Relationships With Psychopaths: Sexy And Dangerous

Self-confident, charismatic, exciting and sexy but by definition unsuccessful in any type of relationship.

Relationships with psychopaths sexy and dangerous

For that 4% of the general population that are psychopaths it`s about keeping a public facade rather than a genuine relationship.

"Recent research has found that people with so-called “dark” personality traits are more physically attractive than others. " (Link)

“Given psychopathy’s enormous impact on society in general and on the criminal justice system in particular, there are significant benefits to increasing awareness of the condition.”

“Psychopaths composed that small but embarrassing cohort whose very resistance to all manner of treatment seemed to be its defining characteristic.” (THE CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH: HISTORY, NEUROSCIENCE, TREATMENT, AND ECONOMICS Kent A. Kiehl* and Morris B. Hoffman**)


Psychopaths have existed in every society on planet earth and since the dawn of man.

Unfortunately only quite recently is science looking into them “Neuroscience is beginning to open the hood on psychopathy.”

To give you an insight into how a psychopath wreaks havoc we can take the small Inuit society as an example they are a small community up in the Arctic Circle that survive by their men going on hunting trips for seals for months at end, the psychopath would stay behind and when they return back they would find all their women pregnant. The Inuit learnt that a psychopath can not be part of any society large or small so they would be banished into the wilderness.

Psychopathy Is Not A Psychiatric Diagnosis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There are many lay-man definitions for psychopaths due to dramas in TV and popular media even more so according to academia to me a psychopath quintessentially lacks any empathy they could lie successfully to a polygraph and not betray any emotion.

“The hallmarks of what’s typically seen as a psychopath include a lack of empathy and feeling for others, selfishness, lack of guilt, and a superficial charm that manifests exclusively to manipulate others.”

There is a scoring system for psychopathic traits but that is doubtful since it relies on lies being detected and the cut of band is different from country to another like in the UK its 25/40 to be classified as a psychopaths whereas in the USA its 30/40.

Psychopaths unlike sociopaths can blend in they are not that knife welding impulsive acting thug rather they are a “pillar of the community”.

Psychopaths are turned on by power,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
They yearn for power trips they will use you as a tool to get to positions of power.

Amazing superficial sex,,,,,,,,,

“The psychopath who seeks to drain the bank account of a vulnerable but wealthy individual will have as much sex—or provide the best sex possible—if it helps him or her achieve that goal. Similarly, another psychopath who has sexual urges seeks a willing partner on whom to force himself and have sex as rough as necessary to discharge the dysregulated, hostile energy.”.

They are less committed and promiscuous,,,,,,,,,,,

“The psychopath frequently engages in promiscuous sexual behavior or has many short-term marital relationships, both items on Robert Hare’s seminal Psychopathy Checklist—Revised (1991). Ali and Chamorro-Premuzic (2010), for example, found that primary psychopathy was positively associated with promiscuity (e.g., psychopathy meant more promiscuity) and negatively associated with commitment (e.g., psychopathy meant less commitment).”

That solid 10 that you thought you could never have,,,,,,,,,,,,

Jodi Arias

She was so stunning she would steal the attention everywhere she goes that type of girl that all heads turn for even the ladies who are checking out the competitionand are struck by her flawlessness.

Even your mum loves her, the manners (P`s&Q`s) and the way she takes care of her son. You two never had fights yet she left you without revealing much it all seemed like a dream and everyone kept saying she was a keeper and so she broke your heart. Good thing she didn’t crush your heart literally with a knife.

He hits all the right notes and makes life seem like a dance,,,

It’s the Honeymoon phase after all. “Because they suffer from incurable personality disorders, psychopaths repeat over and over the same relationship cycle, no matter whom they’re dating or for how long. Relationships with them are always castles–or, sometimes, marriages–built on sand.”.

This is an outgrowth of their personality and they do it without being calculating it`s innate for them.
The only reason they are doing it can be boiled down to “sport”, to achieve a goal and appearances.

Psychopaths go their entire life lacking any depth and long lasting emotions they have shallow and plastic lives,,,,

" A psychopath lacks much more than empathy for others in his emotional repertoire. He also lacks the capacity to experience any kind of emotion that requires deeper insight and psychological awareness. He experiences only proto-emotions, which are as short-lived as they’re intense. "

The Psychopath’s Emotions:

1) Glee. A psychopath feels elation or glee whenever he gets his way or pulls a fast one on somebody.:

2) Anger you can`t predict his anger it could be over something minor and yet they stay calm over something big. they don`t have heat of the moment anger burst rather its controled like their charm.

3) Frustration

4) Consternation when a psuchopaths actions are disaproved or he is charged in court he will act surprised, since in his mind he has justified his actions.

5) Boredom. This is probably the only feeling that gives psychopaths a nagging sense of discomfort. They try to alleviate it, by pursuing cheap thrills, harming others and engaging in transgressive behavior.

6) Infatuation.

7) Contempt. A psychopath’s core emotion is contempt for the individuals he fools, uses and abuses and for humanity in general. You can identify the psychopath’s underlying contempt much more easily once he no longer needs you or once his mask of sanity shatters.


Scholarly article on psychopaths:


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  • This is so very true. Loved it.


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  • 1) Its 1% of the entire population that are Psychopaths, 4% for Sociopaths. There's a difference.
    2) Psychopathy/Sociopathy is a personality disorder and is classified as a mental illness.
    3) Not all psychopaths are completely devoid of emotion or lack empathy for that matter, the media likes to popularize its stereotypes.
    4) Anybody can become a psychopath, see secondary psychopaths.
    5) You're research is biased, you're only looking at only one side of the coin.

    • 1) some papers state 4% for psychopaths but i guess they could be confussing that with sociopaths
      2) psychopathy is differed on if its a mental illness or not but its a personality defect
      3) I disagree with you on that you might be referring to narcissist and sociopaths they have some empathy but psychopaths none.
      4) Secondary psychopaths are sociopaths which are distinct from psychopaths. Sociopaths are due to environmental factors
      5) my subject was only psychopaths not sociopaths

    • Wtf? Psychopathy isn't a defect, its a personality disorder. Psychopathy can be interchanged with Sociopathy.
      That doesn't mean Sociopaths and Psychopaths are the same.
      Psychopaths have no Sympathy, based on whose assumptions? Yours or the media? A psychologist would never suggest to you that all Psychopaths lack empathy.
      You've done absolutely no research about this.
      Lol. No man, this Take is borderline drivel. At the very least, you should've read Wikipedia. I study psychology. And this stuff... Humorous.

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  • Beautifully Done, @apexalpha
    Good luck. xx

  • This is why I like beta men the best. If they're a psychopath, I can just demand that they stop it immediately.

    Nice advice though. I also just finished watching most of the Jodi Arias trial on YouTube and she's the perfect example. The Psychologist for the prosecution was spot on about Jodi.

    It still amazes me how so many people get infatuated with people like that though. It honestly scares me more that so many people are so willing to follow them than the psychopaths themselves do.

    • "This is why I like beta men the best. If they're a psychopath, I can just demand that they stop it immediately. " psychopaths can't be told what to do they are like that for the rest of their lives.

    • I was making a joke...

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