shi-shi
    Be prepared for the rush of angry whining manchildren 👀
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    • I know. Like I said I am ready to defend my ideas here.

    • Wowgirl30q

      I know I'm going to try to help him

    • @Wowgirl30q Thanks. I actually get a kick out of arguing with them and prove them wrong. But feel free to join in on the fun.

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  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    i wish there were more guys in this world that think the same as you. And dont get me wrong i dont have anything against guys lol. Great take.
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    • Thanks. And don't worry, unlike most guys that insulted me for this take, I don't believe that you girls have anything against us.

    • mattl338

      Luckily I'm one of those guys! :D

  • NicolaD
    What a great article, no it’s more than that, it’s a brilliant article you have written - thank you so much. xxxx
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    • I am the one that thanks you for those kind words.

    • NicolaD

      You deserve them for your thoughtfulness 😘

    • NicolaD

      I see I’ve got a thumbs down for my view - why am I not surprised

  • NerdInDenial
    I don’t know why you are so angry. If you think about it, it’s a good thing if men aren’t in compliance with your formula of being a good mate. There’s less competition.
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    • Good point there... Damit why did I do this?

    • Wowgirl30q

      Huge balls

    • CasaNorba

      you need to actually compete in order to have less competition. clearly he doesn't have any and that should answer his own question on "Damit why did I do this?"

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  • elite665
    Many men on here are “butt hurt” about rejection can I relate sure but I have never blamed it on all women and I never will especially since I have rejected almost as much as I’ve been rejected
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  • Splatzonelover1
    you forgot to put guys that have a learning disability that get ashamed by women lot more even when they short. they can't control what learning disabilities has or their own height. some learning disabilities has been taken vulnerability by some women and they should speck out lot more and yet ashamed by the modern feminist
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    • No one should ever be shamed for who they are or the disabilities they have.

    • I have been talk to guys that have autistic and they got stare lot with women were laughing at them while having a breakdown or meltdown. these girls also did have a learning disability has as well. I told a member staff about that were making fun of one guys with a have autistic

    • You are a good person then ☺️

  • Number39
    Sorry I had to laugh at this post because it's complete nonsense and i'm not going to sit here and write you a 5 page essay as to why this post is shit and biased in every way possible but i'll tell you this women did this to themselves.
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    • You would not the the first to write that essay. Others have tried and I prove them wrong. I would love to do the same with you.
      Women did this to themselves? Oh so you are that guys that thinks men are victims. That we got so mistreated that now it's our turn to hurt them. That is pathetic! Women did nothing. You see some guys complaining on social media and BOOM that is the rule, that is how thing are, all women are evil. Three things for you to learn...
      1. Don't generalize things.
      2. Men are much much worse in therms of harming done to the other gender.
      3. Wake the hell up!

    • Number39

      Wait until I get home and I'll explain why non of this makes sense with proof

    • Number39

      I can't debate you as I'm very limited in this so how should we do this because you seriously the one that needs an eye opener on this subject

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  • ranger962
    I dont really care if not all women are garbage. Enough are that its becoming dangerous to deal with them. This isn't even the same for men rapping women as its not only highly illegal but damages men socially and financially in the long run without much chance to recover at all. This is true for even proven false accusations of rape against men.

    The difference is men are ruined for by toxic masculinity regardless of innocence or guilt
    Women get a slap on the wrist or a free pass for ruining our lives.

    This isn't about hating women its about injustice and double standards.

    Because all women have the capability of doing these things i have to assume you all do and are incentivized to do so.

    What i do hate are those who don't stand against this and embrace the double standard by being silent. What i hate are women and whiteknight cucks dismissing the issues and enabling the behavior.

    You are ashamed of men even though we hold ourselves to account? What about women? I don't see women standing against this. I dont see women held to account for ruining innocent lives. All i see are constant reminders that us men are disposable and worthless.

    I dont fucking care. All of you are trash for letting this happen.
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    • Why is it dangerous to deal with them? False rape accusations are extremely rare. Don't blow up with what I just said! I know it makes you scared and furious at the same time when you hear what a false acusation can do to a man's life. I feel that too! I do! But I am still a man! I am not going to be scared of them just because a few might try that. And I say try because there are much, much more rape cases that are dimissed in court then convictions.

