Bullying.. in the workplace environment.. and when you do the work.. for free..


Most people dont know who I am or anything about me. I kind of like it like that.....

Just a
Just a "screen name" and a name..

Why do I like this site. it is because no one really knows who you are, or if they do want to, they can find out about you...

But I digress...

Turned it in..
Turned it in..

I never was a super hero for 15 years of my life. I was a volunteer super hero for 15 years of my life. And during this time, I was bullied there. Relentlessly. I spoke up about it but no one listened...

we are suppose to be on the same team...
we are suppose to be on the same team...

We are supposed to be on the same team. Fight for the same cause, and not go rogue and do your own thing. But this went on for 15 years. And during that time, I caught heat for other peoples fuck ups when I told them its my fault because I let them....

Person A: You let them do XYZ. You are suppose to be in charge

Me: I told them they can't do it they didn't listen to me.

Person A: But you are in charge.

Me: They refuse to listen to me after I told them not to..

Person: You are suppose to tell them what to do, you are in charge...

(circle of stupidity)

They were out to screw me from day one, because one person believed, based on the fact that I did not act like them, talked like them, or thought like them, I should not be in a person of authority. Even though this person, and persons. have no idea to lead, or how to lead, or experience to lead, they should be in charge, even though this went on.

For many years this went on. And mind you I did this type of work for free. I reported it to those who did get paid, my immediate bosses, who egged the people who harassed me on. Still stood steadfast in assisting them in giving me problems as well.

When you volunteer. You are giving your own time,and your own heart and soul in it. And when certain person and persons make it miserable for you to do so, you get jaded and angry that, the people who are suppose to have your back.. does not..

and the bonds you made with others, are broken because those who spoke ill of you, has polluted the mind of those who had your back, to turn against you, based on lies..

and its believed...
and its believed...

SO someone makes lies about me, and that lie is carried on through other people. And that lie is believed.. just because you got an axe to grind against that other person....

Does it make you feel better making malicious lies and rumors about that person, to make yourself and your people happy?

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  • Thank you for sharing your MyTake with us well appreciated
    I can relate to how it is to be bullied on a job because i was
    also a victim myself so i know all too well about this well
    I was age 15-16 worked back in 1985-86 for program from
    school i was paid $3.35 a hour that was Minimum wage back
    then while the other people stood around i was working in rain
    came home with dirty clothes for 6 hours a day and i got bullied
    on the job from the other ones who wouldn't work in the rain
    yes i may have been wrong maybe i should of not worked in
    the rain but i did it cause i cared about my achievement of
    working with the money i made, my first pay i bought my
    home a brand new Television for the living-room cause ours
    was no good and going bad but now i suffer from emotional
    stress , anxiety, bipolar, arthritis all cause my health went
    downhill so yes i know all too well about being bullied on
    the job and i am so sorry this happened to you no one
    deserves to be bullied on job and i believe your a nice guy
    you didn't deserve that treatment and all i can say is there
    is a God and he never fails us and he will see you through
    just give it matter of time he never fails us. Best Wishes::):)

  • Unfortunately is not something that is talked about frequently. The correct term is mobbing and it should be attended. It don't only affect the one who suffers it. Mobbing can lead to a toxic working environment which translate a poor performance.


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  • What is some men’s obsession with comparing shaved vulvas to prepubescent girls’ vulvas?

  • Interesting


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  • I always try to work on my own if possible yo avoid scenarios like this


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