Would a guy be speechless in front of his crush.?

So today in gym we were playing tennis. And at first I didn't have a partner, but then I did. So I had to be with this kid who's not cool, and he's annoying and strange and weird and he hardly does anything if u try to work with him. So when I was playing tennis against the other team, I was doing all the work. So me and my partner were going against this other team and My crush and His friend were waiting to go in after us. Because they will switch out with who ever looses. And while I was playing, My crush was standing to the right of the net in the middle, then he walked over to be by His friend to the left of the net in the middle. And I was to the left so they both could see me better so ya. I was doing bad😂😂 but oh well. Now they switched out with us because we lost and they didn't have a racquet or tennis ball, so My crush went up to me and he put his arm out like he needed something. And I like totally forgot that they didn't have a racquet. So I was like, what do u want, so I gave him the tennis ball thinking that was what he wanted and he didn't even say anything. And when he looked at me, he looked at me so cute it was like a sweet, sensible, nice, cute type of look. It's like, why are you looking at me like that. And when I gave him the ball he like dropped it, it was funny haha. Then His friend went up to me and asked for my racquet so I was like, oh that's what u wanted. But then My crush got one from my partner so ya. But the thing is, he went to me first. There's probably a reason why he went to me first before my partner for it. But he didn't even say anything. It's like, you could have asked me what u wanted so I would have known what you wanted. Why do you think he didn't say anything to me?
Would a guy be speechless in front of his crush.?
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