      Toxic masculinity is not a thing. That is a way of saying "traditional male bad behaviour". Don't let the media or the social network form your opinion. Look around you! Where do you see all that devastation around you? Do you see it? I don't.

      I am against women's bad behaviour. Even more when its justified with just "She is a women". Its digusting. But dude we are men! We are f***ing men! Let them come! We can deal with them. We don't need to be shaking in fear we need to remember we have balls and use them!

    • ranger962

      Google kenan basic.

      Women are dangerous because the state allows them to be. It is retarded to trust women at all these days.

      Im not shaking in fear. Im taking intelligent action to protect myself from this behavior.

    • But that is my point you don't need to! There is real danger that in an exaggeration. You can trust them. Be careful in your approach yes, but approach anyway damit!

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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    I'm not into slut shaming, but a woman who is a little mutt sexually isn't girlfriend nor wife material, so her sexual history matters at least to me personally.

    Overall this MyTake has good and true points.
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    • Even if she always used protection, is clean of STD's and never cheated on a former partner?

    • I don't care. Thots aren't for me. Other can have them if they desire them.

    • Wowgirl30q

      Fair enough

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  • luvstoned4him
    I am a girl and I approve this

    Don't get me from, I don't hate the guys but am glad someone understands us.

    So thank you
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    • Thank you. I know most of you don't hate us. Part of the reason I made this take was to tell guys that.

    • @ThisIsMyOpinion thanks

  • AynonOMouse
    From the parts I read of this it seems that you are just kissing up to women that ARE immoral. Someone's past does matter and morals matter too.
    Now when you have a girlfriend or wife, let her be a slut and fuck others since you approve of it.
    On the part of women paying, I do agree though. Women should pay at least as much as men in a relationship. Only a prostitute/whore would expect a man to always pay.
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    • Morals have nothing to do with having sex. Morals are what makes distinguish what is right and wrong. And having sex is not wrong.

      After she is mine I don't aprove it, no. Before she is mine? Couldn't care less.

      If you are on a 5th date and she only calls you her friend yet... ya don't pay.

  • cth96190
    Is English not your first language, or does your lack of knowledge of verb tenses, spelling and correct sentence structure indicate that you are a product of the US education system?
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    • There you are! Took you long enough to see this!
      English is not my native language. If everything you have to dismiss my post is insulting my grammar, my friend your case is as weak as your ideas.

    • cth96190

      I did not deal with your argument.
      You are so far into the blue pill that it would be pointless to try.
      It would be better to have that conversation after a woman has arse raped you in divorce court.

    • Oh that blue pill red pill crap.
      I love how you say the red pill is the hard truth. Always sounded like an easy way out to me.

      Did a women did that to you? Left you and took a lot from you after divorce?

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  • 5yrup
    “hurted” yeah no opinion from someone that can’t spell holds any significance
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    • English is not my native language. But to dismiss my opinion just because of proper grammar shows that you don't actually have a way to contradict me.

    • 5yrup

      i dont care about the opinion to contradict it i just wanted to point out the grammar x

    • And you have. I will be more careful next time.

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  • Heartonmysleeve88
    You are a real king and your wife is so lucky to have you. If only some men think like you we would be happy to love and respect them. Thank you so much for restoring my faith x
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    • Glad you liked it!
      Fell free to see how butt hurt some guys got over this! Is free comedy.

    • 6suejsjsj

      It's free comedy to see pathetic men like you. Have fun with your divorce.

    • @6suejsjsj my wife chos ea real man, not one that bitches about women 24/7 like you.

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  • -Asca-
    Thank you, this just had to be said, the amount of guys acting like girls are some sort of evil demons is ridiculous. Everything said in this take is just bare truth and I could not have explained it any better, great MyTake!
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    • Thanks. It's good to see my fellow men liking it and sharing my opinion.

  • armleg
    i just hate that women get to experience life for free and i have to work hard and none of the things i enjoy are healthy and none of the things that are healthy are things that i enjoy some people e