The Mask of a Psychopath: Recognise their traits, and know how to defend yourself

THE MASK OF A PSYCHOPATH : Recognise their traits, and know how to defend yourself

While most of us aren’t qualified or experienced to diagnose or label someone as a Psychopath, we are still well within our rights to learn all we can about Psychopathic behaviour, and use our power of perception to safeguard ourselves and families from the “ Predators “ who live among us.

Psychopaths wear a fake mask –a fake persona. They have the ability to hide who they really are deep inside. They have an adaptable personality which means they can easily construct different masks to different people and situations. They are notorious for having no emotions and no conscience although; they can feign emotions by mimicking ours. They are masters of deception and manipulation. They are secretly calculating how best to cause you the most suffering, they thrive on your pain!

As a Psychologist, my father dedicated his life to studying and delving into the minds of people’s most intricate personalities. He recognised the great works of renowned Criminal Psychologist Robert D. Hare, C.M researcher in the field of Criminal Psychology. He developed the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, used to assess cases of psychopathy. Please note this list is designed to be used with a point -scoring system, (which I haven’t included) by Psychologists along with other forms of complex assessments in diagnosing Psychopathy. Although the point scoring system shouldn’t be used by a layperson, the checklist can be used to teach us about “The mind of a Psychopath"

Dr.Robert Hare’s Checklist of Psychopathy Symptoms in more detail


A person displaying some of these symptoms is not necessarily a psychopath but even so, you should never ignore these traits in another person, as it would leave you susceptible to their manipulation , and allow them to wreck havoc with your life, and destroy you mentally and emotionally. He/she is best to be avoided whatever the cost.

The Devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointed horns

, he comes as everything you've wished for...

The best Defence against a psychopath

Know their nature and avoid them at all cost: Study psychopathic traits to be very aware of them, so that you won’t fall for their cunning schemes.

Know who YOU are – Learn to know yourself, your own vulnerabilities and insecurities. Psychopaths are highly perceptive and will zero in on your weaknesses. Be very wary of anyone who starts to target your weaknesses.

Understand: you can never change them

1) Acknowledge their existence: By doing so, you develop a psychological advantage. Forewarned is forearmed

2) Identifying them: Spot the predator before he can spot you. Because of their abilities at camouflage and deception, psychopaths are difficult to spot. They can fool even mental health professionals.

3) Recognition: Most psychopaths leave a long trail of destruction and heartbreak and will try to cover their tracks. Where possible do background checks and/or speak with the suspected psychopath’s family and friends. One of the best methods of detecting psychopaths is to wait them out

4) EVADE :A safer and easier strategy is to evade. Once you have identified someone who displays any psychopathic traits you must cut him or her off and out of your life completely.

DO NOT : pity them, feel sorry for them, or sympathize with them It’s extremely vital to understand that empathy can’t defeat the psychopath. You can’t reform them, find the goodness inside them, you can’t show them the way to god, and you can’t teach them about love. All these approaches will fail since psychopaths can never understand nor can they care about these concepts. While they may lead you to believe that you are getting through to them, in reality, they will use your compassion and empathy to their advantage.

DO: Become totally unemotional; don’t react to anything they say. He will lose interest if he doesn’t meet with any emotional reaction. Cease to react to those things that are most important to you. Your reaction shows him what matters to you most, and you’re encouraging him to attack that very thing. To make a psychopath even less harmful, you should start emotionally reacting to things that aren’t important to you, so that his attention would be focused to destroy things that don’t matter to you. You must develop a cold exterior to them and view them from a distance

Lose your resources: Psychopaths want the resources that you have, be it money, sex, your beauty or your emotional dramas.Psychopaths feed off these resources, so if you withdraw these things, a psychopath will lose interest in you and will move on to a more resourceful victim.

Although we can’t live our lives in Constant fear and Paranoia, we must not be naive to the fact that psychopaths live within our society looking for their next vulnerable target. Knowing what to look for, and how to defend yourself protects you from being their next potential prey

Psychopath: The Epitome of evil

“The MONSTER lies within"


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  • Psychopaths are notorious for their lack of fear. When normal people are put into an experimental situation where they anticipate that something painful will happen, such as a mild electric shock, or a mildly aversive pressure applied to a limb, a brain network activates.
    Anyways nice take. Keep it up 👌


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  • Nice take highlighting an important and ignored subject.

    I have over the years developed a psychopath and sociopath radar and so recognised a bunch of people who looked harmless and charming to others but are in fact human parasites. I think they are the most dangerous individuals in society

    • Aww thanks!! 😃

      I totally agree with you! They are the most dangerous individuals in our society! 👍👍

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    • I agree! They are a danger to everyone. The safety of the public from these predators should be paramount!!

    • you make a good point apexalpha, but are you a self proclaimed alpha-male because that is all based on psychopathic reasoning The whole alpha male ideology encourages men to step on other people and be ruthless in order to get what they want. Pretty much people who use the alph-beta thing are using behavior demonstrated in wolf packs to justify their psychopathic behavior. Hopefully its just your screen name :)

  • I agree with this. I agree a lot more with this quote "The Devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointed horns , he comes as everything you've wished for..."
    My experience with a person was very much like that.

    He wormed his way into my life slowly, the key is to slowly build up trust with your... ahem... target. You're honest, trusting, gentle, self-assured, knowledgeable, hard working, funny and you try to [make out that you are] help[ing] others. You slowly build up small favors and small debts by being the above, by being what they want/need. You presented yourself as a little broken. You'd as for small favors while making out that you were doing me big favors, teaching me martial arts, finding me work, etc. You'd talk about your life, the high's and lows, your experiences and include me in your plans.
    You did do some things that raised flags but, I figured, you're a bit broken, you come from a different background, a different belief system, you're human like the rest of us and prone to mistakes.
    Pretty much everything you did you did with complete assurance in yourself and your ability to handle it. Every breath, movement, word, thought was life or death.

