Study confirms women are most attracted to psychopaths


Science has now confirmed what I've known for years. Women are most attracted to the traits of psychopaths. On the surface, they appear confident and charming but underneath they are selfish and manipulative. I first realized this in my 20s when I noticed a pattern of women complaining about how guys used or mistreated them. In some cases, it would happen over and over until they no longer trusted men. Girls always seemed to go for the type of guys that don't actually have the traits women claim to want in a relationship. To this day, I still hear women complain about the exact same things. I recently went on a date with a beautiful 23 year old who told me that her fiancee cheated on her throughout their entire relationship and she now has trust issues. I tried explaining to her that she just went for the wrong type of guy but unfortunately the damage is done. Another study also shows that psychopaths have better reproductive success for the same reasons. Basically a strong desire to use women coupled with a willingness to lie and the ability to manipulate.

Now we can all stop wondering why the world is going to shit.


Study confirms women are most attracted to psychopaths
Study confirms women are most attracted to psychopaths
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  • cute_short_nerd
    I don’t like people in general. You gotta do something really special for me to like you and ain’t nobody capable. I like the way psychopaths think, they always seem more intelligent than normal people. It takes smarts to mislead people, often times if you get mislead it’s because you were blinded by something, let me tell you, love is blinding.

    If you are fooled by one of us it’s your own fault, I would be very surprised when someone can see through my lies and call me out for them. Often times we are labeled for such misleading things.

    The label of “player” it often times just a way of entertainment for ourselves because of our mentality, or it is simply out of revenge.

    I have a lack of guilt, and I like to lie, I manipulate people to get what I want, I am impulsive, I have no goals in life, and I don’t get caught.
    I learned to do this from the people around me, simply by observing them I gained skills.

    It’s for my own entertainment and I don’t feel guilty. In fact I don’t see why I should. I don’t trust anyone because everyone is the same as me. They may deny it, they may hide it, but everyone has intentions. My intentions are simple. Yours are to obtain happiness, or to give to others the satisfaction that they want.

    You can call me whatever you want, good people are few in this world. When in fact good people depend on opinions, and not fact it’s easy to stop caring about what other people want and just enjoy the chaos.

    I am insane, not a psychopath.
    I prefer it that way, because in a sense it is worth while. No one is pure, no one is 100% truthful and I learned to deal with it.

    It’s fun to see people suffer sometimes, especially when they are privileged and spoiled. The suffering you cause to others has just become your own. Much like karma. I feel that karma and I have tons of similarities, observe, and serve, but if you don’t deserve than you shall be safe.

    Entertainment is free these days. Be more observant or be left shattered.
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    • wisefool

      I don't think I was particularly fond of people at your age either. I believe I am the antisocial type of psychopath myself but this article is referring to the narcissistic type of psychopath. There are good people in the world, trust me, it's just a matter of finding them. I've experienced moments of insanity myself and I find it both absolutely terrifying and excitingly freeing at the same time.

    • Regmorus

      Very impressive that you are able to describe it with such precision and insight at the age of 13. What about the contents hopefully you will come somehow to regret you being like this and to change. I was exactly the same maybe even worse, but I changed (well, at least I avoid hurting people at all cost). And I spoke in same manner about me too... It's terrifying how similar it is. And writing this you probably felt or convinced you that you feel nothing - I'm just going to say: it's not right, for that being said. But further elaboration is pointless.

    • Thanks for being impressed, but honestly I have feelings...
      I don’t want them because I feel helpless and I don’t like that. I am a really really sensitive person even though I act like I don’t care, I just learned to hide my emotions like a switch.

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  • peachyknees
    I am sorry, but that's not why the ”world is going to shit”. Did you dig deeper into this? I am not saying this idea is not true, because there is evidence that supports it. But there's actually a biological explanation. The so-called ”psychopaths” have plenty of good genes that need to be passed on, hence the attractiveness. Of course, their mirror-type of personality helps them greatly, I can't deny that, but they aren't necessarily bad to our species. Also, psychopaths make around 1% of the general male population so the other ”bad boys” are simply douchebags.
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    • Yes. Preach it. The rest are douchebags!!!

    • wisefool

      what is good or bad for the species is subjective. my claim that psychopaths are bad for society is based on the democracy of the masses. you did not even take into consideration that psychopathy is not entirely genetic, which could explain why it appears beneficial in certain environments. diagnosed disorders make up a percentage of the population but in reality all disorders exist as a spectrum and people have more or less of specific traits.

    • You don't need to school me on this, especially because psychopathy is not recognised as a clinical disorder and it would be very hard to do. Yes, there is the anti-social personality disorder, but that's not the same as what we call "psychopathy". Also, what's good for the species is not subjective; our genes try to adapt as good as they can to the environment, wheter we see it that way or not.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    There have been numerous studies over the years that have proven women are most strongly attracted to what is termed the "dark triad" personality type in men, which refers to Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy. There are tons of references out there. Here is one...
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  • John_Doesnt
    This explains why the D. E. N. N. I. S. system is so effective. Just remember to buy a boat so you can take women out on the water. They can't say no, because of the implication. The implication that something might go wrong, not that they will go wrong but she's thinking that.
    Demonstrate your value as a psychopath
    Demonstrate your value as a psychopath
    The Implication
    The Implication
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  • I don’t think there’s an agreed upon definition of psychopaths. But say it’s lack of emotional connection, ability to manipulate people and an anti-social personality. One study doesn’t make a trend. But women may like to date “psychos” but I doubt they’re marrying them.
  • thomual
    This explains why my friend Patrick is so good with ladies. He's awkward and immoral, but has psychopathic tendencies and has women all over, all of whole he rejects.
  • Sparkling_Star
    I don't like psycho boyfriend but you are right i see many go for psychopaths
    • wisefool

      Did you even read the article? I very clearly explained that girls are most attracted to psychopaths even though they are not good for relationships.

    • Yeah but there must be some exceptions and i am one of those who doesn't get attracted to psychopaths

    • wisefool

      Fair enough. Bout time one of you isn't attracted to them 😂

  • Steve_Dogs
    From what we see, the most successful of our species tend to be disproportionately psychopathic.
  • KrakenAttackin
    This should not surprise anyone.
  • Anonymous
    Here ye, hear ye! You hit the nail on the head. And you are quite correct, welcome to the Decline of the West. Its time that the truth was let out of the bag.
  • Anonymous
    Attractive psychopaths get women easily... ugly psychopaths have the same chance as any ugly guy... none