Why cashing in your Xper for T-shirts is more profitable, and some suggestions

Why cashing in your Xper for T-shirts is more profitable, and some suggestions.

First of all I don't criticize admins about their choice for each reward's cost. But I just want to make some suggestions.

Anyway let's go back to the topic. It's simple math:

Each T-Shirt's value for 1000 Xper, is $15.

Each Amazon Gift Card's value for 7000 Xper, is $20.

So if someone buys 7 T-shirts, then total value would be $105. I don't think most people are interested in T-Shirts but if someone made this thought as I did...he/she could actually have more profit if he/she bought shirts. He/she could buy 7 of them, and sell them (to a flea market for example) for $5 each. I believe they could buy them at such a price, since they are brand new, and buyer could have a profit as well,if he tries to sell them afterwards.

Most GAGers are Americans, and there is a good amount of Canadians as well, so this patern might work for most people here. Which will lead to a loss for GAG. Also many people complain about the increase of minimum Xper for Amazon Cards. It started from 2000 Xper and now it's 7000. So I believe a more "fair" cost for both sides would be about 4000-5000 Xper for Amazon Cards and 1500-2000 for T-Shirts. Keeping the "2 rewards per month" is a good idea though. This way Xper hunting has been toned down by a good degree. After all judging from the chart with top GAGers per month, I notice almost nobody gets 10000 Xper per month. So a cost between 4000-5000 Xper perhaps would be ideal for everyone.

Donation Box and Charity Organisation.

A Donation Box is actually a good idea to increase GAG's profit. I believe there are many GAGers (especially among older members here), who love GAG and they consider this site their "child". Others more others less. So I believe they could donate some of their money to keep this site going. Without receiving any rewards, just because of their love for this site.

Also there's an amount of certain GAGers who prefer to cash in their Xper for charity. After the option for cashing in your points to Raven, I'm afraid many lost interest. Hope we can see another charity organisation in the future.

So what's your suggestions and opinions about it dear admins and GAG members?


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  • there are mytakes that are sponsored, how do you think they get on here? Its not free, they pay gag to advertise their product, and those gag t shirts are ugly and most people are too chicken shit to wear them in public lol. But i think it is a gpod idea to lower the amazon card amount for points
    7000 points for 1 $20 gift card from amazon? Thats ridiculous gag

    • It started from 2000 and through the years it became 7000.

      Well 2000 it's not much especially now that GAG has became bigger, but 7000 is a lot to be honest. 4000-5000 is more rational in my opinion.

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  • Do you think you could get more money by mytakes if you just sell them to actual people and reccommend the website

    • u get 0 money from MyTakes...

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    • Perhaps admins might hate ya... but I don't think they can sue u or anything...

    • probably ban you from here

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  • this sounds like a good idea, but who would want to buy a shirt that says 'girlsaskguys' on it, especially if they dont know the site? :/
    the charity sounds good though

  • That's so true


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  • Unfortunately for your theory, Value Village and numerous other thrift stores exist where both new and used t-shirts that, crucially, are:
    -not white (white t-shirts become stained and unwearable very quickly)
    -have desirable logos and slogans on them (many are unsold stock from popular stores)
    and are available at knock down prices. The GaG t-shirt is for you to wear with pride that you are part of a caring community that helps other people through their problems, not to try and profit off of.

    • I mean sell those t-shirts to a buyer who owns a booth at the flea market.

    • Wouldn't they buy those brand-new shirts for $5?

    • The market (both flea, thrift and retail) is flooded with t-shirts right now at very good prices. The GaG shirt should be special and meaningful to you.

  • the $15 is offset by the flea market. you have rent a booth, invest time, drive there and back, etc.

    • So a brand new T-Shirt for how much it can be sold in your opinion?