    • But that could have been due to your screwed up upbringing and hardcore military life.

      It wasn't till we started traveling when things started changing. You left your driving license behind and the vehicle got a defect sticker so I had to drive. How nice of you to explain to me how your fancy as fuark racing ute didn't drive like normal cars or even how to drive it really slowly through a city without the engine overheating; it was much easier to threaten and punch. Then you'd let it go and make out how you doing me favors, your words and actions started to stop being synchronized and your hate for me started to show... but you couldn't discard me yet could you, lol

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    • It was around this point where you became most hostile to me and I remember going for a walk one night and thinking to myself, 'this may be the last sunset I ever see, I don't know if I'll see the morning', for a week every moment around you I was in a state of hyper alert, every moment, every breath, every tone, every silence, absolutely everything I could use to ensure my safety I was aware of, I pretty much didn't sleep for a week.
      I wish I'd even for a moment thought of getting out of this situation and I'm a bit ashamed of myself for going along with as much of it as I did.
      No, it was you who gave me $400 and told me to leave.
      All I can do is learn and grow from this experience.
      I wasn't the only person you fucked up, remember your 'wife'? The girl you used, discarded and destroyed her life? I haven't forgotten.

      Sometimes I feel sad for you, you're a hollow man, every part of you is empty and you are only capable of simulating emotion but goddamn you're a clever mofo.

    • /end rant.

  • Great take, my brother and i were discussing psychopathy the other day...
    Some people are born psychopaths others go through trauma that causes them to become psychopathic...

    • Thanks! 👍. It is quite surprising how many people are Psychopaths too! It's a scary thought

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    • Exactly!! 👍👍

    • if you want to know who will be a psychopath, just look at your school bully. People who are bullies are more likely to be psychopaths because their lack of empathy allows them to degrade and humiliate other people without any remorse

  • Great job!! I had no idea you were writing a MyTake!!! So proud and love the pics you included :)

    • Haha I thought i would surprise you !! Did you like it then?

    • How could I not like it! You did a wonderful job on it :) I don't see how you had the time to do this with everything you have had going on. Like I said before your parents did a great job of bring up a wonderful woman :) I guess I need to 'surprise' you with a Take now then.

  • I am impressed by it!! Learned some new stuff, thanks a lot!!

  • scored very low!!! Thank God!! I always knew that I cared about other people, now I know that it is true and my empathy is real

  • Lol I matched 12 of them, does that make me psychopath? No I am goofiest biggest kid in my class and I make everyone laugh lol and neither I grow intentions to hurt someone who hurt me. This take is BS, sorry OP. Js lol

    • this may explain you previous posts where you degrade those you feel are inferior to you (shorter men, etc). Psychopaths are more likely to be bullies and most bullies are psychopaths

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    • I took a few psychology classes and we learned about personality disorders. Bullying behavior is actually used in the diagnostic test for psychopathy

    • @Eric644 those are sociopaths lol and I am not that neither

  • Which is why they are so dangerous too they can hide their true personalities this basically summed up people with Anti social personality disorder to be honest.

  • Psychopaths are known to have lack of self control, leading to violent outbursts mixed with a lack of empathy.
    Sociopaths are able to live normal lives because they have control.

    • Honestly, this is some weak bullshit!! How about instead worrying if someone is a psycho, make sure you are strong within yourself, so that psycho, users, abusers and whomever cannot budge nor deter you from your life goals.
      It will take TOO much energy to keep an ever vigilant eye out for the evils in the world, and it's boring. Instead use that energy to better oneself and be happier in your life no matter what happens.

  • Im a psychopath... bummer.

  • Hooooo boy.


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  • Damn, you just described my ex. Lol. The only difference would be that he had no juvenile delinquency. He always knew how to weasel his way out of things. He still does, but his temper caught up to him and people started to see the truth about him. Both of those things have been reasons that helped land him in jail several times over the last few years. My experiences with him has helped me to become more discerning with people. They say that people come into your life to either be a blessing or a lesson. That was definitely a lesson. Unfortunately, I am too wary of people now and have a hard time letting my guard down. I am all for speaking openly, but I don't allow people to get too close. That's a big part of why I have been single for the last 6 years, aside from life just getting in the way.

    Nice take. 👍

    • Wait... I am wrong. It was a blessing and a lesson. The blessing was my kids. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

    • hopefully you observe your kids, psychopathy is genetic and can be passed down to the next generation. If your children start showing any form of conduct issues, get involved ASAP

    • also with your experience you will know what to look for when you meet a man. You can now tell the difference between genuine charm and superficial charm, observe how they treat other people; does the guy have a bad boy image, does he act like an asshole to others, is he arrogant, does he ever feel superior to other people, is he self absorbed, was he a bully when he was younger; these are all red flags to watch in knowing of someone is a psychopath

  • Along with superficial charm we also live largerly antisocial lives. In your Do's you've essentially asked others to make themselves despondent and psychopathic themselves. There's no really escaping bc psychopathy is in everyone. We are legion, we are many lol.

  • my question is do they know what they are doing? are they aware that they are camouflaging, deceiving and manipulating? why are they looking for victims in the first place?

    • they are very aware, they are cunning and deceptive and actually go out of their way to cause pain in others. My room mate one semester in college was a psychopath, he was very inconsiderate of other people's feelings, he only cared about himself, and would manipulate people and didn't mind destroying other people to achieve his own means

  • I enjoyed this! Thanks!